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Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you all are safe and sound. I am very happy to inform you that THE HIDDEN SOUL has been nominated for the 15 more blogging awards by my lovely fellow bloggers. I am very much overwhelmed with the kind gesture of all of them that they find me worthy of the award and don’t find appropriate words to thank them all.

And I want to apologize to all of them too firstly for putting up the post too late as some of them have nominated a month back but I was not able to write off my acceptance post, and secondly, for combining all of them, I am sorry and I hope you all will not mind. I have answered a few ques as some of them have been already answered by me in my previous award post, you can read them HERE

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for your love and support for my blog post.

Let’s begin-


The Amazing Follower Award has been given to me by one of my fav person around here in WordPress, and the creator of this award, Rishika Jain, THE ETHEREAL UNICORN, who runs a beautiful blog page and you won’t believe she is just 12 but her writings are so beautiful and thoughtful, and she always amazes me, well age is just number. Proud of you, God Bless you. If you have not visited her blog, do visit it and give her a follow. THANK YOU, Rishika 💙💙

Q.Any suggestions (for this blog)? You are amazing, believe me, what more I can suggest you, hmm, Just write your thoughts, what you feel and try to remain true to your writings and before expecting the approval of anyone else, you should love your work, and never get disheartened if your work is not appreciated as you expected it as well as never get too excited if it gets appreciation more than your expectations, I am not suggesting anything just sharing my experience, as you are like my younger sister.


So, this is 3rd time, I have been nominated for this award, and this time by Joy who runs an amazing blog named The yellow brick eve full of beautiful poetries you don’t wanna miss reading if you have not visited her blog, what are you waiting for. Thank you, Joy, I am honored to accept it.

  • Q.What is your earliest memory of writing? in 6th class, poem on planet earth


This has been awarded by three of my amazing fellow bloggers. Thank you so much for this honor.

By shubhangi Srinivasan, The Shubhster Diaries, she is a fantastic blogger who writes amazing poetries and articles and loved reading them all. Do visit her page, you will surely gonna like it. And by CREATIVEENVISION, who has a beautiful blog page full of Poetry and inspiration, you surely love reading them. Do visit this page.
And byAlltheusernameareout, study ways, who have an amazing blog page too, by Sarah who believes passion can take us to great things. Do give her a visit.

Q. What is the one lesson you always hold on to? – Be patient and be positive, believe yourself, nothing is impossible, on what everything will definitely make perfect sense.

Q.What song do you currently have on repeat? SUPERHEROES BY THE SCRIPT

All the life she has seen, All the meaner side of me, They took away the prophet’s dream. For a profit on the street, she’s stronger than you know The heart of steel starts to grow.  

Q. Back to the past or forward to the future.     I will prefer to be in the present as I learned from my past and future itself depend on the present and what is reality is present rest all is uncertain.


This is awarded to me bydaneelyunus Sir who has a multi-niche blog, with many articles providing ample information about many things.

Q. What’s your favorite color? – Blue


This is awarded to me by three wonderful people, Kevin Bongonyinge, Beauty in words, Mrs.Holliman, God’s love and by, Crazy ideas with crazy fun, Shaheshal, all of them have an amazing blog pages, do visit them and give follow. Thank you once again for finding me worthy of the award.

Q. What is the best joke you’ve ever heard? – I don’t remember any, I am bad at it but looking at a broader perspective, life itself is the biggest joke.

Q. What would your best day look like, Explain? – I love my work so any day spent working is best.

Q. If you were given 10 minutes to read someone’s secret diary that you wanted to read for a long time what would you do??? – I would never want to read anyone diary, it’s personal and everyone has right to have some privacy and even I don’t allow anyone to read what I write my diary, it’s my small little world, my thoughts and talks with myself so I would never think of reading anyone’s diary.


