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Please Think…….

Hey, you all, How are you? Hope you are doing great and are safe. Please follow all the precautions as COVID cases are increasing at alarming rates now, so Be Extra Careful. And Be positive. So, here I am again with some real talks and my thoughts.

One thing that I absolutely hate is arrogance and only my attitude of the people. Ok, you have the knowledge, you are the best, can’t you be a little bit humble. What is this only I know everything attitude, you are just a human being, and I am sure, nobody has complete knowledge of everything on this planet if there is anyone, you are the creator, but sadly you are not, you can’t ever be, not even in your dreams, what you know is just a drop in this big ocean. And you judge each and everyone with your information but there are 2 sides of the coin, you never know, the whole truth, cannot make the decisions either.

Let me give one example, people are blaming and questioning our Prime Minister a lot, about his decisions in the present time. Ok, I am not saying I agree with all his decisions but I do respect him and What he has been going through had not been faced by any other leader of the present. Taking tough decisions is not easy. Ok, most of the people who are questioning him, complaining, suggesting this should be done that way , ok , fine answer me when most of you sometimes find it difficult to take a decision for your life, you say, it is great pressure, can you just imagine, how much pressure that single person must be having on his head, and see his age too. His single decision can affect the lives of 140 crore people. Not just that, he has to face a lot of opposition, handling different countries, war situations at any moment, and many other things, can you imagine yourself at his place and let keep yourself calm to maintain harmony .

I don’t know, they will prove right or wrong, but I can say, what is best for a moment, he is trying to do. Can you name me a single leader, who has guts to take such tough decisions or can handle these demanding times, better, sorry, I can not see anyone around? What is our present will be our past one day and what is the future will be present, but the irony is we talk about the past and future, forget about the present which matters the lot. When he visited, the Leh, recently, there are few people saying, he should have gone to the exact location, where our brave soldiers have died, I just want to ask, are you out of your mind or highly intoxicated, No it is not at all dangerous for a prime minister, of country, to go on the exact border location with no training in military and we trust our friends fully, they will not do anything.

Sitting on social media and judging and passing comments etc and lectures are always easy, doing is difficult, very very difficult. What most of the people are doing, spreading so much hatred, so much negativity, that it becomes impossible to open any social media account. I am just today, only, seeing the video of Amitabh Ji corona positive report when my eyes fell on few comments below, they said, it’s good you get positive, you should suffer you are like that, you have done this that, etc. I am stuck, at the insensitivity, people have, going on insensitivity if you can circulate the pics of one who died, you are far moved out of the zone and don’t call yourselves humans. If someone from, your near ones gets some disease then also you will say, it’s good, you should suffer. The great hypocrites we are, lacking not only empathy but sympathy too. So sorry, with sympathy I come to remember, they are few people too, who were sympathetic for death of cruel criminals, who are an actual threat.

People criticize, criticism is not bad, and important too, but till what level, till what limit? This does not mean, you criticize someone to the level, that they will start questioning even there existence. There is a small line between good and bad criticism which I think, nowadays nobody bothers to realize.

Please don’t judge and use your words wisely, your words have power, it can destroy anybody and can build anybody. Before speaking, think. Why spread hatred and negativity? We can spread happiness and love too. We all are facing this together, it is not for a single individual, so can we don’t come together and fight all monsters of humans and win again to shine again so righty be proclaimed as the humans.

Thank you for reading it and do share with me your thoughts too.


I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

83 thoughts on “Please Think…….

  1. It’s very easy to blame others and today blaming is become a trend especially on social media….People with half or no knowledge about a subject also starts giving advices and blaming others. I think such people are rather insensitive because a person with little sense also first thinks and then reacts.

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  2. I stand against this… Lately we could see so much of hatered spreading around us. And with fingers crossed i can say this is happening boldly with major support from the current govt. I can give you 100’s of point to prove it.

