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That Dream I am dreaming

That dream I am dreaming 
It's like I've been awakened
I watch it with eyes wide open
Never want the spotlights
Never want the stars of the sky
It is the only thing I want
Am I over-ambitious
If I refused what I get
There is a catastrophe
I'm torn down and depleted
Lost hope, My faith is trembling
The voice inside my head
Saying you'll never reach
Why have you anywise tried
Feeling frightened and scared
Feels like I am vanishing
Forfeited with no light and way
It's like a never-ending night
Shadows also start testing
Even the silence speaks
Don't know if I will reach there
Don't know what is waiting
Don't know about tomorrow
Don't know right or wrong
The road is too long
It looks near but distant
I am still moving
I am still trying
Pushing to the fences
To shut them down
Can grip the world
Can hold the universe
What if I fail again
Doubts clouds my mind
Vision is fogged
No, I am not breaking
No, I am not stopping
Struggles I am facing
Odds I am taking
Can hit me, can punch me
But they can't knock me down
Till I myself believe
It is now impossible.

Thanks for reading!!!

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The Supermart…..

Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash

Penscape activity of The Roaring Flames Writing Club, hosted by Rishika Jain and H.R.Phoneix, the two most amazing persons here on WordPress.

To get more details about it click on the link given below.

The big day is here! Our first ever activity!! Penscape #1-July 2020

Here, is my response to the picture given above for the activity………

It is like a normal day for Rohit as he is traveling back from the hospital to his home after a long shift. He is very tired but he has to buy some groceries so, he stopped his car near the supermarket, which is open for a short timing due to lockdown guidelines. At the gate, he is happy to see all the precautions taken and there are very few people too.

He goes towards the lift to go on the 2nd floor but as soon as he comes out of the lift, he goes hell into the shock, by seeing the crowd inside the shop there, not a single person has been wearing a mask, no social distancing, there are a lot of people as if some sales going on. He is confused, what is happening there, getting irritated too, what the hell these people are doing? It seems like, they are not at all bothered about the virus or infection.

He calms himself, and go the counter to ask salesperson there to meet the manager to ask him what is going on, but when he inquired the salesperson, why there are no precautions being followed, he replied, sir, what are you talking about, which viruses, which precautions?

Rohit gets more and more furious, We are working day night to find a cure to stop it and here are these people, least afraid, he thinks. He calms and again says, coronaviruses, COVID 19, what are you saying, are you from some other world, the whole world is suffering from it. The salesman, says, there is nothing in the news like that, are you mad? Why you want to make the world suffer like this, he starts arguing too .

They are still arguing, people there are also saying the same as the salesman, that there is no virus, someone even called police, till then, that some guy is creating an unnecessary screen and talking about some virus. Rohit tried to run from there and immediately took the lift but as he is already very tired and due to shock maybe, fainted.

Sir, Sir, what happened to you, Are you fine? He hears someone, surrounded by 2- 3 people. He looks around frightened and asked where are all the people go who are there and saying there is no coronavirus, not wearing any mask, etc. Everyone around, look at him with surprised expressions on their faces.

One of them said, Sir, we found you here, faint, there is no one you might be dreaming. Rohit is confused, he again looks around, asked where is that salesman, he says, I am only one here, as only one person is allowed. Are you feeling better now?

Rohit says, yes and goes home, but still, thinking, is he actually dreaming or have actually gone to some other world or just his imagination.

Thank you for reading it, so what do you think, might have happened with Rohit, dream or he has gone to some other world, where, coronavirus does not exist? Do let me know in the comment section, you liked it or not and your thoughts too.

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When everybody sleeps……

When everybody sleeps 
And I am only one, awake
Sitting silently
On the graveyard of broken dreams

When my dreams all fail
And nights turns more quite
I am only one
Walking on the empty roads
Don't know where it goes

Running between the thoughts
Fighting the demons
Noises become louder
And mind overreacts
Illusions and realities intermingled

Believing everything is fine
Right or wrong I am confused
Expectations killing me
My heart still beating
I am alive

I am the only one
In this empty town of mine
I ever knew
Someone might find me
I am waiting here

My stubborn soul
Never give up
Millions of dreams in head
I am seeing with
Open eyes
Still want one last try.
©Era Singh

This is in response to “Thursday poetry Competition” by “H.R.PHOENIX“, a amazing author with a blog named “Penable” and topic for this week is Dreams

For more details about it Click here

Thank you for reading it!!!!!!!

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Doctor ? But why ?

Well ,it has been asked by many people I come across what made me to choose my career as doctor ? And is it worth choosing profession in medical field even after seeing what is happening with doctors presently . Violence against doctors is rising at alarming rates and even the working conditions and pay scale are also not that good as it is seen. People don’t respect the work medical fraternity do for mankind .

Back to the topic , what made me choose medical is something kinda love for medicine and biology I have . I will not say to safe lives and serve people ,obviously I want to do that and you will find it too cliche as everyone say this but what can be better profession than medicine for it, if I would be able to safe even one life , everything else become meaningless and if I would be able to help and aware people about health whether mental or physical well being and treat them , I would be one happy person. I would not be able to explain this in words.

