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Saturday Six -Word Story #8 – Family

This is in response to Shweta’s Saturday six-word story prompt and prompt for this week is Family

Here are my takes-

1. Family always comes first before anything.

2. Family is like personality building blocks.

3. We learn most by seeing our family.

4. Every family has some hidden secrets.

5. Her ancestral family home, childhood memories.

6. She misses her family dinner time.

7. She treated her patients like family.

8. I have very big extended family.

9. Family functions are boring and funny.

10. Misunderstandings can engulf any family bond.

11. No genetics involved, friends become family.

12. Few don’t know what family means.

13. Believed family as imposter, delusional trance. ( it can happen in one of the diseases known as Capgras syndrome in which the patient believed that his family members as strangers or imposters and want to kill him or her )

Thank you for reading!!!!


I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

67 thoughts on “Saturday Six -Word Story #8 – Family

  1. Wow, Dr. Era your medical training shines brilliantly. I loved all of them especially the 7th, 11th and 12th. I didn’t know about Capgras syndrome but it’s definitely a very crappy syndrome. Well done and thank you for joining in 😄

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      1. No, no completed MBBS, currently preparing for Pg entrance exams so that will decide the further specialization, hoping to get the branch of my choice😅😅


    1. Haha
      The disease is cool 😅😂, there are lot of delusional disorders and all of them are interesting

      Thank you so much, Harsh, glad you liked them ☺☺

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      1. One type of delusion is Delusional misidentification syndromes, few of them are

        The Capgras Syndrome is the belief that (usually) a close relative or spouse has been replaced by an identical-looking imposter.

        The Fregoli Syndrome pt believed that various people he meets are actually the same person in disguise.

        Mirrored-self misidentification is the delusional belief that one’s reflection in the mirror is another person – typically a younger or second version of one’s self, a stranger, or a relative.

        The Cotard delusion – people believed that they are dead, do not exist, are degrading, or have lost their blood or organs .

        These are few, there are many other types of delusions one can suffer from ☺☺☺

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  2. True words, Era. My most favourite is the one on family functions. True that they’re boring and funny at the same time.

    That’s a chilling syndrome at the end. Even difficult to imagine! 😧

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    1. hehe, Thank you so much, Anisha 😊😊

      yup, it is and few suffered from it after trauma or accident 😅😅our brain is complicated

      glad to know you liked them 💛


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