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Thursday Poetry competition results!!! And The Penable Award

Last week’s topic was nature’s beauty, chosen by the former winner, Daisy. Contestants had to write a poem on anything related to nature, or the beauty of being outside, and we got quite a lot of entries! But there was one poem that stood out. 🙂 And now I reveal the winner… The Winner Of The […]

Thursday Poetry competition results!!!

Hey friends, how are you all, hope you all are good and safe. Today, I am very much delighted to share with you all that I have been awarded THE PENABLE AWARD BY H.R.PHOENIX.

I am happy to share with you all that my poem Sunsets have been announced the winner this week and last week my poem Hidden Friendship had been announced the runner up.

Thank you so much, Phoenix, I am highly grateful to you for thinking me worthy of this. she is an author, a wonderful human being, very kind and supportive. Her blog page has everything, poems, advice, she runs the competition, book reviews, and many more, if you have not visited her page yet, do visit it and give her a follow.


1. Tag your post with the #penableaward
2. Display the Penable award logo (above) on your post and follow Penable if you haven’t already
3. Thank the person that nominated you
4. Tell us what your writing talent is
5. Answer three questions that you have been asked
5. Nominate three inspiring people for this award.
6. Let them know of their nomination
7. Give them three new questions to answer!

My writing talent:

Well, I don’t know I am talented or not, I am writing since my school days and I write what I feel and think, whatever thought crosses my mind, I pen it down


1. What are the three places you want to go as soon as the COVID is over?
Not decided it yet but definitely gonna meet my bestie.

2. Do you have any pets? If so, tell us about them, if not, what is your dream pet?
No, I don’t have any and maybe will not have them in the future too, they need care and time and I always run off a shortage of time, and also, I am a little bit afraid of them.

3. Tell us about a hilarious moment in your life.
Haha, nice question, during school time, one of my teachers called me for some work and then asked me to send this student from my class but as I am always self -absorbed in my work and after giving my attendance was usual studying, I did not know that he was absent, so I went to my class teacher to ask her to send him as mam calling him but as he was absent, my class teacher said me, Era, where were you, at least be aware of your surroundings, leaving books for some time, and then, every one of us in the class went
into laughter.

Thank you once again, Phoenix!!!!

Thank you all of you too for always supporting and motivating me.


I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

98 thoughts on “Thursday Poetry competition results!!! And The Penable Award

      1. Hi Era!
        I saw your message now, the one you sent through my contact page.
        Thank you so much , my friend. It is work related, and i’m also working on the Magazine, trying to post on my blog more often and lil Phoenix is having trouble digesting food, so I have to see to him as well!
        so i’m really sorry, i haven’t been on reader that much because i’m really busy,
        I hope you understand and THANK YOU for always being there for me, your comments make my day!
        I’m writing on a computer, where there are no heart emojis, but know that I would’ve send a thousand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I am happy to know that everything is fine, everything will be good, don’t worry at all, and I wish little Phoenix to be well soon
        You don’t need to be sorry at all, you seemed tensed so asked you, I totally understand 💙 💙
        Take care of yourself and little Phoenix too ❣❣🤗🤗
        All the best 😇😇, it will surely be good

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehehehehe… I just realised there were no questions really on this award post so guessing will be so easy.🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Yeah, I’m scared of pets just as you.😂😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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