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We assure and reassure ourselves, it is ok, it is absolutely fine, it is just a little late, everything will fall into place one day, till then keep some patience and wait. But does it worth the wait? Does it worth your time? Always trying to be positive, but how can one be positive all […]


We plan, we always plan, wanting it to happen the way we want, accomplished like we wish it to be, always perfect, as we plan. Sometimes we even do planning to make a planning in advance. Hoping to, aspiring to, desiring it, aiming it, expecting it, yes, expectations, and here planning if expectations fail, planning […]

Just hold on….

Just don’t stop believing Just hold on Just one more time Just one more try Another battle, another fight Nothing comes that easy Some will win, some will lose But tales do not end here Just another story Just another assumptionThe whole book is awaitingJust hold on Just don’t stop believing Working hard to get […]

My Solitude.

My solitude talk to me Talk for me But I never listen May be afraid to listen to the truth About the consequencesAbout the continuationsMy solitude argue with me Argue for meBut I never heed May be afraid to heed the transitionAbout the nightmaresAbout the choices My solitude complain to me Complain about me But […]


At times, you get the glances of all the potential you have, but you are afraid to endorse it. You close your eyes or just overlook those moments, those pursuits. You doubt your intuition. You distrust your instincts. Disjudegemets or disagreements? Somewhere deep down in your mind you know literally what you are worthy of, […]


Finally, you are freeFrom the golden cage of greed Believe me, you can fly The sky is waiting Spread your wings and fly away. © ERA SINGH For Sadje’s What do you see # 49 – 28 September’20 For Thursday Poetry Competition!! by H.R.Phoenix (we have to write a poem in 25 words)


We all live in some kind of uncertainty. Sometimes how things unfold even you don’t realize. How to react, why, and what becomes uncertain itself. Life is indeed unpredictable but what to say on things which we somehow know deep down will happen one day but you never imagined your reaction, maybe that should be […]

Battles Known-Unknown!!

You try to make the worst seems better You try to make look yourself strong You try to find the deserted core You try to find the excuses untold You try to search the keys of unopened doors You try to search the lost qualms You try to sail that dried ocean You try to […]

Saturday Six Word Story #16 – Water

For Shweta’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #56 – September 19, 2020 – WATER Here are my takes- 1. Only planet with water, but till? 2. Polluted water leads to many diseases. 3. They don’t know about water conservation. 4. Freshwater springs are drying, endangered existence. 5. Suffering from hydrophobia – fear of water. 6. […]

Assimilate it…

Sometimes you just keep on dragging things, digging the grave, buried them so deep, making a mausoleum, but is it really so? No argues, no ego, no screams, no cries, no sobs, a silence of eternity till, till it starts killing you inside. Do you try to listen? The plants having those strong roots of […]


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