It all started one day, in 6th standard , there was this random discussion going on in class who want to become what in future . I answered doctor. May be nobody at this age might think it to be that serious topic to be discussed . I was too young at that time to think what actually it all means and how much efforts and hard work to be done to become one but this thought kinda struck in my mind that I want to be a doctor one day and coming from family full of engineers this is some new thing .As years past and I read more about biology and life , evolution , science it amazed me to the core how complex a human being is inside out and I want to know more and more , I realised how much interest I have in science particularly biology and when it become my passion , my dream I do not even realised .

It was not at all an easy journey I could say. It had all the up -downs and they still continue and at many times I think of quiting and question myself , do you want it to end like this ? One of my biggest support system are my parents because whenever negativity has cribbed inside me , they know exactly how to motivate me again and I am ready to again stand and try my best. If you have a dream , it would not be easy at all and if you get something so easily , you will not value it. Can you appreciate light if you don’t know what darkness is ? You have to fight for it , fight your demons . You have to come out of your comfort zones. I am no one to advice anything to anyone , still there is long way to go , just one step is compeleted but I can just say , whenever thought of giving up of your dream come up in your mind , just ask yourself why have you started and is this what you actually want ? Prepare yourself for all the sleepless night, spent in over thinking or studying or trying to find the answers to the questions running inside you ,at times you will feel demotivated and frusted but give yourself time, before taking any impulsive decision ,think before it is too late and you will regret it whole your life. You have to be patient , courageous and positive . You have to take risks and decisions. Sometimes you do have to let go few things.

For me , dream I saw when I was too young to even understand what actually it means , I m living it , and in the end, yes it is worth but still there is long way to go and pursue my passion further and learn as everybody says- studies for a doctor can never get completed if you stop learning you will not succed and more you know medicine , more complex and interesting it get .

Go for your dream , your passion , and in the end , it will be all worth and everything will make perfect sense and satisfaction you get, can not be priced

HOPE YOU ALL HAVE LIKED THIS. I have written , something different this time.

I shall share my whole M.B.B.S and medical college experience , how I prepared for it etc some other time .

THANK YOU for reading this😊😊

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According to the famous Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis , SIGMUND FREUD –


He believed dreams to be conscious expression of the unconscious fantasies or impulses which are not accessible to the individual in wakefulness , there by providing satisfaction by wish fulfilment in dreams .This process is known as dream work. According to this theory , dream work consists of following mechanism :

  1. Symbolism – in our dreams , what we see can be the symbolic representation of person , places , our desires , fear , parents , children , death , birth etc . People do see snakes , cats, mountains , rivers , sun, their old house etc are all symbols which may or may not have any significant meaning .
  2. Displacement -means dream-distortion, involving a shift of emphasis from important to unimportant things , or the replacement of something by a mere illusion , the  transference  of emotions, ideas, or wishes that can cause anxiety and disturb sleep .
  3. Condensation – means multiple thoughts and ideas , displacements in our mind combined and we see them in dream as a single idea and it tend to form a series of association .
  4. Projection – it is out of body experiences which we have sometimes during sleep as if soul and body are two different identities or it can happen when the dreamer places their own personal desires and wants onto another person.
  5. Secondary elaboration ( Rationalisation) – so as to have an logical thinking in our primary thinking process and to organise an incoherent dream into something much more comprehensible and logical for the dreamer which can be final stage of dream work .

In psychology , projection, displacement , rationalisation are all defense mechanism.

  • Psychological projection is a defense mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. 
  • Displacement is an unconscious defence mechanism whereby the mind substitutes either a new aim or a new object for goals felt in their original form to be dangerous or unacceptable.
  • Rationalization or rationalisation is a defense mechanism in which controversial behaviours or feelings are justified and explained in a seemingly rational or logical manner to avoid the true explanation, and are made consciously tolerable—or even admirable and superior—by plausible means. It is also an informal fallacy of reasoning.

so , what actually consist of dream content ? Dream content can be our those unconscious forbidden feelings, wishes or impulse and fantasies which can disturb your sleep and can evoke anxiety which can be mentally distressing . What we see in dreams can be our day to day activities , our experiences , our thinking , our fears , guilt etc . For example , during exam times , many students are so much in stress that they tend to see themselves giving a exam and they fail as they have a fear of failing in a exam and not performing up-to mark . And, on the other hand , few might see themselves scoring good . This is all our dream work .

Most of the time , we do not remember our dreams , sometimes we remember a bits of it and sometimes complete , this is all work of our mind which is working continuously. People tend to see their loved ones , their childhood memories etc in dreams as they are so attached to them and in our unconscious mind these are present . Even , sometimes they tend to see people or places not known to them and sometimes , we tend to see same dream again and again , there are dreams which tend to be very disturbing and confusing that to keep on thinking on it and want to know its meaning. Few people think there is always some hidden message in our dreams which should be interpreted or it can be our inner self which is giving you some indication to focus or start working on it before it get too late .

What we think, experience, our desires etc are all stored in our brain and when we sleep, brain tend to process all the information stored and we tend to see that in our dreams . And , one think which , I always wonder , are our dreams sometimes escape from reality which we do not want to accept ? Is our past life experiences , people or places etc also manifest in our dreams ? Dream interpretation is one thing that always and will always remain the topic of research and learning . And it always amaze me our brain works and would we humans ever be able to know it fully ?