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Saturday Six -Word Story #7

This is in response to the Saturday Six Word Story prompt by Shweta of My Random Ramblings. And prompt for this week is HOME. For more details click below.

Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #45 – July 4, 2020

Here are my takes, I hope you like it.

1. Never missed her home this much.

2. Away from home, for their safety.

3. Her workplace now becomes her home.

4. Homesick but cannot travel back home.

5. In love with her home city.

6. Mom’s food and home, best things.

7. Hostel becomes home away from home.

8. Her own little paradise her home.

Thank you for reading it. I know I am a little bit late 😅.

Image credit- Stefan Keller – Pixabay
"Relinquishing her anxieties
Circumventing her beliefs
Enlightened to stillness
Rejuvenated her serenity."
© Era Singh

This is in response to the Sadje’s What do you see prompt. For more details, click below.

Welcome back to another prompt. Rules; You can write a post on your blog and create a pingback to link to the original post. Write an original story, poem or a caption. I will try to reblog your response on my blog. There is no limit to words or format but keep it family-friendly. I […]

What do you see # 37 – 6 July 2020

Thank you for reading it!!!!

New Self……

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The Supermart…..

Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash

Penscape activity of The Roaring Flames Writing Club, hosted by Rishika Jain and H.R.Phoneix, the two most amazing persons here on WordPress.

To get more details about it click on the link given below.

The big day is here! Our first ever activity!! Penscape #1-July 2020

Here, is my response to the picture given above for the activity………

It is like a normal day for Rohit as he is traveling back from the hospital to his home after a long shift. He is very tired but he has to buy some groceries so, he stopped his car near the supermarket, which is open for a short timing due to lockdown guidelines. At the gate, he is happy to see all the precautions taken and there are very few people too.

He goes towards the lift to go on the 2nd floor but as soon as he comes out of the lift, he goes hell into the shock, by seeing the crowd inside the shop there, not a single person has been wearing a mask, no social distancing, there are a lot of people as if some sales going on. He is confused, what is happening there, getting irritated too, what the hell these people are doing? It seems like, they are not at all bothered about the virus or infection.

He calms himself, and go the counter to ask salesperson there to meet the manager to ask him what is going on, but when he inquired the salesperson, why there are no precautions being followed, he replied, sir, what are you talking about, which viruses, which precautions?

Rohit gets more and more furious, We are working day night to find a cure to stop it and here are these people, least afraid, he thinks. He calms and again says, coronaviruses, COVID 19, what are you saying, are you from some other world, the whole world is suffering from it. The salesman, says, there is nothing in the news like that, are you mad? Why you want to make the world suffer like this, he starts arguing too .

They are still arguing, people there are also saying the same as the salesman, that there is no virus, someone even called police, till then, that some guy is creating an unnecessary screen and talking about some virus. Rohit tried to run from there and immediately took the lift but as he is already very tired and due to shock maybe, fainted.

Sir, Sir, what happened to you, Are you fine? He hears someone, surrounded by 2- 3 people. He looks around frightened and asked where are all the people go who are there and saying there is no coronavirus, not wearing any mask, etc. Everyone around, look at him with surprised expressions on their faces.

One of them said, Sir, we found you here, faint, there is no one you might be dreaming. Rohit is confused, he again looks around, asked where is that salesman, he says, I am only one here, as only one person is allowed. Are you feeling better now?

Rohit says, yes and goes home, but still, thinking, is he actually dreaming or have actually gone to some other world or just his imagination.

Thank you for reading it, so what do you think, might have happened with Rohit, dream or he has gone to some other world, where, coronavirus does not exist? Do let me know in the comment section, you liked it or not and your thoughts too.

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एक फूल …..

एक फूल जब है खिलता 
कितना शीतल इतना कोमल
सबको अपनी मनमोहक सुगंध से
प्रसन्नचित्त वो करता
हँसता खेलता मनमर्जियाँ करता
पौधा गर्व से सिर उठाता
ये फूल है मेरा, अभिमान वो करता
पूरा बगीचा खिल उठाता
नाचता-गाता, संगीत की महफिल होती
फिर अचानक एक दिन
सब शांत, मातम-सा छा जाता
माली फूल ले गया
सब बस बेबसी में देखते रह गए
पहले तो उस फूल को खूब सजाया गया
महंगें दाम में बेचा गया
पर जब उसकी सुगंध ख़त्म हो गई
उसे फेक दिया
और वो कोमल पुष्प
कुचल कुचल कर मर गया ।
© ईरा सिंह

आपको मेरी ये कविता कैसी लगी मुझे कमेंट में जरूर बताना । और क्या आपको समझ में आया की यहां मैंने फूल किसको कहा है ? इसको पढ़ने के लिए बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद ।

Thank you!!!

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Note: if you want to translate it, Google translator is available on my website page 😊

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Colors Say…..

This is in response to THURSDAY POETRY COMPETITION by H.R.PHOENIX and the topic for this week is COLORS.

Being always rebellious in my way 
Questioning every single day
Why blue for boys
and pink for girls
Even colors will argue
Why gender-specific?

Whiter your skin tone
Goes around the world
More acceptable you become
Why discriminate
We all are humans
With red blood I guess

Don't wear black
Don't wear white
Unauspicious they proclaim
But who defines
The universe we live in
itself black and white

So many colors exist
Beautify our world
Red, blue, green
Yellow and orange
Singing their own melody
Nature cherish all

Close your eyes
Absence of light
Can you feel the pain
of one who can't see
Not even realizing
what dark looks like

Life or death
Light or dark
Day or night
Presence or absence
Hope or grief
All colors flash

Different colors
Different emotions
Shades of life
It contains
Making it more alive.

