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You are not victim!!!!!

One of the most complex things to understand is human nature. And a lot more still to be done to understand it fully but I don’t think we will ever be able to be decode it. But, today, my topic of concern is that aspect of human nature which made us think, we are victims.Do you actually think, humans the so called most intelligent being in planet earth is a victim?

It is a very common tendency we see among people, who are always crying, why it is happening with me ?, why only I have to face all these? What was my fault? It is due to circumstance, or time or due to some other person, nobody understands me what I am going through, it was written in my destiny, it is my bad luck, etc, Basically excuses and the tendency of projecting themselves as victims as if everything is happening in there life and everybody’s life is perfect without any problem except them as it is rightly said GRASS IS ALWAYS MORE GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE.

And, they crib over it again and again and somehow they also find people who rather than advising them to do something productive or make them understand the truth, they also start treating them as victims, a human defense mechanism to run away from reality and his inability to accept the truth. As it will create an illusion and make us feel, it like truth far away from reality, even exempt our mind to think on different perspectives, Every coin has 2 sides after all, why to focus on one side it becomes a vicious cycle, that it is gonna happen as my destiny is like that, everything, everyone is against me, etc, First of all, stop treating as if the whole world revolves around you, you are the tiny part of this vast infinite universe and not the whole thing is related to you, Everybody is fighting their own battle, some you can see but many are invisible.

For example, I have seen people crying over like why always my cycle gets a puncture, I was like seriously, you are a victim of this, many don’t even have it. I have seen people crying over that their whole body is aching, they got a fever, etc and victimized themselves as nobody is more ill than them, please pay a visit to the emergency department of the hospital where people are fighting for their lives. Yours is still treatable, I know it must be not good or someone can judge me on saying this but still. Please visit ICU or waiting rooms, you will people who are in even deadlier situations, some with no cure sometimes. Have you ever visited any cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy how painful that procedure is, how you ever talked to that person who got AIDS due to ignorance of some other being? Can you imagine the mental trauma, he or his family might be facing? And I can list many things like that, but yes, you are the real victims of the victim, so no offense after all.

I am not saying, people don’t suffer, or they don’t have problems, I am just trying to point out those who see more sufferings then blessings they have which other people might not have but still happy or doing something to gain it. They will see what they don’t get but will not value what they have, always unsatisfied or basically have a habit of only sobbing, and trying to gain sympathy and attention sometimes over the slightest things and don’t like to hear anything which is against them. Stop behaving victims always, get up, do work change it to victory, try to find the solutions of your problems, and value what you have before it will also go and you again feel more victimized.

I can write more on it but I will stop myself here,as it will become a very long post, in the end just want to say to human victims, who think humans are victims of nature, owing to coronavirus, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, many other deadly diseases, etc just think once, what have you done with nature, with animals, etc, just see the most recent case of the mother elephant, do you still think humans are victims? And yes, how can I forget, humans when don’t value other humans life why they will think of animals, or anything else no doubt, humans are the most dangerous animal and I think nature will do something later, humans themselves will kill each other, destroy his whole existence themselves but still will not be happy.

When something happens with you, oh, why it is happening with me and you forget what you yourself have done, See, heaven and hell are all on earth itself, your Karma always plays a role. when nature is taking troll on us now, stop treating yourself as victims you yourself is responsible for it somehow and due to this, innocents are also suffering .Still a time, think, please think about it.

Thank you for reading and do share with me your thoughts in the comment sections.


I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

113 thoughts on “You are not victim!!!!!

  1. Thanks for sharing this post, Era! Well, I would like to share my perspective on this.

    While it is right to not keep on cribbing over petty things, it is also ones lifestyle or circumstances which plays a very important role.

    Lifestyle – Someone who has never seen the bad, never taught to value what they have, will cry at the slightest discomfort.

    Circumstance – Someone who has seen so much of the bad happening in their life at a very tender age, breaks them after a point of time. After that, even if they face a slightest issue, it makes them worry, overthink and ponder on unnecessary things.

    It is easy for anyone of us to say that we shouldn’t crib; however, everyone’s tolerating capacity is different. Kids brought-up in domestic violence, molested or abused and for that matter raped are some of them who cannot handle a lot of things later in their lives. Especially when the damage is done at a very very tender age.

    I know that one shouldn’t just focus on what happened in the past but, the damage once done cannot be repaired. Also, we all know we are not supportive humans. We add more pain to their damaged soul. If the world would’ve been supportive, I am sure, a lot of us wouldn’t have been broken souls today. One incident in life, changes us forever and let us not forget the world is depressed today and India is one among the most depressed countries coz we consider depression and anxiety as a sign of going crazy. We never get our minds treated coz it is assumed as a sign of going mad.

    I have more issues with people who were pampered so much that they today cannot value their blessings.

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    1. Hey, The Bold Girl, Thank you for reading it and sharing your thoughts 🤗😊
      I totally agree with you on this that it is very easy to say not be crib and it depend on persons lifestyle and circumstances as you said, about people who don’t value their blessings, my purpose was the same of writing this, I also don’t like those one
      Yes, India has more depression and mental health issues and no one cares about it, you said right about them, I really want them to get healed, we can help them heal, and most of the times, they hide it, don’t say a word, suffer in silence and in india it is even more difficult and than come those who cry over a slightest of things, that does not even matter
      But don’t you think, those who do this to gain attention and aympathy should stop doing so, stop blaming circumstances and mainly their insecurities and actually try to find solution so that those who actually need help and attention get that and our world become more livable hopefully one day but yup it totally depend person to person
      Thank you, for sharing your perspective too 😊😊🤗

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      1. Exactly my point. A lot of them are using this for attention and obviously these are the same people who do not know what bad circumstances really are.

        I won’t blame them completely too. Their upbringing was like that. They were so protected that even their bad acts were not spoken about and a sneeze was treated like they are just going to die.🤣

        I should really add, this place is just unbelievable. Both of us know, if we were on any other platform discussing on this, it would’ve turned into a word-fight.😂😂 People are very intolerant these days. While the people out here discuss the most sensitive things with a rational approach.😊😊

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      2. Yup, I have seen those sneeze people 😂😂

        Yes, you are right, this platform is amazing
        Well, intolerance as they are afraid to accept the truth and because if their insecurities, obvious reasons for them, once they accept it, more issues will be resolved by itself 😊😊

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  2. अति उत्तम |
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  3. How beautifully have you talked about one of the common toxic traits of us, human beings?
    “The victim mentality”
    I mean, it’s easy to fall into that trap but once we own our mistakes and take the blame for whatever happening to us, we take up the power to change our lives.
    The fact is we are responsible solely for whatever happens to us.
    Loved it 💓

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