    * JMI police brutality.
    * Kathua rape case.. (accused are from…. and you know it!)
    * Demonetization took us back from developing country to under developed country.
    * Migrants walk to their native because of the over night lockdown announcement.
    * Judge Loya murdered and we all know who did that.
    * Farmers loans aren’t waived but billionaires loans are.
    * Muslims and Christians are targeted by this govt.
    * PM Cares funds is invisible and he calls it “PM Cares” when the actual money investors are the “public”.

    Oops and the list goes on and on…

    I am sorry to say that this PM and their followers are causing so much hatered and not the public.

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    1. Okie, I agree, but do you really think, it is just because of only current govt, with nobody else involved as I have many examples from the past too and present too
      I don’t think, any other country other than India is more liberal with religion in the world, here, very religion is respected but sadly, everything starts and ends with religion only, and it is with every political party I saw currentlyand I don’t think, India is underdeveloped, it’s still developing, we have a lot of calibers just need of right direction
      I have seen myself, how much money and other essential commodities govt have provided to the laborers, even announcing it till Nov, it’s not easy
      Do I getting any benefit, no not at all not even from a single thing, and there is nothing done for the medical fraternity, doctors have been killed, nobody raised voice, why, because they are not vote bank, nobody cares but that does not mean we will spread hatred
      Hindus are too targeted in various countries, you know that, do people there have freedom of speech as we have in India, you know the answer yourself
      Here, this does not happen, people respect each other, I too respect every religion but don’t agree with the hatred and wrong put up of many facts
      If lockdown, was done, then also people would have said, why he has not done it
      Thing is there is always negative and positive points attached, we just have to see what matters the most
      If you have read my article completely, I said, I too don’t agree with all the things but that does not mean, to spread hatred, I just used an example not supporting anybody
      I used some other examples too
      Thank you for reading it and sharing your thoughts ☺☺

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  3. Exactly. No other leader has such guts. Even I am a big supporter of HIM👏.
    And the people who are criticizing and blaming are the ones who are always there to demoralize a good person and his decisions.

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  4. I differ to agree. He is a public servant and every leader has been talked about whether in the past or the present. If you really ask, the country doesn’t even even have one strong contender right now. All voted are held with criminal charges. I agree, the current situation has never been dealt for more than 100 years and nobody would know how to handle it. But, that doesn’t mean one puts a blind eye on the news channels portraying him as God. He is not. We don’t see news these days. It’s just paid media. The only Govt so far in profit is the Kejriwal Govt.

    I don’t follow anyone nor am I a supporter of any party.

    – India has never witnessed such hatred for Muslims before this.
    – The PM Cares Fund details were denied to be shared
    – There were huge killings in Delhi where the police supported the goons. No arrest yet.
    – All news channels don’t show reality but, praises of what he eat, drinks and the secret behind his face glow. That’s not their job.
    – Demonitization happened. We all know result was zero.
    – The current Govt still did not give Delhi its right to independent state. It’s still under central which isn’t how it is supposed to be.

    I can list many things which are wrong with the working but, I should put a stop here.

    Yes, I agree some people know shit but, still talk in support or against just for the likes on social media.

    We all know, we vote criminals and it is run by uneducated ones. That says it all.

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    1. Yes, I also said, I don’t agree with all his decisions at all, and I too don’t support and follow any leader, media are obviously biased, but that does not mean we should spread hate and I just used an example
      I live in Delhi, I don’t see any benefit 😅😅😅, the internal situation here is very bad
      There is just so so much negativity, I hate it, can’t just be together

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      1. Exactly! The situation of the AAP is kinda twisted with the state having two mothers.😂😂
        Yes, that’s true that everything has turned into a hate zone. This is not how is ever used to be. We’re progressing ahead from behind.🤦🏼‍♀️ While there arr many who have made him God and can’t take even a word against the party or him and mock people and call them Anti Indian just coz they don’t support him. Who gave them the right to term anyone anti?
        And there is another part, who have zero knowledge about the Good or the bad, they’re just talking in favour of what benefits them.😂