So, this is a special award, given to a few people by The Bold Girl when a controversy is created of her leaving blogging but what is mean is she will continue as a blogger as well as the meme and gif queen and only a few people are able to understand the meaning hidden in her posts. And I was one of them who. understood
Thank you so much, for thinking me smart 😂😂🤭🤭🤭
Do visit her blog page, she writes fantastic blogs, and her views will amaze you, just like her name, her articles are bold and thought to provoke. She is an amazing person herself to be around.


This award nomination is given to me by two of my fellow fantastic bloggers Offshorewriters, a blog page run by two siblings containing wonderful articles and poems full of motivation and by Doris koki, who also has a blog page fill of motivation and interesting articles. Do visit both the blog pages and you will surely gonna like them.
Thank you both of you for this honor.

Q. Who introduced you to this blogging world? When and why? My best friend introduced me actually literally forced me to start blogging, for at least 5 years but as I am not sure about it so never done, I am not confident actually, I thought who will read my work 😅😅, although I have won many awards for writing and I love writing but this is back of my mind, that people don’t like reading what I wrote as I wrote serious stuff more but finally this year in April I started as I love writing and I am overwhelmed with all the support.

Q.Could you vision yourself doing anything other than blogging?     Well, blogging is just my hobby as I love writing but my first love lies with medicine as I always wanted to be a doctor.


This award nomination is given to me by Your_nomison, who has a blog page with full of motivational poems and articles. Do visit it on his page. Thank you so much for it.

Q.If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be? For this, you can read my post To My Younger Self.


I am nominated for this award by Sovely matters who has a very amazing blog, filled with magical moments of her life and music. She’s a very cool awesome fellow blogger with great talent. I felt honored to be nominated by her, check out her blog for an amazing experience.

Q.Who was your favorite teacher and why?       – Life and failures are best teachers, what they can teach, the experience you gain from them will be forever, for acceptance of all things and not give up and this thing can never be taught any success alone as it is temporary. ?So BE POSITIVE, AND BE PATIENT.


This is given to me by Offshorewriters, an amazing blog page by two siblings, very motivational, as they think I am good reader and they said reading is as important as writing . Thank you for finding me worthy for this.

Q.What is your one favorite blog post that you think others should read? Please share the link here. I have written them so I love them all but sharing the link of few –



You are not victim!!!!!

Hidden Friendships!!!!

Is social media boon or curse ?

It was a very long post, I hope you all have liked it.

Thank you once again for the awards

And thank you for reading it.

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Thursday Poetry competition results!!! And The Penable Award

Last week’s topic was nature’s beauty, chosen by the former winner, Daisy. Contestants had to write a poem on anything related to nature, or the beauty of being outside, and we got quite a lot of entries! But there was one poem that stood out. 🙂 And now I reveal the winner… The Winner Of The […]

Thursday Poetry competition results!!!

Hey friends, how are you all, hope you all are good and safe. Today, I am very much delighted to share with you all that I have been awarded THE PENABLE AWARD BY H.R.PHOENIX.

I am happy to share with you all that my poem Sunsets have been announced the winner this week and last week my poem Hidden Friendship had been announced the runner up.

Thank you so much, Phoenix, I am highly grateful to you for thinking me worthy of this. she is an author, a wonderful human being, very kind and supportive. Her blog page has everything, poems, advice, she runs the competition, book reviews, and many more, if you have not visited her page yet, do visit it and give her a follow.


1. Tag your post with the #penableaward
2. Display the Penable award logo (above) on your post and follow Penable if you haven’t already
3. Thank the person that nominated you
4. Tell us what your writing talent is
5. Answer three questions that you have been asked
5. Nominate three inspiring people for this award.
6. Let them know of their nomination
7. Give them three new questions to answer!

My writing talent:

Well, I don’t know I am talented or not, I am writing since my school days and I write what I feel and think, whatever thought crosses my mind, I pen it down


1. What are the three places you want to go as soon as the COVID is over?
Not decided it yet but definitely gonna meet my bestie.

