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उठ देख जरा …

माना रात अंधेरी है सुबह होने में थोड़ी देरी है 
पर तू ऐसे सो नहीं सकता, तुझे खुद को जगाना है
पर तू ऐसे रुक नहीं सकता, थक नहीं सकता
क्यों रोता तू क़िस्मत पर
उसके आँचल में क्यों सिसकियाँ भरता
ये तेरी ही दास है,तू क्यों निराश है
जो नहीं मिला,जो बीत गया
जो आने वाला है जो चला गया है
उसका गम क्या करता है
तू क्यों खोता ऐसे आस है, सोच जरा
तेरी इच्छाशक्ति बड़ी या भाग्य
एक ठोकर से ही तू डर नहीं सकता है
ऐसे छुप कर,सहम कर बैठ नहीं सकता
अभी तो पूरी जंग है बाक़ी,डर नही सकता
तुझे खुद को हराना है, खुद को और तपाना है
दीये की लॉ है तू,रोशन करना एक जमाना है
खुद की तलाश कर, खुद को पहचान जरा
उस ज़िद, उस आशा का दामन थाम जरा
सोना नहीं रातो को तुझे,तुझे ख़ुद को जागना है
खेलता तू अंगारों से, आग से क्यों घबराना है
चलता अकेला अंजान राहो पर, क्या भय है
सागर से भी गहरा, तेरा आत्मविश्वास है
माना रात अंधेरी है सुबह होने में देरी है
तू सो नहीं सकता, तुझे खुद को जगाना है
हारा कब तू किसी से, हारा तू खुद से
अब और नहीं, खुद को खोज ले फिर से।
©ईरा सिंह

The poem I wrote above has been inspired by the following poem which I wrote a few years back, I hope you liked it.

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There is the fire within….

It's hidden, It's apparent 
It's small, It's big
There is the fire within
Burning brighter than the fire around
Nothing was too painful to survive
Reminiscences of past, Fantasies of future
Perceptions of the present
Memories haunts, Expectations kill
Disappointments and let downs
Misgiving answers
We pursuit and plan
Making it more tormenting
Agonizing the whole soul
There is the fire within
Scorching brighter than the dawn
Sparkling and radiating
Spreading out among the stars
Illuminating the cosmos around
Atomic collisions of the thoughts
Reflections and impressions
The most powerful weapon
There is the sun within
There is the fire within
Maybe a missile or lantern
Maybe the destroyer or keeper
Maybe little, maybe unknown
See the smoke, feel the heat
vaporized the deceptions
faded the notions
There is the fire within

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Just Another Girl

She is not the Queen, She is not the Princess
She is not an angel, She is not a sunshine
She is one amongst you, Just another girl
Who lived in a black and white world
Innocent and naive, who trusted all lies as truth
Questioning all the existence, all the utterances conceded
A rebel, A fighter, A procrastinator, A loafer
A paradox, A dreamer, A Observer, A believer
Who believed, one day she will touch the clouds
Who believed to visit all places unexplored
Who believed the world is still beautiful and colorful
Who believed, the whole universe is waiting for her
Who believed, she does not belong here
Who believed, some bigger meaning waiting for her
Who believed to unfold the lores, the enigmas
Who believed in those said definitions
In search of the explanations and moralities
Who believed in freedom not bounded by strings
A fallen leaf, A dried River, A cracked earth
A shattered hill, A lost cloud, A rainbow without rain
Unopened book with blank pages which are penned
A mirage in the desert, which has disappeared
Silent yet her voice reaches everybody
Absorbing in her soul, all the tales and adventures
The essence of nature, the smell of tangibility
She is one amongst you yet different
She is just another girl.

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Wait For Right Time!!!!

Hey, how are you all? Hope you all are doing great and taking all the precautions. So, I am back again, with my talks regarding us, the homo sapiens. One of the common attitudes of all of us, I would say, is” I will do this work, someday, some other time, there is still time remaining.” But I would say, that someday, that some other times actually never come, it precisely means never“. Do you agree with me?

How we waste time, on thinking much, doing all the procrastination possible but in actual, not a single thing is done and all the time goes in vain which would have been used in a more productive way. Let me give one example when exams are near, students used to think, I would have done studies from the beginning, I would have done that, now the time is less, how will I prepare, etc thinking, overthinking the entire day, and in short, if you look, on the broader side, they have wasted the whole day, means one more day less, which if they utilized at their potential without doing procrastination, would have helped in their preparation and helped them gain confidence with a positive attitude. The time which is gone is gone, now look at the time you have and do your best. “Stop being afraid of what will happen or what will go wrong, you can also think what will go right and what more I can do to make it even better. Learn from the mistakes you did, improve your present and future will surely smile.”

One of the things, I have observed over the years is people look for the motivational videos, how to do this, how to qualify, etc, I am not saying don’t watch, but how many of you actually work after watching, watching is different, doing is different, they have done that, but you have to actually do work to achieve something, those videos will not do this, so basically, if you have not done anything in that direction, you again wasted time. And also, one important thing, whom you are looking up for the motivation and help, the judge that wisely, there is no shortcut to anything as shown in many videos, one video I came across recently is how to crack entrance exams in one month without any study whole year, keep away from these types of things they misguide you, nothing can beat the consistency and hard work, if you get success by any shortcut, you will never value it and it will not be permanent.

Also, I have seen, people complaining lacking motivation, but you can not be always motivated, motivation comes from within, someone can motivate you but that is temporary, I can say this based on my experience too, it is how much that thing matter to you, and more than that, the key is discipline and hard work. If you are disciplined, even if you are not motivated that day, like not in the mood, then also, you can utilize your not so good day in something productive, maybe little, but you will not do overthinking and then, again will do overthinking why I have wasted time in overthinking and the cycle continues. See the amount of time wasted. Just sleep, if you don’t want to do anything, you will have a fresh mind, start again, yes, sleeping can help and do wonders.

For success and to reach great heights, the question is not how and where , it is when, when you decide to do it when you decide to work at your full potential when you wnat it that desperately that everything else look small in front of it when you have decided to use that conserved energy hidden in yourself when you actually learn the importance of time and hard work.

You all must have heard this-” IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR THE RIGHT TIME, IT’S NOW.”

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Look within…..

Ray of moonlight
In darkest nights
Giving the hope
To survive and fight

Still vigilant
Everywhere gazing
Searching around
Confusing journey

Take risks
Break rules
Smash doubts
Triumph awaits

Start again
Dream again
Have believe
Never give up.
© Era Singh

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