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Just Another Girl

She is not the Queen, She is not the Princess
She is not an angel, She is not a sunshine
She is one amongst you, Just another girl
Who lived in a black and white world
Innocent and naive, who trusted all lies as truth
Questioning all the existence, all the utterances conceded
A rebel, A fighter, A procrastinator, A loafer
A paradox, A dreamer, A Observer, A believer
Who believed, one day she will touch the clouds
Who believed to visit all places unexplored
Who believed the world is still beautiful and colorful
Who believed, the whole universe is waiting for her
Who believed, she does not belong here
Who believed, some bigger meaning waiting for her
Who believed to unfold the lores, the enigmas
Who believed in those said definitions
In search of the explanations and moralities
Who believed in freedom not bounded by strings
A fallen leaf, A dried River, A cracked earth
A shattered hill, A lost cloud, A rainbow without rain
Unopened book with blank pages which are penned
A mirage in the desert, which has disappeared
Silent yet her voice reaches everybody
Absorbing in her soul, all the tales and adventures
The essence of nature, the smell of tangibility
She is one amongst you yet different
She is just another girl.

Thanks for reading.


I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

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