2. Do you have any pets? If so, tell us about them, if not, what is your dream pet?
No, I don’t have any and maybe will not have them in the future too, they need care and time and I always run off a shortage of time, and also, I am a little bit afraid of them.

3. Tell us about a hilarious moment in your life.
Haha, nice question, during school time, one of my teachers called me for some work and then asked me to send this student from my class but as I am always self -absorbed in my work and after giving my attendance was usual studying, I did not know that he was absent, so I went to my class teacher to ask her to send him as mam calling him but as he was absent, my class teacher said me, Era, where were you, at least be aware of your surroundings, leaving books for some time, and then, every one of us in the class went
into laughter.

Thank you once again, Phoenix!!!!

Thank you all of you too for always supporting and motivating me.

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Hello, Everyone!!!! How are you all?

Food and I, always have the nicest relationship; and so do Shreya aka Wild heart, Wild Sacred Crazy, and I definitely. And this beautiful and sweet person with a heart of gold nominated me for the food Award.

Thank you, Shreya for nominating for this unique award. She knows how much I love reading her amazing write-up and read her each post always

So, the rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you. 
  2. Pingback to the creator, Elisha at
  3. Use the same featured image as your nominator.
  4. Answer the five questions. 
  5. Create five questions about food.
  6. Nominate five people.


  1. What do you usually have for breakfast? 
  2. Are you personally a good cook? 
  3. Do you like chocolate? What is your favorite type? 
  4. Which type of food can you NEVER EVER eat even if someone threatens you to eat it? 
  5. Which food did you or you are eating forcefully? 

My Answers

  1. Anything whatever mom made but Coffee is a must.
  2. Yes, I think so, I really love cooking.
  3. No, I don’t like chocolate now 😅 but if you have to eat then dark chocolate.
  4. As I am vegetarian and never eat any non-veg so maybe that. And I am very choosy so anything I don’t like I cannot eat it
  5. Milk, I don’t like drinking milk though I know it is good for health and one should not avoid it.

My questions for nominees

1. One thing that you can always eat without any regret?
2. One thing that you first tried making except Maggi and tea?
3. If you got a chance to go to moon, which one thing to eat you will definitely love to carry there?
4. What one thing you love about cooking?
5. Your any hostel mess related memory?



I want to nominate all of you so do share with me your experience, I always look forward to read them. You can write a post or can answer in comments too if you want or choose not to do anything , its all on you, no problem at all.

Here, I am naming few, as they run cooking and food based blog pages but all of you are nominated .
1.Lets Cook with tina
2.Deeksha Pathak, Dees Platter
3.Smitha Ravi,The Karavali wok

Thank you for reading it, I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you, Shreya once again!!!!

Take care
Stay Safe, Stay healthy!!!!

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello Friends, how are you all? I hope, all of you are safe and sound. I have been again nominated for this award, this time by SILVER STONE, thank you so much, silver stone for the nomination and finding me worthy for this award, I feel blessed and humbled. I am sorry, for putting up it late.

Well, he /she I don’t know 😅😅 as it is not revealed by him/her and silver stone is his/her blog name, is a very supportive person and always motivate you I found here on WordPress.

A multitalented person, who wants to be a microbiologist one day, writes amazing posts and is learning Japanese and Spanish, well, I can’t learn them, they seem so difficult, hats off to you. If you have not visited his blog yet, do visit it, Silver Stone, The Bored Side Of The Phone

And I want to thank you all too for all your love and support.


The Sunshine Blogger Award is given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positiveness and creativity in the blogging community. The rules are:

  1. Thank blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award, write them 11 new questions and notify them about the nomination.


