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A conspiracy within!

Often, while running after big dreams, when that small dreams are left behind, we don’t even realize until it’s too late but is it too late really? Think about the last time you felt happy from the heart? When have you last time overslept without a worry of what next and is not regretful about it? Ok, when was the last time, you stared at your room’s walls blankly without actually thinking what next but still thinking? When was the last time you don’t find yourself guilt-stricken when you enjoyed doing something except your work or wasting your time without actually wasting it? Do you still remember your little childhood fantasies or dreams? Do you still think back to the things that use to give you immerse happiness or have to completely transform yourself for this horse race we all are running?

We always try to find answers, answers for the questions asked, unasked. You know why? Have you got the answer? Have ever felt trapped in them? Tangled in your thoughts or bounded in the thinkings that are inserted in your mind by society, by the surrounding, by the people you are surrounded with and you find yourself more caged in finding reasons and excuses, maybe you want an escape, but to where? A place to hide, away from reality, away from judgments, a place where everything is like a dream you saw but? Why everything always has to be perfect? Is that what you have chosen yourself or you have been made to do so?

Perhaps you are imprisoned in your reflections, those introspections which you are afraid to face. Is that you? What is causing more damage, your low self-esteem, you doubting yourself, again and again, maybe circumstances made you do this but what about that hope, which you are crushing yourself bit by bit. Yup, that feeling of helplessness but can you control everything except keeping your little faith alive. May be difficult but isn’t it about you in the end? Yes, it is difficult to choose an option, an optimism without optimism, or maybe just pretending. You are deceiving yourself in the process.

Life is colorful but we are shades of grey, not completely white, not completely black yet we carry a lot of colors inside us. Sometimes or other, we all must have been a hypocrite, don’t you agree, we do change accordingly so why can’t we change for something positive, when change is constant, can’t we change our outlook? Don’t you think we all are living a purposeless yet purposeful life, not the ultimate purpose, maybe we are missing out on something or maybe just blinded ourselves for it? But still, for a big leap, small steps are important, to fly you need wings and an open limitless sky and when you are tired, you need a nest to rest which you have to find yourself. Think but not think, find your nest of small happiness to come back to when you are chasing a big one for that big leap that is contouring inside you, to bounce back again to heights without forgetting about the ground.

Unwind that conspiracy!!!!

Thank you for reading!

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I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

32 thoughts on “A conspiracy within!

  1. I was nodding my head along as I read your post. There’s so much that we overlook, take for granted or perceive incorrectly. Very thought-provoking post, Era. Glad to see you back here. ❤️😃

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  2. THIS IS POST IS EVERYTHING, MW. i love it so so so much, thought provoking and kudos to you for writing this so perfectly. it’s pretty hard penning down this stuff about how life goes.
    Also, When are you coming back, Miss Wordsmith, missing your work so much. <33

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks a ton, M.I 🤗💙
      Will surely come back properly soon, after my exam 🤞🤞, till den you will surely find me here on and off 😅😅
      Take care and stay safe 💙


  3. I love this post. I’m glad I decided to give time to what makes me happy. Work is necessary but we can align our dreams with it. Life can’t just be about surviving or making money.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was going through that only 😊😊, must say you are doing a great job by spreading awareness and sharing the med info
        Keep writing, happy blogging 😊😊
        All the best


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