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Battles Known-Unknown!!

You try to make the worst seems better You try to make look yourself strong You try to find the deserted core You try to find the excuses untold You try to search the keys of unopened doors You try to search the lost qualms You try to sail that dried ocean You try to […]

Saturday Six Word Story #16 – Water

For Shweta’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #56 – September 19, 2020 – WATER Here are my takes- 1. Only planet with water, but till? 2. Polluted water leads to many diseases. 3. They don’t know about water conservation. 4. Freshwater springs are drying, endangered existence. 5. Suffering from hydrophobia – fear of water. 6. […]

Assimilate it…

Sometimes you just keep on dragging things, digging the grave, buried them so deep, making a mausoleum, but is it really so? No argues, no ego, no screams, no cries, no sobs, a silence of eternity till, till it starts killing you inside. Do you try to listen? The plants having those strong roots of […]


Those are her hidden treasure, which she keeps away from the eyes of everybody, her painting paraphernalia, those colors, those brushes, the canvas, used to give her happiness, her own little world of imagination. How she wanted to become a famous painter one day but never got the opportunity. Memories run down her mind when […]


Perhaps we all are living in the hex, some kind of magic or dream, Maybe we all are trapped in some bubble, Possibly there is actually no Time, Maybe someone is controlling us, maybe we all are in a simulation, one day that bubble will burst or we will wake up from that dream, facing […]

उठ देख जरा …

माना रात अंधेरी है सुबह होने में थोड़ी देरी है पर तू ऐसे सो नहीं सकता, तुझे खुद को जगाना हैपर तू ऐसे रुक नहीं सकता, थक नहीं सकता क्यों रोता तू क़िस्मत पर उसके आँचल में क्यों सिसकियाँ भरता ये तेरी ही दास है,तू क्यों निराश हैजो नहीं मिला,जो बीत गया जो आने वाला […]

Footprints of spirit

Walking all aloneIn the desert of lifeLeaving the footprintsOmnipresent in this universeJourney of originsVarious births you takeUnique in all ways  Carrying the burdensFrom one to another Pulled apart and aloof As if the outside this mortal world Become formless, indefinite The only energy you feel Roaming with the shadows Tramping with gloomIn search of the […]

There is the fire within….

It’s hidden, It’s apparent It’s small, It’s bigThere is the fire within Burning brighter than the fire around Nothing was too painful to survive Reminiscences of past, Fantasies of future Perceptions of the present Memories haunts, Expectations killDisappointments and let downsMisgiving answers We pursuit and planMaking it more tormentingAgonizing the whole soul There is the […]

Saturday Six Word Story #15- Success

For Shweta’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #54 – September 5, 2020 – SUCCESS 1. Success held different significance for everyone. 2. Who defines what actually success means? 3. Running after success since eyes open. 4. Happy after her first successful surgery. 5. Entrance exams, high expectations, she succeeds? 6. Success is always a lousy […]

It rises up…..

When gravity playing tricks Trying to pull it down It rises up, It rises up highIn the sky, wishing to touch the stars Driven with the fire within Against all the oddsAgainst all the qualms Spread the wings and fly awayExploring higher height Looking at the pinnacleIt rises up, it rises up high It rises […]


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