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photo by Thomas Despeyroux via Unsplash

She was preparing a bath for her nephew when suddenly her eyes fell on that little duck toys, he loves playing with them, throw them here and there and laugh but after that forgets them completely.

She realized how similar her life is with that duck, how people used her for their own benefits, and then forget her whole existence until they need her again.

Like that little duck, have not said any word, she too remained silent, but she decided, not anymore, she is not a pushover after all.

This is in response to Sonya’s three-line tale. I hope you like it. For more details- Three Line Tales, Week 232

Thank you for reading it.


I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

89 thoughts on “Realization…..

  1. Important realization. The sooner we learn to respect our comfort zone and boundaries, the better life gets. And then you get to know new people who you can call your tribe!!! I struggled with this a lot too. I hope you are doing well in this aspect 🙂

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