  1. Do you think your name is cute?
  2. If you had a chance to name yourself, which name would you choose and why?
  3. Do you have any hobbies other than writing
  4. Be it books or movies, if given chance, which character’s life would you choose to live and why?
  5. If you have a job now, are you happy with it? If you could change it now, which one would you choose?
  6. Do you like to cook?
  7. Which is your Zodiac sign?
  8. Do you believe in predictions made for your zodiac sign?
  9. Are you, so far, proud, and satisfied with your blog’s progress?
  10. What’s the most useless piece of knowledge you know?
  11. Which is your favorite work from your blog? Leave a link so everyone can enjoy it.

My Answers

1.yes, I think my name is cute and unique.

2. Well, I love my present name only “Era “ so I don’t change it, I will choose it only

3.yup, reading, and cooking, sometimes painting

4. Maybe no one, those are fictional, and there is a difference in reality and fiction

5. I am a doctor but not working right now and I always wanted to be one so I would never not even in my dreams think of leaving it



8. I do read them but not believe in all of them

9. I can’t say about proud or satisfied as I am still learning and it always makes me happy when people encourage you and support you, love your work but I believe in remaining grounded as one should never overproud or over satisfied with oneself But I am very overwhelmed with its progress and support and love it got in such a short span of time, I am indebted for it to you all, Thank you for it, I hope to get this in future too.

10.knowlege is never useless, I guess

11.well, I wrote toso I like them all, but the first blog is always more close to the heart To My Younger Self and my poem Hidden Friendships
To read more of my poetry click here
To read more of my article and stories etc click here

And I nominate you all as for me, all are deserving of awards and appreciation.
My questions will be the same as don’t think of any better questions than these.

Thank you for reading it.

And thank you, Silver Stone, it was fun answering these questions.

Take care!!!!
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!!!!!
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Wanna Know You Better

Hello everybody, how are you all, hope you all are well and healthy. So, I have been nominated for “Wanna know you better” by Bhavya. Thank you so much, Bhavya🤗🤗. Sorry, Bhavya, I know, I am late in writing this. It always overwhelming when your work gets appreciation and is recognized

Bhavya’s blog Bhavya’s Creative Corner as the name suggests her blog is with her creative work, stories, poems, etc. She is one of the sweetest people around, who I have met here. If you have not visited her blog yet do visit it 😊

This challenge “Wanna Know You Better!” has been started by a blogger Riya! I just found her blog when I got to know about the challenge. Do pay a visit to Riya’s Blog. I’m sure you won’t regret that because she is indeed a versatile writer!

And a big thank you to all of you too, as it only your love and support because of which it is happening. Thank you for always encouraging me 😇😇


  • Title the blog post as “Wanna know you better!!”
  • Describe Riya’s blog and a put link to her post.
  • Describe and thank the one who nominated you.
  • Copy all the questions and answer them one by one.
  • You may create your own questions for your targets
  • Pass the game as a challenge to any of your favorite bloggers and mention them in your post.
  • Add a link to your post in the comment section of the Host and nominees below so that they would come to know about you.
  • State the steps.

Questions by Bhavya

Q.1 Have you ever been foolhardy? When? Why? Describe briefly.

Well, I do not think of anything, yes, I do impulsive things sometimes but that do after giving it a thought 😅

Q.2 How do you prefer the curtains, drawn or pulled apart?
It will depend on my mood at that time.

Q.3 What kind of a “dream home” you dream about?
Not too big, not too small but a cozy one that I would love to earn myself by my work and work, filled with love and understanding as the home is where your family is.

Q.4 If you had the power to transfigure into an animal/bird/insect as per your will what would you’ve chosen? Why? (Only one allowed!)
May be any bird as I always want to experience flying, how it feels.

