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Battles Known-Unknown!!

You try to make the worst seems better 
You try to make look yourself strong
You try to find the deserted core
You try to find the excuses untold
You try to search the keys of unopened doors
You try to search the lost qualms
You try to sail that dried ocean
You try to sail that fallen cloud
You try to climb that collapsed mount
You try to climb that cut-down trees
You try to absorb all the guilts
You try to absorb all the sins
Barren land, all deserted and bruised
Old wounds cut open, stinging more
Millions of reasons to give up
Millions of reasons to let go
But you try to fight, you try to fight
Those battles are known but unknown
Breaking the barriers, cracking the fence
Smashing the palaces of solaces
Boundaries undefined and vague
Comforts don't captivate and excite
Invisible passages enchant
Quest to find that lost soul
Quest to find that abandoned self
You feud, you resist
You withstand, you keep
Those unknown battles which are known.
©Era Singh

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Assimilate it…

Sometimes you just keep on dragging things, digging the grave, buried them so deep, making a mausoleum, but is it really so? No argues, no ego, no screams, no cries, no sobs, a silence of eternity till, till it starts killing you inside. Do you try to listen? The plants having those strong roots of pain with leaves of grief, growing on the tomb. It keeps on heaping, to erupt. It grows, till it makes cracks on that crypts, on the surface to come out.

You argue, with yourself, for yourself. You shout, you disguise, to protect yourself, from your temperaments. You keep on running, to find the place, desired one, secure one, will you ever be able to, with all your personalities, same person, different identities. Are you normal? Do you know even yourself? Whom are you really safeguarding? Yourself or your attitudes?

Ego, superego, id clashes, all the time. Are you aware enough? Conscious enough to distinguish? Do you hear the sounds of these conflicts? You know the way, still, you do not know. Accept or not, this is what it is and will always be. It is hidden yet so evident, not with these eyes, not with these senses you comprehend. Absorb the essence and engulf it, you know what it is?

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Perhaps we all are living in the hex, some kind of magic or dream, Maybe we all are trapped in some bubble, Possibly there is actually no Time, Maybe someone is controlling us, maybe we all are in a simulation, one day that bubble will burst or we will wake up from that dream, facing the reality.

I want to but still don’t want to, maybe we love this trance, a spell of vicinities, perhaps this is best for us but maybe it is not, and what we don’t know certainly what we are not, entangled in the coop. Liberation from? or perhaps it is reality and we are just doing imagination.

Recovery under process, maybe lessons before facing the existing and breathing?

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उठ देख जरा …

माना रात अंधेरी है सुबह होने में थोड़ी देरी है 
पर तू ऐसे सो नहीं सकता, तुझे खुद को जगाना है
पर तू ऐसे रुक नहीं सकता, थक नहीं सकता
क्यों रोता तू क़िस्मत पर
उसके आँचल में क्यों सिसकियाँ भरता
ये तेरी ही दास है,तू क्यों निराश है
जो नहीं मिला,जो बीत गया
जो आने वाला है जो चला गया है
उसका गम क्या करता है
तू क्यों खोता ऐसे आस है, सोच जरा
तेरी इच्छाशक्ति बड़ी या भाग्य
एक ठोकर से ही तू डर नहीं सकता है
ऐसे छुप कर,सहम कर बैठ नहीं सकता
अभी तो पूरी जंग है बाक़ी,डर नही सकता
तुझे खुद को हराना है, खुद को और तपाना है
दीये की लॉ है तू,रोशन करना एक जमाना है
खुद की तलाश कर, खुद को पहचान जरा
उस ज़िद, उस आशा का दामन थाम जरा
सोना नहीं रातो को तुझे,तुझे ख़ुद को जागना है
खेलता तू अंगारों से, आग से क्यों घबराना है
चलता अकेला अंजान राहो पर, क्या भय है
सागर से भी गहरा, तेरा आत्मविश्वास है
माना रात अंधेरी है सुबह होने में देरी है
तू सो नहीं सकता, तुझे खुद को जगाना है
हारा कब तू किसी से, हारा तू खुद से
अब और नहीं, खुद को खोज ले फिर से।
©ईरा सिंह

The poem I wrote above has been inspired by the following poem which I wrote a few years back, I hope you liked it.

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The Rising…..

Haunted by memories 
Drowning in mistakes
Held in the clutches
Captive of thoughts
Holding it, believing it
Feeling the heaviness
Carrying it everyplace
Don't want to let go
Envy the freedom
Soothes by anguish
Taking all miseries
Keeping all pains
Putting up a harder fight
I endure, I resist
Can I get more time
To pull me piece by piece
To know my shadows
To drag my crypt
To befriends all ogres
Make them slaves
To float, To glide
Against the surges
Exploding the volcano
New earthquake arrives
Nightmares in hopes
Unmask to mask again
And my fears to fear me
I am a new devil
I master them all.
©Era Singh

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Little broken!!!!

