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Unasked Questions!!!!

Where were you when I needed you

Where were you when I faked a smile

Where were you when I am dying inside

Where were you when I hide my anxiety

Where were you when I am running blind

Where were you when I concealed pain

Where were you when I pretended to be fine

Where were you when depression knocks my door

When I have escaped now

What’s the point of this rain

You were not there when I can feel that love

Have you not noticed any signs

Have you not noticed my over happiness

Have you not noticed my detachment

Have you not noticed my mood swings

Have you not noticed my eyes

Have you not noticed my silent cry

Have you not noticed how lonely I am inside

You never asked

I never said

I never wanted your attention

I just wanted someone to listen

I just wanted that soul

Who never judge and,

Understand my unsaid words.

You laughed at my depression

Never felt my pain

Now showing sympathy

Will not give any gain

Maybe I reached wrong people

Who pretended to my friends

Never get an ear who can listen

Still a time

Show some empathy It’s always easy to say

Difficult to be done

I hope you never

Have to go through

What I went inside my head

What I went inside my head!!!!!!

© Era Singh

How fake is this world, what is seen is just an illusion, the reality is far hidden

Be kind to everybody, try to listen to them you don’t know what battle they are fighting inside.

Thank you for reading!!!!!!

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Impossible says I am possible!!!!!

“I am sorry mom and dad, I can’t bear it anymore, I am tired now, of all the fighting, I am sorry to not being able to fulfill your expectations from me yet again, I know I am not the good son as you always wanted, I can’t see you like this anymore so I am leaving forever. I love you both very much, I want to see the proud in your eyes for me, not the embarrassment. Take care always”- His father read this note in the morning that was lying on his study table, while he was away in coaching and his father visited his room in absence. He might have forgotten to hide it.

Reading this, his father went into shock, then, he called his wife, Seema, Seema come here, see what I found on Rohan’s desk, Seema come running to the room, and there, what have you found now, you never let me do work, what it is? He silently gave her that note to read, without uttering a word. She was confused, what it was, and she read it, after reading it, She started crying, is my son gonna suicide, stop him Pradeep, I would not live without him, why he wants to take such extreme step, we never forced him for anything, call him home now, don’t know he is safe or not, I am talking to you, are you listening or not, call me, Pradeep was still standing silently and Seema is sobbing badly, totally inconsolable.

Then, after a thought, Pradeep said, Seema, don’t worry, I am calling Rohan home right now, in fact, I myself will go and bring him, he is depressed, we need to talk to him, if needed we will also take him to doctor for help, we should have to keep calm first.

Seema said, I don’t know anything else, I just want my son to safe and happy. I would have never thought, he would think of suicide, he always put up a smile on the front of us, oh, God, I misunderstood my son, how can a mother do this and she started crying again. Thank God, we found out this before anything has happened, bring him fast.

Pradeep has called, Rohan till then and said to him, he is coming to take him home back as there is some important work, wait for him there. He said, ok Dad.

On his, way to the coaching center of Rohan, he went back in his memory lane, Rohan, his son, is the brightest student of the school, favorite of everybody. He always wanted to be a doctor but even after so much hard work, he does not get selected this year, as he never fails even once in his life, it was difficult for him to come in terms with this but his parents supported him and encouraged him to prepare once again as they believed in him and his dreams, but never pressurized him for anything. All these thoughts are running in his mind, why he wanted to take such an extreme step, my son is not that week, when he reached there and find Rohan standing outside.

They went home and not a single word is exchanged between them, Rohan is also wondering what happened why dad is taking me home all of sudden, I hope Mom is is fine but he did ask any ques. When they reached home, his mom standing in despair at door only, and as soon, she saw him, she runs towards him, hugs hi,m and asks, are you find my son?

Both of them, took him, inside and showed him that note they found on his study table, and asked, what happened my son, you can share anything with us, we are here to listen to you always, you are not at all alone, we will help you in every possible way but don’t take such steps. We know, this is a very difficult phase for you and for us also, but this too shall pass, nothing is impossible, we will fight it together.

On listening to this, Rohan started crying without uttering a word, his parents become tenser, and asked him, we are here with your son, share with us what is bothering you so much.

Rohan said, I am so blessed to have you as my parents who always support me but some people are not that lucky enough. I am sorry, mom dad for you to go through this because of my carelessness, but this note is not mine but one of my friend, who is really very depressed and was about to commit suicide but somehow I got to know this and I stopped him from doing so but this note somehow come with me and I left that on my study table and you found out. I am so so sorry.

On listening to this, there was shock and satisfaction both in the eyes of his parents, they said, we are proud of you, Son, by stopping him. Rohan said, I would never think of doing this, I do not deny at one point, these thoughts are running in my mind when the result was out but when both of you talked with me, after that, I never think of it and can not see you bith in pain, I said the same thing to my friend too, what you said to me dad that day “impossible says I am possible We should never give up, it’s hard because it will be worth in the end, always try and leave rest on god.

His parents feel proud of him and blessed him. Als went to talk to his friend’s parents as Rohan requested them and to support their son. It ends well as they both get respective branches next year but more than that one useful lesson for whole life, later also created a group also to help the people in depression and to spread awareness.

This story of mine ended on a good note but not everybody’s story ends like this, we need to come forward to create more awareness, to help them, all we need to made them feel, they are not alone, look around yourself, if you find someone depressed, talk to him or her, listen to them, and stop behaving that this can not occur to you they need empathy, not fake sympathy, there are so much pressure and expectations that have taken more lives than what we can even count. Come forward, it’s high time.

We were in school when one of my teachers committed suicide, it was the biggest shock, as she was the most supportive, ever-smiling being, we would have never thought that how much in pain she was, depressed, on seeing her, nobody would say, that she was that depressed, I still wonder, if even one person around her, should have realized this, she would be alive with us today.and there are many more people who are suffering silently.

I have written this few days back, and have scheduled to post it today but never thought, that depression, would take one more life today.

Thank you for reading it and do share with me your views in the comment section below.