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She doesn't see her charm 
She doesn't see her real
She doesn't see her truth
She doesn't see her allure
She doesn't see her worth
She doesn't trust her
She doesn't know her
She is beautiful, she is perfect
She doesn't want to understand her
She doesn't want to believe her
The only thing, she beholds is scars
Her imperfections, her flaws
Her pains, her agonies, her miseries
Words echo in her head
Millions of reasons to accept them
To let go, to run away, to quit
Keep on hurting her, keeping her down
Beauty goes deeper than the covering
And you don't have to change
The world itself has wounds to hide
Even the moon has blemishes
embracing them with grace
We find it beautiful, envy the praise
Making a wish upon a fallen star
We believe the false dawn
Untrue hopes and mistaken beliefs
Let me be your mirror, Let me be your light
Let me be your voice, Let me be your self
Beyond this heaven of lies
Deeper than your eyes would see
In the wide sea, with high waves
There is a paradise, There is a euphoria
A place of bliss, Where your heart abides
You are more than you feel
You are better than you think
You are imperfect but perfect
©Era Singh

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