Q.5 If I offer you Watermelon or a Chocolate ice-cream during summer what will you choose? Why?
No doubts, Watermelon always, it is healthy yet tasty
Not a fan of chocolate ice creams

Q.6 In your home what’s your favorite inanimate object and tell me the reason behind that?
Hmm, thats difficult to tell, but to name one “My diary” and to know why my answer is my poem Hidden Friendships

Q.7 If you had got an opportunity to make somebody else’s blog (except mine) yours which blog would you’ve swapped with?  (Take it as a compulsion. I know we all love our own creations and couldn’t dream of exchange! I just want to know your favorite blog)
Hehe, nice question Bhavya😂😂
But, I will still prefer to keep mine as I know everybody who writes how close their writings to them is, so how I can even think of taking that away for them.
And I can’t name blog as my favorite as I respect and appreciate everybody’s work as all put a lot of effort to write something and to put it to public view, it needs courage I guess.

Q.8 Which is/was your favorites swing in the park?
Hehe, childhood memories, this one, I still enjoy it if ever get a chance which of course is rare now 😅😅

Q.9 Anything you would like to suggest to me to become better? (You can’t answer Nothing)
Just write your thoughts, what you feel and try to remain true to your writings and before expecting the approval of anyone else, you should love your work, and never get disheartened if your work is not appreciated as you expected it as well as never get too excited if it gets appreciation more than your expectations
I am not suggesting anything just sharing my experience, as you are like my younger sister.

Q.10 How do you feel about God? (I know you can write a novel on this but just tell me in less than 100 words)
I see God as a positive energy around us. As energy cannot be seen or heard, but you can feel it similarly, we can feel his presence always. I am not that person, over superstitious or religious, I remember him daily in my prayers whether I go to temple or not.

As it is not mentioned how many people we to challenge further, so I nominate you all, I would love to read your answers to the questions I answered and want to know more about you all. If you want to take up this challenge, please do and answer them, I will be looking forward to it.

Thank you for reading it 😊😊

And Thank you Bhavya for this challenge, it is fun answering your questions, do let me know, how you thought of them really!!!

Take Care!!!
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!!!!

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Here are the RULES

• Put the award logo on your blog

• Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

• Mention the creator of the award
The creator of this award is..Okoto Enigma

• Answer the five questions you were asked

• Tell the readers three things about yourself

• Nominate ten to twenty bloggers

• Notify the bloggers that you nominated them by commenting on one of their posts

• Ask your nominees five questions with one weird or funny one

• Share a link to your best posts

A big thank you to H.R.PHOENIX, PENABLE, she is an author, a wonderful human being, very kind and supportive. Her blog page has everything, poems, advice, she runs the competition, book reviews, and many more, if you have not visited her page yet, do visit it and give her a follow.

Three Facts About Myself:

  1. I live in INDIA.
  2. I am a doctor who not only write prescriptions but love to write poetry and articles too on whatever thought that crosses my mind
  3. I am a very moody person.

Her Questions:

1. What inspires you every day?
Everything and anything, I see around myself. I always try to learn something from everything and everyone, I come across in my life.

2. What is your favorite thing to write on your blog? 
There is nothing as such my favorite, I write what I think and feel, mostly about life and it’s experienced and what I have observed around.

3. What old or new hobby have you done since COVID-19? 
I tried making a few new dishes, as I love cooking and started this blog page

4. How long have you been blogging? 
Since April 13, 2020

5. If you had to choose what will it be 3 tier chocolate cake or 4 dozen chocolate chip cupcakes?
4 dozen chocolate chip cupcakes maybe and give it to my brother as I don’t like sweets much

My Nominations:

I WANT TO NOMINATE YOU ALL, as for me all of you are deserving of every award so feel free to carry it forward if you want and spread sunshine.


1. What is your hobby other than writing?
2.Black coffee or Cappucino☕☕?
3. Your one habit that you yourself find annoying 😂😂?
4. Your most favorite post of mine 🤭😂 and why
5. Oswald or Bob, the builder? and why

Congratulations to all the nominees, I hope you all will accept it.

link to My best posts

I don’t know they are best or not, I am sharing the link below of a few of my articles-

1.To My Younger Self
2.Are You Actually Happy?
3.क्या कोरोना भगवान का प्रकोप है या मानव उत्तपन आपदा ?
To read more of my poetry click here
To read more of my article and stories etcclick here

Thank you, Phoenix once again
A thank you to you all wonderful people too!!!!