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      2. Hmm
        I agree few decisions are not good but few are
        No human is God and can never be
        But it is not one should also support someone who talks against India not talking about any party or leader, few people do that too, just for their benefits, alternating the facts

        Don’t you think, we in India, live in a democratic country, where everybody has right to speak which most people misuse, and most of them are those who have power to influence many


      3. I don’t know what talking against the country is though. If it is with influencial people talking shit about the country then I don’t know any.🤔 I know a few who are blunt in their talks about the current Govt or anything wrong that is happening. About the country as such I know nobody. Do you know anyone?

        About democracy, yes, India is the only country with such vast languages and cultures but, where there should be freedom of speech are getting attested and the ones who should be arrested, walk free.

        We have all the caliber to be the best but, most are brainwashed fighting on stupid things like religion and stuff. We should start using our own brain than dancing as per political parties or religious leaders. We’re humans 1st. Religion and other classes are secondary.

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      4. This is what I mean to say, everything here starts and ends on religion and stuff, for a political gain and it is with everybody
        I wish, your point of people using their own brains to think before they judge and speak come true, then only be humans
        I am not saying, freedom of speech is not there I am saying, sometimes it is being misused to spread hatred, this is not good, be it on social media or any other platform
        Spreading wrong info and not using actual facts and as most of the people don’t know the past or anything, they believe them and situation even become worst
        There are few, if you remember about JNU incident, talking against nation 😅😅😅,

        With this article, I am again saying, not supporting any govt or leader, I just want to say to stop hatred and rather than seeing negativity only, see positive too and do positive criticism rather than fighting on silly things
        I believe, our country is the most tolerant one with regard to many others in the world


      5. JNU spoke about the bill. No doubt every protest, has some goons who don’t know shit about why the protest is and speak hate for their own benefit.
        Our conversation would never come to an end.🤣🤣🤣 I feel like we both are in the parliament talking about some bill.😂😂
        We should put an end here.🤣🤣🤣 I am always glad with the fact that we talk maturely whenever we talk on such topics. If it were someone else would have started hate speech by now, I’m sure.🤣🤣🤣

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  5. I mean, on the 1st part. The 2nd part, yes… I agree with you.
    There are many people who are happy with the news. I don’t know why. I’ ve never seen so much hate in these many years. Social media shows people’s real face.
    I see less of constructive criticism and more of hatred comments everywhere.

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  6. Such a powerful words osm 👍👍. ‘Stop judging , start supporting’. That’s what we can do for our country it’s so big country and obviously very tough to handle such a big country so atleast we can take preventive measures or if we feel like having it so we should not spread it instead go to hospital and then fully isolate yourself

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  7. Actually noone else can handle the situation better than our honorable Prime minister…..I totally agree with you …..I was olso so disturbed seeing these hatred messages on social media n wattsapp grps…..People should respect the post at least ……
    Thanku Era for this amazing post …I too wanted to write up such a topic ..I felt each and every word direct from heart…..kuddos to you girl♥️♥️🌈🌈

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    1. Thank you so much, Ritu ☺☺
      It’s not about his decisions are right or wrong but at least we should respect, I too sometimes don’t agree everything but why to spread hatred and negativity, this is not the time, criticism is good but till a limit , its not only about him , its about for every single person trolled on social media , may be he or she is not that strong and do something extreme

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      1. Yes …..I do believe that …… spreading possitivity is d need of hour……Trollers don’t have feelings I guess …..they want to be in limelight through hurting other’s feelings ……

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  8. I did read your post fully Era. Even i dont support or involve myself in any political party. But the final say of yours is spread love and happiness. And that is why i mentioned so many points to prove that the love and happiness doesn’t seem to come from our PM and their followers.

