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I hope all of you are doing good and at their homes safe and healthy.One of the hot topic nowadays is COVID-19( SARS COV-2) and there is debate going on around the world whether it is bioterrorism agent or not . So, here , I thought why not to put up a post what bioterrorism is? I hope you all will like the facts .


It is also known as BIOLOGICAL WARFARE (germ warfare ) is the intentional use of biological toxins or infectious agents like bacterias , viruses , insects as nd fungi with the intent to kill or incapacitate humans , animals or plants as an act of war.

Biological weapon

Often termed as “bio-weapons”, “biological threat agents” , or “bio- agents “are living organisms or replicating entities ( viruses which are not universally considered alive )

There are 3 major category of bio-agents –

Category A

  • Easily dissemination from person to person
  • High mortality rate
  • Public panic and social disruption
  • Require special preparedness action ( for diagnosis and treatment , routine methods are not useful)
  • Examples – anthrax , botulism , plague , small pox , tularemia , viral hemorrhagic fever ( EBOLA , Marburg etc ) etc

Category B

  • Are moderately easy to disseminate
  • Low mortality rates
  • Require enhancement of existing facilities
  • Examples – west nile fever , calcivirus, hepatitis A , salmonella , diarrheagenic E.coli etc ( covid – 19 causing novel coronavirus , SARS COV-2 is considered in this category but some considering it in category C as it is an emerging infections and evidences are less)

Category C

  • These are emerging pathogens that could be engineered for mass dissemination because are available, can be produced easily and
  • Have a potential to cause high mortality
  • Examples – influenza , SARS , rabies , multi -drug resistant TB , yellow fever , Tick borne hemorrhagic fever etc

I hope you liked this information .

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Reference CDC ( centres for disease control and prevention)