Have a good day ahead
Take care!!!!

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A Blog With Little Bit Of Everything Award

Hii, lovely people, so I have been nominated for this award by H.R.PHOENIX, PENABLE, a very big thank you to her.

And I am sorry for posting it late.

She is a very talented author, very supportive and always there to encourage you. It is her kindness that, she nominated me for this award, but the fact is her blog is actually a blog with a little bit of everything. If you have not visited, her blog yet, do visit it and give her a follow too.

I would love to thank each one of you too, as, without your support and encouragement, I would not have come this far.


  1. Place the ‘A blog with a little bit of everything award’ on the top of your post.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you, and provide a link to their site.
  3. Tell 4 facts about yourself.
  4. Answer their 5 questions.
  5. Nominate up to 5 more people, and provide a link to their site.
  6. Ask them another 5 questions.
  7. Comment on their posts to let them know that they got nominated for the ‘A blog with a little bit of everything award!’

4 facts about myself:

1. I am a very moody person.

2. I don’t like to talk much but I can always listen to you and advice or help if I can.

3 I am a doctor who loves to write her thoughts in poetry or articles

4. I don’t watch or interested in sports but I am a big fan of M.S.DHONI not because he is a good player but due to his inspiring story and personality, we can learn a lot from him.


1. What is your favorite flower?


2. What is your favorite color?


3. When did you start blogging on WordPress?


4. What favorite book?

HARRISON (BOOK OF INTERNAL MEDICINE), so this is not novel or any science fiction book but actual textbook, and it is my favorite book, till now, I know, I am weird 😅

5. What sports do you do?

Occasionally, I play Chess

My nominees are, all of you guys out there! I know you all have wonderful blogs, so if you see yourself fit for it, feel free to take this award! And you can use the five questions I was asked above!

Thank you so much once more to PHOENIX, you truly are an amazing person, I met here

And thank you for reading it all the incredible persons out there!!!!!!!

Have a good day ahead

Take care!!!!!

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Hello you all lovely people, I am very much happy and feeling overwhelmed, that, I am nominated for THE PENABLE AWARD, two fellow bloggers ASHEE ASIWAL, TRIS’BLOG, with all the poems, riddles, and stories, do visit her blog page, you will surely like them
and by  YOUR_NOMISON, YOU’RE THE REASON I WRITE, with various poems and articles, a good read. Both of them have very nice blogs. DO VISIT THEIR BLOG PAGE.

Thank you very much for this. I am highly grateful that you find me worthy of the award.

This award is created by H.R.PHOENIX, PENABLE. She is an author and a wonderful person, I met, here in WordPress. Her blog page, is a multi-niche, with poetries, daily wisdom, book reviews, and many more. Do visit her page, if you have not visited yet, I am sure, you are gonna love it.


1. Tag your post with the #penableaward
2. Display the Penable award logo (above) on your post and follow Penable if you haven’t already
3. Thank the person that nominated you
4. Tell us what your writing talent is
5. Answer three questions that you have been asked
5. Nominate three inspiring people for this award.
6. Let them know of their nomination
7. Give them three new questions to answer!

My writing talent

Well, I don’t know I am talented or not, I am writing since my school days and I write what I feel and think, whatever thought crosses my mind, I pen it down

Questions by ASHEE

1. What’s the best moment of your life(till now😁)?
There are many, to name, when I got admission in medical college, and also my decision of starting my blog

2. Which book do you like the most and can read over and over again?
Well, don’t have an option, I have to read my medical books, again and again 😅😅😅, rest, if time allows 😂😂

3. Do you want to be famous? And if yes, What it would be for? If no, give a reason😜
Yes, why not, I want to know for my work as a doctor and as a writer both if possible

Questions by YOUR_NOMISON

  1. 🍎 or 🍕?                                                                                     It will depend on my mood 😂😂
  2. What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?  Well, what best gift I can get, I am born on Christmas Day
  3. What are the three most-used apps on your phone?  WhatsApp and my medical stuff related apps 😅 and yes, not to forget WordPress nowadays.

