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Image credit; 五玄土 ORIENTO – Unsplash
Brewing aroma of tea leaves 
boiling in water, replenishing the soul
A little bit of sugar and milk
Mixing it with ginger, Pinch of cardamom
Some kind of magic, Comfort in taste
All stress fades away

Happy or sad
Breakfast, lunch or dinner
Or any other time of day
Tea is always a important part
Drank a cup of tea, Second then third

This would be last, Will not drink more now
Determined and firmly I said
But the fourth hit on the door
Okie, this would be last
Maybe after one more cup
Drank the fifth one fast
This would be last again I said
Turned out making the sixth one
Mom exclaimed
How much tea did you gonna drink?
And always awake at night
Like an owl, tea addict you become
Do you want a cup of tea?
Okie, make one for me too
More I go away, More close it appears
©Era Singh

This is my small attempt, I feel it can be written way better 😅😅tried to write something funny.

Thanks for reading!!!!

For sadje’s What do you see # 40 – 27 July 2020

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Saturday Six Word Story# 10 – Money

This is in response to the Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #48 – July 25, 2020, by Shweta of My Random Ramblings and prompt for this week is Money

And here are my takes –

1. He has undiagnosed Prince Charming Syndrome.

In this person believe like winning a lottery, or the compassionate universe to provide the money for their financial needs, government assistance, or family inheritance, someone else to save them from financial debt, etc. People who depend on others or seek for others to depend on their income to survive without doing anything themselves to earn money. It is one of the types of money disorders.

2. Living in denial and extreme under-spending.

It is another type of money disorder, known as Money Avoidance Disorder, in which, the person lived in denial of finances, avoiding to face reality, even when having an excess of money or savings, don’t spend them or invest them and don’t want to take any risk.

3. Due to gambling, no money left.

Gambling meaning, playing for the chance of money, this is now, been included as one of the mental health disorders, as in few, it becomes, addiction like any drug addiction or alcohol addiction and can do anything for it and needed treatment.

4.Uncontrolled over-spending and compulsive buying.

This can be another money-related disorder included as a Compulsive buying disorder in which people can’t control their urge to buy and usually overspends, which can lead to financial losses and the whole family can suffer due to it as they spend max part of their income, can take the form of the accumulation of a large amount of debt; continuous spending, despite resolutions to stop; hiding of purchases from loved ones; being more excited about making the purchases than owning the items. The person might feel a sense of shame after purchasing something. The cause of this symptom usually deals with coping with stress, pain, and trauma.

5. Only money can give me happiness.

Another money disorder, Money worshipping disorder in which person is obsessed with obtaining more money and simply believe that the only way to progress in life is to have more money and at the same time believing no matter the amount of money they have it won’t meet their desires and wishes.

These are a few types of Money disorders that lead to clinically significant stress and distress and affect individual life. Currently, only gambling and compulsive buying disorder have been included in the ICD and DSM as psychiatric problems. But many people suffering from money dysfunction disorders go undiagnosed who need help in one form or another.

Thanks for reading!!!! I hope I have not bored you with these 😅😅

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कैसे चुप करवाऊ उस शोर को
जो सुनाई देता है पर दिखता नहीं
बाहर तो सन्नटा है पसरा

तो महाभारत कहाँ है
लड़ रही हूँ,अक्सर लड़ती हूँ
पर किससे और कब तक
डर है कहीं इस बार हार ना जाऊं
पर मैं जीती भी कब थी
हमेशा कुछ ना कुछ कमी थी
क्या है आरम्भ और क्या है अंत
रोना है पर रो नहीं सकती
हँसना है पर कैसे,क्यों,और कब
कोई कारण भी नहीं
कब जीते कब हारे
किसकी तलाश है और क्या आस है
इन उलझनों का क्या करूँ
उन सवालों का क्या करूँ
इस पहेली का हल क्या है
किसको खोजूं और कहाँ खोजूं
पर खोजना ही क्यों है
क्या खोया था जो पाना है
क्या पाया था जो खो गया
दौड़ती हूँ, पर चलती क्यों नहीं
चलती हूँ, पर थमती क्यों नहीं
थम गई तो क्या होगा
थक गई तो क्या होगा
क्या मैं वक़्त में हूँ या वक़्त मुझमें है
जो कभी रुकता नहीं
ज़िन्दगी उल्टी है या मैं सीधी हूँ
पर धारा तो विपरीत बहती नहीं
शोर का पता चले
तो मुझे भी बता देना
शायद इन प्रश्नों का उत्तर
तब खोज पाऊं ।
© ईरा सिंह

Thanks for reading !!!!!

