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In the pursuit of insanityAround this sane world different is normal Uncommon is familiar We have lostForgotten ourselves fallen from? Mistaken or misplacedIn this jaunt Without any destination Happening of past Or arising of future Scepticisms?Doubts? Liberation from? Are you normal? ©ERA SINGH I don’t know what I have written but I hope you will […]


Hey you all, I hope you all are doing fine, here I wanna introduce you to u all, one more fellow blogger, DEESHU, a budding doctor and writer. Deeshu, I am so proud of you girl and all the best for your future endeavours. I am sharing with you all the link of the poem […]

A life update!!!!

Hey, you all, hope you all are doing fine. It’s been a long time since I was not able to write or post anything and even was not able to read all the amazing blogs of my talented fellow bloggers. I am sorry for that but was preoccupied with many things, job, MD counselling etc. […]

Was she living?

She fadedShe vanished She disappeared In her doubts In her laments In her excusesIn her silenceIn her defences In her uncertaintiesIn her apprehensionsIn her unanswered questions In truths painted with LiesIn the rights and wrongs In do’s and don’ts And she runs awayIn the calmness of her soul In herselfIn the unheard voices, stillness for?Was […]

Soul – Antidote?

Hidden wail Imperceptible Scars Muted Utterances Silenced Self “They are healing. No, you can’t see them. No, you can’t cure them. But those invisible yet visible wounds are healing.”© Era Singh THE HIDDEN SOUL Thanks for reading!!!!! More on THE HIDDEN SOUL-


I wish life to be like a movie Movie with a perfect ending Everything we aspired, Everything we desiredThe reality of life wishes Hopes of unhoped, Undied faith within But alas! It’s all in the fiction Can’t be done undone, Can’t be controlled The hidden fallout, The unseen effect The unknown excursion, The invisible being […]


She was in her cocoon A little caterpillar Waiting to be molded In beautiful butterflyDelicate yet robust And when that day arrivesShe files to zeniths Glides in gardens Nurturing a new world From one place to another Spreading happiness and joy The fragrance of flowers blooms more Her colorful wings glisten Magnificent she seems Just […]

A conspiracy within!

Often, while running after big dreams, when that small dreams are left behind, we don’t even realize until it’s too late but is it too late really? Think about the last time you felt happy from the heart? When have you last time overslept without a worry of what next and is not regretful about […]

तुम ऐसी क्यों हो?

इतनी हिम्मत तुम लाती कहाँ से होइतना तुम क्यों सहती हो बार बार गिर कर फिर कैसे खड़ी हो जाती हो क्या तुम्हारा मन नहीं सहमताक्या तुम्हें डर नहीं लगताफिर से गिर जाने का फिर से ठोकर खाने का आखिर तुम ऐसी क्यों हो कभी एकदम शांतकभी एकदम तूफान पल में रो देती हो पल […]

A Journey…..

It’s not about beginnings It’s not about endings It’s about a journeyThat whispers heroic It’s not about success It’s not about failures It’s about a journey That elicits realityIt’s not about you It’s not about them It’s about a journeyThat feigns skepticisms It’s not about inceptions It’s not about conclusions It’s about a journey That […]


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