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Just hold on….

Just don't stop believing 
Just hold on
Just one more time
Just one more try
Another battle, another fight
Nothing comes that easy
Some will win, some will lose
But tales do not end here
Just another story
Just another assumption
The whole book is awaiting
Just hold on
Just don't stop believing
Working hard to get your pursuit
Working hard to get your dreams
Feeling the euphoria
That thrill of emotions
It's not over
It's not the climax
Of the story, you are living
Stories are hidden in stories
Till it is done
Till you decide it to be
It's not over
Till your last breath
Just hold on
Just don't stop believing
Standing on the verge
Just a few more steps
You can't give up now
Things only you know
Things no one can see
Feelings you conquer
Just don't stop believing
Just hold on
Just one more time
Just one more try
Write it the way you want
Your story, your tale

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My Solitude.

My solitude talk to me 
Talk for me
But I never listen
May be afraid to listen to the truth
About the consequences
About the continuations

My solitude argue with me
Argue for me
But I never heed
May be afraid to heed the transition
About the nightmares
About the choices

My solitude complain to me
Complain about me
But I never acknowledge
May be afraid to acknowledge the reality
About the people who left
About the people who stay

My solitude always spoke with me
Spoke for me
Always holding the hand
Of my introvert self
Hidden behind the glee.
©Era Singh

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At times, you get the glances of all the potential you have, but you are afraid to endorse it. You close your eyes or just overlook those moments, those pursuits. You doubt your intuition. You distrust your instincts. Disjudegemets or disagreements?

Somewhere deep down in your mind you know literally what you are worthy of, capable of but you are not ready to accept it. You can achieve it. You can get there but how? You set the boundaries, you decide your limitations, your threshold. This is it, just cross that line a little. Hindrances or setbacks? You are more than that.

Make a sacrifice, of everything, even of yourself, or your habits, dependence, whatever comes in the way of your success. Eliminate the situations, standing in your path. Obsession or insanity, you can say, but only you can do it, it is all your will, your will to move ahead, your will to make them insignificant. Are you willing to do?

Emerging courage, courage to accept the change. The appearance of a different perspective. Are you determine enough? A new vision? An insight into unsaid.

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