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Nothing Else Matters!!!!

Tears trickle down  
Eyes turn red
Body shivers
Anxiety knocks
Fears come in

Always kept trying
Still dont succeed
Want to give up
So close yet so far
Never-ending ambitions

Tired yet can't sleep
Nightmares are alive
Demons crawl loud
Thinking and thinking
What will happen next?

Dreams you aspire
Lies you explore
Trust yourself
Look within
Answers find you

All the words
You dont say
Emotions you hide
Behind that smile
Spill them away

Something new
More magical waiting
Discover and believe
It's a new day
Have a different view

It's your life
Live it your way
Follow your heart
You are brave
Nothing else matters!!!!
©Era Singh

Thanks for reading!!!!

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Saturday Six Word Story Prompt #9 -Time

This is in response to Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #47 – July 18, 2020 by Shweta of My Random Ramblings and prompt for this week is Time .

Here are my takes on it…..

1. Can we defeat time, she asked?

2. Overthinking and procrastination, occupied her time.

3. It’s time to say good bye.

4. Running for time, running against time.

5. It’s all the matter of time.

6. Little delay in time, costs life

7. Time ends so soon during exams.

8.Time management can help a lot.

9. Time tables sometimes become a burden.

10. Happiness or sorrow, time always changes.

11. For Duties, no time for herself.

12. She loved time spent in opds.

13. Carries this baggage, her whole lifetime.

14. Counting last breaths, time ticks fast.

15. Time defines the timeline of diseases.

I hoped you liked them, Thanks for reading!!!!!

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A family of four little rats lived in the attics of the big mansion, consisting of father, mother and their two children, Harry and Sally. Both are very mischievous and naughty due to which their parents have to suffer now and then, as there is the fear of being caught by the owners of the mansion and if they found out that they live in the attics, they would probably be thrown out or killed or may have to be separated, so they always warn their children to be careful. But, Harry and sally due to their habit and curious nature keep on roaming in the house.

One such day, as they were roaming around, and searching for something to eat, suddenly, Marie, who was the owner of the house, come to the kitchen, and in hurry, they hide in the basket. They saw Marie and her family have brought a lot of food items, more than usual, and still bringing more and more. It had wheat, Rice, coffee, vegetables, fruits, pulses, other food grains, etc and the list goes on, every possible commodity they would think of and there was a lot of cheese, too, their favorite. Harry and Sally both are surprised and happy to see, so much, food, especially, cheese and thinking, when they all would go out of the kitchen and but also wondering, why they have brought so many things.

You all go out of the kitchen, let me sanitize each thing and store them properly, don’t know when this lockdown will be over, but we have enough for 2-3 months I guess, Marie said to her children and also, don’t forget to take a proper bath, ok, now hurry. She started, radio while doing work to listen to the news, There is a complete lockdown for 1 month from 12 am today but all the necessary commodities will be available, announced the RJ. We urge people not to panic and don’t hoard the essential items much, more then, necessary, everything will be available, the government has said, as due to hoarding, many people in need are not getting essentials. Please cooperate. Both harry and sally who was still inside that basket were also listening but to their horror, Marie had seen, Harry when he was peeking out of it and about to hit them, when both of them, run fast and go inside the small hole.

Running and hiding, they reached attics and told everything they saw and heard and also what happened with them to their parents, who were both angry and sad, by what had happened. Harry and sally, said, we are sorry for this, maybe they will spare us. Their father said we were safe here, till, they don’t know, we live here, they will now set up many traps to catch us. These humans are not good, we told you many times, but you two don’t listen, they don’t spare their fellow human beings will they spare us.

Can’t we change our place of hiding, they still don’t know we are in attics, said Sally. Also, they brought so much, food today, including cheese, Harry added. Their mother said, shut up, you two, you both don’t know anything, I heard them discussing, there is some disease outbreak, that’s why they brought so much, commodities. And when now they know, we are here, they won’t let us live.

Why humans are so selfish? This is our planet too. Why they think, everything is for them only and we have to live in fear because of them, Sally said sadly. Her father said humans are greedy, and they have started thinking themselves as God but not all humans are bad, some are good too but now their number is very very less. And those commodities, they don’t care about them too, they don’t care about water, they are greedy for precious metals, gold, silver, etc, etc, their desires are never-ending. Once, when I and your mom, lived in one house, they brought a human salve by paying for them, so they consider humans commodity too. Harry and Sally both are shocked and sad, as due to their mistake now all of them are in danger. And also thank full, they are not humans.

Then suddenly they heard footsteps of someone, coming towards, attics, their, father screamed, now, stop discussing and come fast, we have to leave this house, as soon as possible, let go to your uncle’s place. They leave fast and heard the sound of the door opening.

