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Old-Age Homes!!!!!

Arun was playing outside and enjoying his day when suddenly his mom called him, “someone is coming home today, so be a good boy, ok beta.” He said ok and again went out to play with his friends. After some time, his mom called him again and ask him to say “namaste ” to her, he said, but he doesn’t know who she is and he had not met her before and he sounds confused and afraid. Seeing this, his mom, said, ” beta, she is your dadi(grandmom). He is just 3 years old and as he had not met her before, he asked, maa! Dadi koun hoti hai (who is dadi) his mom answered him, she is the mother of your papa like I am yours.

He innocently asked her, so she too loves papa as much as you love me. She said the mother is the same for every child, she always loves them immensely. He asked her again if that so, Why don’t she live with us? Her mother went speeches. She does not have an answer to his question now.

Well, time passes, and now, Arun is now 12-13 years old but after that day, he has not met his grandmom again. So, one day, he again asked his mom, why don’t we go and meet grandmom and why don’t she come to meet us, are we bad people? His mother, as usual ignored his question but one day, he by chance get to know, his grandmom lives in old age home. He was in shock and now, he knows, the answers to his questions.

He asks his parents, why? What is the reason? His mom, scolded him, for asking such things but he did not stop, at last, his father said, due to some difficulties, we have to take this decision, even, your grandmom agrees on this. He was not convinced at all. The faded face of his grandmom is, again and again, coming in front of his eyes. He said, ok! When you two will grow old, I will do the same, his parents were shocked. It is better, even, I shall do the same, and, you two would agree with me in this.

Now, his parents realized, what mistake they have committed. After saying this, taking the address of old age home, he went there, to bring his grandmom, back again to the home, as he misses her pure love. His parents also ask for forgiveness and yes!! For the love of his grandson, who understood, her pain even at such a small age, which her own children did not, she forgives. Tears of happiness rolled down from everybody’s eyes and they lived happily ever after.

Thank you so much for reading it, have a good day ahead!!!!

P.S. this is my small attempt to write on this topic in the form of a story, I hope you like it, I have tried to keep it as simple and short as possible.


I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

82 thoughts on “Old-Age Homes!!!!!

  1. In this world, many peoples leaves their parents in oldage homes. They forget that they are also growing old. Their parents shows the world and gave the lesson in every difficult but in return they gave the oldage homes.

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  2. Hello Era Yes, I also know that it is hard to put our grandparents or parents into old age homes. It is also hard to look after them if finances are the reason they are in old age homes. You story hit the mark and I enjoyed and understood exactly why you wrote this story.

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