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Hidden Friendships!!!!

Hey guys, I have written this poem, in regard to the THURSDAY POETRY COMPETITION, hosted by H.R.PHOENIX, PENABLE, who is the wonderful author and the topic assigned this week is FRIENDSHIP, so here is my take on it, I hope, you will like it.

You came into my life

Without making any noise

And, I don’t even realize

As I went back in my thoughts and memories

You’re the one who is by my side always

When no one else is there

You held my hand, firmly

You help me through the hard times

and when I am hopeless

You have shown me light

Healed my soul and mind

With all love and care

You have cried me with me

And laughed at all the jokes that life has thrown

You have never judged me for anything

Have not ever put me down

And have always made me smile

Whenever you see me in a frown

You always listen, what I want to say

You’re the one, I can always count on

You have kept all my secrets safe, forever

You know all the thoughts that

I don’t share

And understand me like no one else

I have not heard a single word from you

But you speak the most

And I understand them all

Oh, my dear diary!!!!

My dearest friend

I wish you would talk with me

So, even I can know what is going deep inside you

I cherish, the beautiful bond, we share

A unique way of showing care

no expectations

Friendship of trust and compassion

Sometimes, I think you are my inner self

Which we all forget

That is our friendship with ourselves,

our true self

Which we keep hidden deep inside our souls.

Β©Era Singh


For more details about Thursday, poetry competitionclick here.


I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

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