    My Nomination

It is always difficult for me to name a few, as according to me, all are deserving and inspiring. So, I nominate you all.
I hope, you will accept it and if you want, I can carry this forward.
There are 6 questions above, choose any 3 and answer.

Thank you for reading it.
And a big thank you to Ashee and your _nomison for this award.

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Hey friends, I hope all of you are doing good. So, a few days back I had been nominated for IDEAL INSPIRATION BLOGGER AWARD again and I feel so honored and delighted. Thank you so much!!!!!

This award nomination was gifted to me by dixitmritjunjay, September heart-to-hearts I would like to humbly thank you for it. If you have not visited his blog yet, do have a visit for all the beautiful and amazing poetries he writes, I am sure, you all will like it.


  1. Thank the person who hahasominated you and provides a link back to his/her blog.
  2. Answer their questions.
  3. Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions.
  4. Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on their blblogsList the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.
  5. Provide the link of the Award creator of the realealnspiration blogger award as Rising Star from


1) What have you learned about yourself in this present time?
Nothing new as such 😅

2) What do you do to unwind/destress/relax?                Coffee and listening to my fav music rest it will depend on my mood

3) What is your favorite staycation destination?
My home town

4) Who is your favorite artist or what is your favorite artwork?
It is difficult to name one 😅😅 as I like the work of many people to name few, Premchand, Shakespeare, Stephen King, Agnatha Christi, Harishvansh Rai Bachan, e,tc there are many more.

5) What would you say is your best quality/characteristic/ability/talent?                                              Hehe, I am very talented 😂😂 well, on a serious note, even I don’t know the exact answer to this, I don’t think anything is best in me 😅😅, still have to go a long way and have to learn a lot.


I hope you all will accept my nomination as for me all of you are an inspiration and deserve all awards.

My questions will be the same as I answered as I cannot think of any better questions than these

Thank you all for all your support and love.

Thank you jay for this award again.

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I feeling very much blessed and happy to be nominated for VINCENT EHINDERO BLOGGER AWARD by two amazing people who have wonderful blog pages, Shreya aka wild heart ‘s wild scared crazy and Rishabh‘s rishabh_Myjoopress. Both of them write wonderful poetries and if have not visited their blog pages yet, so why are you waiting, do check it, I can say, you will like their posts for sure.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Post the award logo.
  • Post the rules
  • Nominate up to 20-30 other bloggers and notify them.
  • Notify Vincent of your nomination, via comment and send an email to
  • After notifying Vincent, he ‘ll check out your blog, follow and give you your unique award for the good work on your blog.


I have chosen a few questions from both of them and I hope they won’t mind it.

1.Do you have passion except writing, name one.

Medicine, it is the first thing I love the most

2. How long can you go without using your phone?

I am not much into my phone, check it very rarely

3. Are you introverted or extroverted?

Well, it depends on the person I m with, how close this person is to me, so in between but more towards introvert

4. What is the best piece of advice about life?

I am still learning and gaining experience, so can not advice better, but I can just say, from till now what I have learned, to be patient, your hard work will be paid off sooner or later so keep doing your work, and not expect anything and do not procrastinate things

5. If you could time travel, where (when?) Would you go?

Being a history lover with a deep interest in science and evolution, I would like to go back to various Era’s and explore them

I hope you all are not bored with, my awards posts back to back. I thought of posting them at once. Thank you so much for all your support and love as all these awards are because of you people only.

And, I nominate you all.

My questions will be the same as what I answered.

Thank you once again Shreya and Rishabh