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10 of My Favorite Feelings!!!!

Hey, friends, I hope you all are doing good, so, I have been nominated for this tag by –

1. Shreya aka Wildheart, who has a beautiful blog page full of amazing poetry, WILD SCARED CRAZY.

2. Shweta, has a blog page, MY RANDOM RAMBLINGS, has wonderful short stories, she runs a Saturday Six Words Story prompt , poems, etc whatnot, do visit her page and you will not regret. it

3. Nima has a blog page named The_tenth_zodiac, full of amazing and lovely poetries, and short stories, if you have not visited it yet do visit.

4.daneelyunus Sir, runs a multiniche blog full of information on various things, do visit his page.

Thank you all of you for tagging me for this wonderful thread😀😀

About the Tag
 The tag is the brainchild of Xandria. I got to know about her due to this tag only. In her own words, she came across a couple of YouTube videos called “My Favourite Feelings” and absolutely loved it. So she had the brilliant idea of creating this tag. And I am glad that she did too. With too much negativity out there, I think this tag is perfectly right for the current times.

The Rules
List 10 of your favorite feelings! It’s honestly just that simple!

So let’s begin!!!!!!

1. When I do something that makes my parents feel proud those feelings cannot be explained in words😇😇.

2. A good cup of coffee😍

3. One thing I love the most is my interaction with patients during the postings as in that way, I can help them and also can gain knowledge.

4.when I write any poem or article or anything.

5. Whenever we visit any historical places

6. Cooking or baking something!!!

7. Any new book or pen or anything related to stationary.

This pic is just illustration not mine .

8. Open clear skies.

9. Nature ‘s beauty

10. Wheneve I talk with my mom or a few close friends.

During the hostel days, we use to sit around bonfire and chat during winters.

And, whenever I post something and you all always left a lovely comment and like to encourage me, I always feel blessed for it.

Also, I get very happy when some new members get added to the hidden soul.

I believe in finding happiness in small – small things always, see around, you will always find something.

Thank you for reading it!!!!!!