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A life update!!!!

Hey, you all, hope you all are doing fine. It’s been a long time since I was not able to write or post anything and even was not able to read all the amazing blogs of my talented fellow bloggers. I am sorry for that but was preoccupied with many things, job, MD counselling etc. So, finally, I got one of my fav branches for my post-graduation which is MD RESPIRATORY MEDICINE. I hope I will be able to do some justice with this specialisation course. It’s been a very long wait and a very tiring one too all thanks to this pandemic.

In this long journey, my constant support pillar was and is till now is my parents, whom I know are there to catch me if I fall or depress, always know how to motivate me again, for which thanks are much much small word, whatever I am today is due to them only, they never stopped me from dreaming and doing what I want.

And obviously can’t thank enough all my mentors who guided me always, my friends who are there to motivate me and support me.

Last but not least all my friends and fellow bloggers here, and believe me your lovely comments many a time do make my depressing day to a joyful one, are so understanding that they know why I have not been here and always wished me luck. Thank you so much.

I don’t know where life will lead me but this is life, hoping everything will be fine. Exploring new things and learning every day to be a better doctor and justify my profession as well as my writing too. Hope to manage both.

Now I will try to be more active and start writing and posting blogs again, and I have so many blogs of my amazing fellow bloggers to catch up.

Thank you so much!!!!


I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

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