    Anyways… let’s not drag this conversation. We both have different perspectives and that’s ok. And i will put a dot for this by sending you red roses. ⚘⚘⚘💖

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    1. That’s so sweet of you, yup, we do have different perspective and way of thinking and that’s is totally fine 😃😃
      We all can spread happiness and positivity around 💕💕
      Take care
      Stay safe 🤗☺


      1. Thanks to you too, even I don’t want to hurt you or anybody else ☺☺☺
        Yup, we should listen to everybody may be gaining a totally new perspective and learning, so I always respect everybody and give a thought on it
        Love to you too 💙


  9. So true Era.
    I obviously understand that people can have different political views, rigidly different, and all people may not be satisfied with our PM but I don’t understand why people loose their sensitivity and humanity while voicing their thoughts. Instead of blaming, atleast try to be understanding as well? As you said, current times are tough, any national leader is facing many hardships.
    How can people write such insensitive comments when someone contracts a disease?! What kind of person are you, wishing these things upon people? Who are you to judge them, really?
    This stupid blaming, and such insensitivity is pushing humanity towards inhumanity.
    Wonderfully expressed❤

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  10. Why we treat yourself as a slave of circumstances???
    Why we forgot this??? “We are the creator of our own destiny. As welllll as destroyer of our own destiny.”

    I’m not blaming the govt. But blaming the media’s. Those who are showing increasing rate of covid-19 continuously. They have never shown the recovery rate as well as death rate. They have always highlighting no. of increasing cases.
    In India the recovery rate is very very high as compared to other countries.

    The govt. of is doing everything but according me one thing is missing. Why is the government not making people aware to increase their immunity???
    Govt. told that ‘Drinking alcohol reduces the immune power’ then why they open wine shop???? Only for revenue???

    I know the people of the country are very sensible. But the prime chair of the country should also take the initiative.

    It’s my personal request to everyone, please don’t be panic🙏
    If you boost your immunity then this virus can’t do anything.

    And you have written very very well🙏🙏

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    1. Rightly said, Sir
      I guess media is biased as good or bad they should show whole truth not modulated one as they most of the times show, sometimes not a reality at all
      Thank you so much, Sir for reading it and giving your valuable suggestions and sharing with us your thoughts 😃😃😃

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  11. I actually don’t support any party, Era…. My family supports Left Front, but I don’t support anyone at all! Because I know that no party is actually perfect….. But that doesn’t make our current Prime Minister good, you know. I mean, see what he has done in these last 5 years…. He hasn’t actually done anything!

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    1. What the previous govt before him has done we all know that too, nobody is perfect 😊, I find him better than them well, it’s all views, and it can differ not a big deal
      But this article not at all, for any political view, not at all, I have just used an example, not focussing or supporting him, I too don’t agree with all his decisions, etc
      And used other examples too
      Just wanted to highlight, that nowadays hatred and bad criticism is very much increased, for all, not just a few social media being one of the reasons as people find it the easy way and things are easier to be said than done
      Instead of that, we spread happiness and love too, my purpose is all that, not at all political, I don’t engage in any political views

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts ☺☺

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      1. You are actually right….. We actually don’t have anyone who is better…. But I do think that he could have dealt with a few things more efficiently….. But still, we don’t have anyone better than that till now!

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      2. Yup, this is least we can do, seeing what is happening in our country,may be by this small small steps, all hatred may be removed, 😃😃
        Take care and Stay safe


      3. Yes, they are, actually basics too, for the negativity and hated as all the things are connected and as much as I observed and learned till now, slowly slowly, humans have lost some of its basic values, and his arrogance and I am the God attitude of the humans lead to more problems
        It’s like if we see around and think, we will see only negativity, corruption, reservation, discrimination, a crime against women, child abuse, etc
        Still believing and trying to be positive, that still few humans are there who have humanity left
        I try to focus on positive more whether they are very less
        As drop by drop hopefully, we can fulfill, the whole bucket if we try ☺

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