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Doctor ? But why ?

Well ,it has been asked by many people I come across what made me to choose my career as doctor ? And is it worth choosing profession in medical field even after seeing what is happening with doctors presently . Violence against doctors is rising at alarming rates and even the working conditions and pay scale are also not that good as it is seen. People don’t respect the work medical fraternity do for mankind .

Back to the topic , what made me choose medical is something kinda love for medicine and biology I have . I will not say to safe lives and serve people ,obviously I want to do that and you will find it too cliche as everyone say this but what can be better profession than medicine for it, if I would be able to safe even one life , everything else become meaningless and if I would be able to help and aware people about health whether mental or physical well being and treat them , I would be one happy person. I would not be able to explain this in words.

It all started one day, in 6th standard , there was this random discussion going on in class who want to become what in future . I answered doctor. May be nobody at this age might think it to be that serious topic to be discussed . I was too young at that time to think what actually it all means and how much efforts and hard work to be done to become one but this thought kinda struck in my mind that I want to be a doctor one day and coming from family full of engineers this is some new thing .As years past and I read more about biology and life , evolution , science it amazed me to the core how complex a human being is inside out and I want to know more and more , I realised how much interest I have in science particularly biology and when it become my passion , my dream I do not even realised .

It was not at all an easy journey I could say. It had all the up -downs and they still continue and at many times I think of quiting and question myself , do you want it to end like this ? One of my biggest support system are my parents because whenever negativity has cribbed inside me , they know exactly how to motivate me again and I am ready to again stand and try my best. If you have a dream , it would not be easy at all and if you get something so easily , you will not value it. Can you appreciate light if you don’t know what darkness is ? You have to fight for it , fight your demons . You have to come out of your comfort zones. I am no one to advice anything to anyone , still there is long way to go , just one step is compeleted but I can just say , whenever thought of giving up of your dream come up in your mind , just ask yourself why have you started and is this what you actually want ? Prepare yourself for all the sleepless night, spent in over thinking or studying or trying to find the answers to the questions running inside you ,at times you will feel demotivated and frusted but give yourself time, before taking any impulsive decision ,think before it is too late and you will regret it whole your life. You have to be patient , courageous and positive . You have to take risks and decisions. Sometimes you do have to let go few things.

For me , dream I saw when I was too young to even understand what actually it means , I m living it , and in the end, yes it is worth but still there is long way to go and pursue my passion further and learn as everybody says- studies for a doctor can never get completed if you stop learning you will not succed and more you know medicine , more complex and interesting it get .

Go for your dream , your passion , and in the end , it will be all worth and everything will make perfect sense and satisfaction you get, can not be priced

HOPE YOU ALL HAVE LIKED THIS. I have written , something different this time.

I shall share my whole M.B.B.S and medical college experience , how I prepared for it etc some other time .

THANK YOU for reading this😊😊


I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

43 thoughts on “Doctor ? But why ?

  1. The most satosfying thing is to be able to live a life surrounded with science.
    A life that is lived by logic and reasoning, rather than some stupid miracle or as they call him, god!

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  2. It’s so good to hear that you are doing what you love and dreamt of. Being doctor is a such a noble profession and requires such hard work, I mean you’d know that better than me.
    All the best and hope the best for you.

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  3. I am a Zimbabwean medical student and im inspired by your story. I already feel the pressure but im eager to pursue my eleven year old dream. Im inspired. Keep on spreading the word.

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  4. First of all…
    Many congratulations to you…that you are on a board of being a doctor πŸ’™..
    It’s the most respected profession.
    Secondly…you explained it so very well
    ..I loved everything whatever you wrote…Era…trust me..
    Much love to youπŸ’•

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  5. Great to know you Sir..!! Keep up the good work.. πŸ™‚
    Your story is good.. I respect Doctors and feel that their profession is noble..
    I love studying biology and did good upto Class X, but I cannot stand blood or dissection, which is why I quit pursuing medical from XII onwards..!!
    Thank you for following me.. Do feel free to share your comments, thoughts or suggestions on my posts. Would be happy to know your views..!! πŸ™‚
    Take Care.. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you ☺️☺️ I glad to know this , and thanks to you too for following my blog and you too do feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions . Stay safe , stay healthy 😊😊

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