Because in the end
We all are little broken 
Leaving a bit of us
Everywhere we go 
Empty souls or empty spaces 
The void is always created
Waiting to be replenished
Till a new end
For a new beginning
Can you feel the halo
Can you see the light
Wandering in the darkness
Embracing the night
They don't need to see me cry
They don't need to understand
Never opened this way
Walls I built falling down
Without making any sound
Eluding all doubts
Curtains drew apart
Burning like sun
New power emanates
Slowly climbing the peaks
Discovering the new me
making my own ways
Deep into my rhymes
Tints of life you feel
And my poems come alive.
©Era Singh

I wrote this poem while having some discussion with Rishika and she said the first two lines Because in the end, we all are little broken and this poem got completed, which is incomplete in the draft for so long. Thanks a lot, The Mystic Inkslinger ☺☺

Thank you for reading it and do let me know in comments, how it is?

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कैसे चुप करवाऊ उस शोर को
जो सुनाई देता है पर दिखता नहीं
बाहर तो सन्नटा है पसरा

तो महाभारत कहाँ है
लड़ रही हूँ,अक्सर लड़ती हूँ
पर किससे और कब तक
डर है कहीं इस बार हार ना जाऊं
पर मैं जीती भी कब थी
हमेशा कुछ ना कुछ कमी थी
क्या है आरम्भ और क्या है अंत
रोना है पर रो नहीं सकती
हँसना है पर कैसे,क्यों,और कब
कोई कारण भी नहीं
कब जीते कब हारे
किसकी तलाश है और क्या आस है
इन उलझनों का क्या करूँ
उन सवालों का क्या करूँ
इस पहेली का हल क्या है
किसको खोजूं और कहाँ खोजूं
पर खोजना ही क्यों है
क्या खोया था जो पाना है
क्या पाया था जो खो गया
दौड़ती हूँ, पर चलती क्यों नहीं
चलती हूँ, पर थमती क्यों नहीं
थम गई तो क्या होगा
थक गई तो क्या होगा
क्या मैं वक़्त में हूँ या वक़्त मुझमें है
जो कभी रुकता नहीं
ज़िन्दगी उल्टी है या मैं सीधी हूँ
पर धारा तो विपरीत बहती नहीं
शोर का पता चले
तो मुझे भी बता देना
शायद इन प्रश्नों का उत्तर
तब खोज पाऊं ।
© ईरा सिंह

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Nothing Else Matters!!!!

Tears trickle down  
Eyes turn red
Body shivers
Anxiety knocks
Fears come in

Always kept trying
Still dont succeed
Want to give up
So close yet so far
Never-ending ambitions

Tired yet can't sleep
Nightmares are alive
Demons crawl loud
Thinking and thinking
What will happen next?

Dreams you aspire
Lies you explore
Trust yourself
Look within
Answers find you

All the words
You dont say
Emotions you hide
Behind that smile
Spill them away

Something new
More magical waiting
Discover and believe
It's a new day
Have a different view

It's your life
Live it your way
Follow your heart
You are brave
Nothing else matters!!!!
©Era Singh

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Please Think…….

Hey, you all, How are you? Hope you are doing great and are safe. Please follow all the precautions as COVID cases are increasing at alarming rates now, so Be Extra Careful. And Be positive. So, here I am again with some real talks and my thoughts.

One thing that I absolutely hate is arrogance and only my attitude of the people. Ok, you have the knowledge, you are the best, can’t you be a little bit humble. What is this only I know everything attitude, you are just a human being, and I am sure, nobody has complete knowledge of everything on this planet if there is anyone, you are the creator, but sadly you are not, you can’t ever be, not even in your dreams, what you know is just a drop in this big ocean. And you judge each and everyone with your information but there are 2 sides of the coin, you never know, the whole truth, cannot make the decisions either.

Let me give one example, people are blaming and questioning our Prime Minister a lot, about his decisions in the present time. Ok, I am not saying I agree with all his decisions but I do respect him and What he has been going through had not been faced by any other leader of the present. Taking tough decisions is not easy. Ok, most of the people who are questioning him, complaining, suggesting this should be done that way , ok , fine answer me when most of you sometimes find it difficult to take a decision for your life, you say, it is great pressure, can you just imagine, how much pressure that single person must be having on his head, and see his age too. His single decision can affect the lives of 140 crore people. Not just that, he has to face a lot of opposition, handling different countries, war situations at any moment, and many other things, can you imagine yourself at his place and let keep yourself calm to maintain harmony .