For Sadje’s What do you see # 39 – 20 July 2020

And For The Roaring Flame Writing Club Activity!! Penattack#1-July 2020 for which commodity, is given as a word.

We, humans, get everything from our earth, food grains, precious metals, coal, oil, cotton, etc, a list goes on, but we don’t value anything and take many things for granted. Even we think, everything is for humans, forgetting about other beings around. In humans too, some have in surplus, some don’t have any. There is a big misbalance.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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Used for the measurement of B.P.
Brachial artery held its pride
Continuation of the axillary artery
At the lower border of teres minor
Runs till elbow joint
To continue as radial and ulnar
In the proximal arm, lies on the medial side
But changes path moves laterally
To lie between two epicondyles in distal half
I was giving viva in confidence
Then, suddenly the professor asked
With her eyes wide open
Is it teres minor or major
With a smile on her face
And I realized , I did a blunder
mixing up major and minor once again
Very tense and overthinking starts
What will happen next
Sorry, Mam, it will not happen again
It can happen sometimes she said
And had a laugh,What a relief I get
Pectoralis minor, Pectoralis major
Rhomboid minor, rhomboid major
Abductors or adductors
Extensors and flexors
Is it an axillary artery, nerve, or vein?
and the list goes on
Sound so same
But each has a different action
Lots of arteries, nerves, veins, and bones
Beginning and ending
Relations and associations in between
I scratch my head
Will, I ever remember them all
Anatomy giggles again
It's not the stop
Let me make it more difficult
She announced proudly
© Era Singh

I know it sounds a little bit boring and not making any sense 😅😅, different from what I usually write, it is just about what all medical students might be thinking when they try to learn the human anatomy and about that anatomy vivas of which I used to be most afraid of.

Thank you for reading!!!!

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कहीं गुम हो गई वो मासुमियत
खो गई कहीं वो प्यारी मुसकान
इस असंतोषी भागमभाग भारी ज़िन्दगी में
यादें उन बीते दिनों की
यादें उन गुजरे पलों की
याद आती है फिर
बचपन की वो हँसी फुलवारी
थोड़ा कच्चापन, थोड़ी नादानी
वो हर समय की खेल-कूद
वो हर पल शैतानी
नहीं जानते क्या सही या गलत
नहीं जानते छल-कपट
वो तोतली आवाज़ में बातें
वो हर पल दिमाग में चलती नई खुराफाती
वो हर दिन की नई जिज्ञासा
नए नए प्रश्नों के साथ हाजिर
वो छोटी छोटी लड़ाई दो पल की
फिर मनाना दो पल का
पर ये विडंबना आज की
कि छिन गया है बचपन बच्चो का
अब हाथ में खिलौने या किताबें नहीं
औजार है
नन्हे नन्हें बच्चें पालक है परिवार के
बच्चे काम पर जा रहे है
खो रहा है बचपन
खो रहा है बचपन ।
© ईरा सिंह

ये कविता मैंने कॉलेज में कविता लेखन प्रतियोगिता के लिए लिखी थी। आपको कैसी लगी ?

Thank you so much for reading ……

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Saturday Six -Word Story #8 – Family

This is in response to Shweta’s Saturday six-word story prompt and prompt for this week is Family

Here are my takes-

1. Family always comes first before anything.

2. Family is like personality building blocks.

3. We learn most by seeing our family.

4. Every family has some hidden secrets.

5. Her ancestral family home, childhood memories.

6. She misses her family dinner time.

7. She treated her patients like family.

8. I have very big extended family.

9. Family functions are boring and funny.

10. Misunderstandings can engulf any family bond.

11. No genetics involved, friends become family.

12. Few don’t know what family means.

13. Believed family as imposter, delusional trance. ( it can happen in one of the diseases known as Capgras syndrome in which the patient believed that his family members as strangers or imposters and want to kill him or her )

Thank you for reading!!!!

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Come with me ……

Image credit- Stefan Keller- Pixabay
Don't be afraid, Come with me
To the castle, Twinkling in a twilight
Beneath the skies, Snowy mounts
Eternal silence, Abiding since ages
Only my shadows know me
On the dark side
Let go the sunshine, Let go the world
Find the truth, Trust the lies
Live the trance, Dreams are alive 
Night is beautiful 
Feel it, see it
It's a new light
The end is beginning, Beginning is end
Embrace the dark, Soul never dies
I am waiting, Time is running
Come with me, Don't be afraid
© Era Singh

For Sadje’s What do you see # 38 – 13 July 2020