©Era Singh

Thank you for reading it and do let me know your thoughts too.

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Infinite Loop…..

We often hear people saying “History always repeats itself “. But this question does haunt me but why, why our past, our history tends to always repeat? And sometimes even in a more disastrous way. Have you also thought about this? Is it earth’s way or human’s own ignorance be the reason, leading to so much devastation which may have been prevented or is it unsatisfaction or very high ambitions of few, but I would again say, Earth will survive, she had survived in past too sometimes in conditions you would ever think of, it will be in future too, but we humans might not or we might evolve, or might be replaced by some other organism, we don’t know anything and future is always uncertain and its survival of fittest, after all, we also have replaced the mighty dinosaurs, etc once ruling the earth, some completely lost existence, some evolved, few which remain, we humans have killed them gradually.

Ok, coming back to what happened in the past, you all have heard of Spanish flu, Bubonic plague outbreak, a cholera outbreak and most in recent in past influenza or swine flu, and if I say, at that time, they caused so much loss of lives, you would even imagine, current COVID 19 is still very far from it, but again we can’t say anything about future. My matter of concern is Have we learned anything from the past. Do you also want to be remembered in history, as we remember them, not successful in controlling it efficiently and not learning from the mistakes? Some might now say, that time medical science was not that developed, superstition was there, people were not that educated that much, lack of awareness, etc, I agree with you totally. But answer me, are most of the people not superstitious today also, and to the much, of it how this all and fake news spread on social media at the speed of light, cause more havoc, don’t you think so, everybody, some with zero knowledge about the subject, gives the valuable advice and opinions.

Every one of you is also aware of the world wars, we all have read about them during history classes. After the 1st World war, people had said, this kind of war would not occur again but what happened in the next 4 years, World war 2, more destructive even than 1, more than one-third population on earth vanished, yes, there were reasons why it happened but, are these first time, no not at all, before that too, few over-ambitious beings existed, conquering the whole earth, few even every cruel. I always fail to understand, ok, you conquered the whole world, become sole leader, what’s next, attacking another planet, as you will never be satisfied after all. To our more dismay, history might gonna repeat itself again, as we are on verge of another war, don’t know, how much destruction it will lead too, hoping it will not occur.

I don’t know, they are authentic or not but I have watched many videos and documentaries on time travel, I do believe we will do this in future, but there were few people who claimed to have traveled from future, defining so many things and advancement of future but if this is true, why they did not make us aware of this pandemic or future has been altered or they traveled from an alternate reality if existed or its all fake if they would have, things might be different after all.

There is so much negativity and unrest around, that it does become difficult to calm and a lot of questions arises in our minds, we still searching answers for, but it is sure if we don’t learn from our history or past, it will keep on repeating, its an infinite loop which will never end, we don’t even know its beginning, so forget about the ending I guess. We, humans, are just a small part of this mysterious universe, with the most uncertain future. These virus, bacteria, microorganisms etc and our earth will exist than also.

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Saturday Six-Word Story #6

This is in response to Saturday Six Word Story Prompt by Shweta of My Random Ramblings and prompt for this week is Leave and here is my take.

1.Everybody wishes no more leaves now.

2.Because sometimes even leaves cause panic.

3.When will corona go on leave?

4.She left world with many questions.

5.Working day – night, what are leaves?

6.Left the reality, living in dreams.

7.Never left anything unread before exams.

8.Leave declared, no exams, mixed feelings.

I hope you like them. Thank you for reading😊😊

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माफी ……

मानव जीवन का उद्देश्य था 
मानवता का विस्तार
आज वही मानव बन बैठा है
अपने जीवन में खुद अभिशाप
पाप हो या पुण्य
सही हो या गलत
क्या करना है सिर्फ उसे
अपना ही उद्धार
पर किस कीमत पर
थोड़ा तो गौर फर्मा
मिलता है मनुष्य जीवन
कई जन्मों में सिर्फ एक बार
क्या ऐसे ही मिटा दे इसे
कर रोज़ युद्ध विहार
मानव जब मानव का ही विरोधी है
तो वह जन-जीवन से क्या प्रेम करेगा
वह अपने अहम में
सिर्फ सृष्टि का ही अंत करेगा
जिसको सर्वश्रेष्ठ संरचना कहा गया ईश्वर की
अब कर रहा है सबका वो ही संहार
क्या मनुष्यता ख़त्म हो गयी
क्या सिद्ध हो गयी मानव की श्रेष्ठता
कर जन धन मन पर वार
समय है रुक जा
सत्य मार्ग पर फिर पग बढ़ा
आपने विनाश को रोक जरा
थोड़ा थम जा
थोड़ा तो फिर सोच
अपने अभिमान में
जो है उसको तो मत गावा
धरती का ह्रदय विशाल है
तू भी उसकी ही संतान है
शायद माफी मिल जाए ।
© ईरा सिंह

Thank you for reading it!!!!

Note: This poem is written in the Hindi language, you can translate and read it by using the translator option available on my website page😊

Image Credit- Pixabay- Ariadne-a-mazed

In this black and white world, her soul is sparkling with all shades of life.

© Era Singh

This Caption is in response to the WHAT DO YOU SEE prompt hosted by Sadje, we have to write a story, poem, or caption, and here is my take, I hope you like it.

Thank you for reading!!!!

Shades of life