I don’t know, they will prove right or wrong, but I can say, what is best for a moment, he is trying to do. Can you name me a single leader, who has guts to take such tough decisions or can handle these demanding times, better, sorry, I can not see anyone around? What is our present will be our past one day and what is the future will be present, but the irony is we talk about the past and future, forget about the present which matters the lot. When he visited, the Leh, recently, there are few people saying, he should have gone to the exact location, where our brave soldiers have died, I just want to ask, are you out of your mind or highly intoxicated, No it is not at all dangerous for a prime minister, of country, to go on the exact border location with no training in military and we trust our friends fully, they will not do anything.

Sitting on social media and judging and passing comments etc and lectures are always easy, doing is difficult, very very difficult. What most of the people are doing, spreading so much hatred, so much negativity, that it becomes impossible to open any social media account. I am just today, only, seeing the video of Amitabh Ji corona positive report when my eyes fell on few comments below, they said, it’s good you get positive, you should suffer you are like that, you have done this that, etc. I am stuck, at the insensitivity, people have, going on insensitivity if you can circulate the pics of one who died, you are far moved out of the zone and don’t call yourselves humans. If someone from, your near ones gets some disease then also you will say, it’s good, you should suffer. The great hypocrites we are, lacking not only empathy but sympathy too. So sorry, with sympathy I come to remember, they are few people too, who were sympathetic for death of cruel criminals, who are an actual threat.

People criticize, criticism is not bad, and important too, but till what level, till what limit? This does not mean, you criticize someone to the level, that they will start questioning even there existence. There is a small line between good and bad criticism which I think, nowadays nobody bothers to realize.

Please don’t judge and use your words wisely, your words have power, it can destroy anybody and can build anybody. Before speaking, think. Why spread hatred and negativity? We can spread happiness and love too. We all are facing this together, it is not for a single individual, so can we don’t come together and fight all monsters of humans and win again to shine again so righty be proclaimed as the humans.

Thank you for reading it and do share with me your thoughts too.

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Infinite Loop…..

We often hear people saying “History always repeats itself “. But this question does haunt me but why, why our past, our history tends to always repeat? And sometimes even in a more disastrous way. Have you also thought about this? Is it earth’s way or human’s own ignorance be the reason, leading to so much devastation which may have been prevented or is it unsatisfaction or very high ambitions of few, but I would again say, Earth will survive, she had survived in past too sometimes in conditions you would ever think of, it will be in future too, but we humans might not or we might evolve, or might be replaced by some other organism, we don’t know anything and future is always uncertain and its survival of fittest, after all, we also have replaced the mighty dinosaurs, etc once ruling the earth, some completely lost existence, some evolved, few which remain, we humans have killed them gradually.

Ok, coming back to what happened in the past, you all have heard of Spanish flu, Bubonic plague outbreak, a cholera outbreak and most in recent in past influenza or swine flu, and if I say, at that time, they caused so much loss of lives, you would even imagine, current COVID 19 is still very far from it, but again we can’t say anything about future. My matter of concern is Have we learned anything from the past. Do you also want to be remembered in history, as we remember them, not successful in controlling it efficiently and not learning from the mistakes? Some might now say, that time medical science was not that developed, superstition was there, people were not that educated that much, lack of awareness, etc, I agree with you totally. But answer me, are most of the people not superstitious today also, and to the much, of it how this all and fake news spread on social media at the speed of light, cause more havoc, don’t you think so, everybody, some with zero knowledge about the subject, gives the valuable advice and opinions.

Every one of you is also aware of the world wars, we all have read about them during history classes. After the 1st World war, people had said, this kind of war would not occur again but what happened in the next 4 years, World war 2, more destructive even than 1, more than one-third population on earth vanished, yes, there were reasons why it happened but, are these first time, no not at all, before that too, few over-ambitious beings existed, conquering the whole earth, few even every cruel. I always fail to understand, ok, you conquered the whole world, become sole leader, what’s next, attacking another planet, as you will never be satisfied after all. To our more dismay, history might gonna repeat itself again, as we are on verge of another war, don’t know, how much destruction it will lead too, hoping it will not occur.

I don’t know, they are authentic or not but I have watched many videos and documentaries on time travel, I do believe we will do this in future, but there were few people who claimed to have traveled from future, defining so many things and advancement of future but if this is true, why they did not make us aware of this pandemic or future has been altered or they traveled from an alternate reality if existed or its all fake if they would have, things might be different after all.

There is so much negativity and unrest around, that it does become difficult to calm and a lot of questions arises in our minds, we still searching answers for, but it is sure if we don’t learn from our history or past, it will keep on repeating, its an infinite loop which will never end, we don’t even know its beginning, so forget about the ending I guess. We, humans, are just a small part of this mysterious universe, with the most uncertain future. These virus, bacteria, microorganisms etc and our earth will exist than also.

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