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Infinite Loop…..

We often hear people saying “History always repeats itself “. But this question does haunt me but why, why our past, our history tends to always repeat? And sometimes even in a more disastrous way. Have you also thought about this? Is it earth’s way or human’s own ignorance be the reason, leading to so much devastation which may have been prevented or is it unsatisfaction or very high ambitions of few, but I would again say, Earth will survive, she had survived in past too sometimes in conditions you would ever think of, it will be in future too, but we humans might not or we might evolve, or might be replaced by some other organism, we don’t know anything and future is always uncertain and its survival of fittest, after all, we also have replaced the mighty dinosaurs, etc once ruling the earth, some completely lost existence, some evolved, few which remain, we humans have killed them gradually.

Ok, coming back to what happened in the past, you all have heard of Spanish flu, Bubonic plague outbreak, a cholera outbreak and most in recent in past influenza or swine flu, and if I say, at that time, they caused so much loss of lives, you would even imagine, current COVID 19 is still very far from it, but again we can’t say anything about future. My matter of concern is Have we learned anything from the past. Do you also want to be remembered in history, as we remember them, not successful in controlling it efficiently and not learning from the mistakes? Some might now say, that time medical science was not that developed, superstition was there, people were not that educated that much, lack of awareness, etc, I agree with you totally. But answer me, are most of the people not superstitious today also, and to the much, of it how this all and fake news spread on social media at the speed of light, cause more havoc, don’t you think so, everybody, some with zero knowledge about the subject, gives the valuable advice and opinions.

Every one of you is also aware of the world wars, we all have read about them during history classes. After the 1st World war, people had said, this kind of war would not occur again but what happened in the next 4 years, World war 2, more destructive even than 1, more than one-third population on earth vanished, yes, there were reasons why it happened but, are these first time, no not at all, before that too, few over-ambitious beings existed, conquering the whole earth, few even every cruel. I always fail to understand, ok, you conquered the whole world, become sole leader, what’s next, attacking another planet, as you will never be satisfied after all. To our more dismay, history might gonna repeat itself again, as we are on verge of another war, don’t know, how much destruction it will lead too, hoping it will not occur.

I don’t know, they are authentic or not but I have watched many videos and documentaries on time travel, I do believe we will do this in future, but there were few people who claimed to have traveled from future, defining so many things and advancement of future but if this is true, why they did not make us aware of this pandemic or future has been altered or they traveled from an alternate reality if existed or its all fake if they would have, things might be different after all.

There is so much negativity and unrest around, that it does become difficult to calm and a lot of questions arises in our minds, we still searching answers for, but it is sure if we don’t learn from our history or past, it will keep on repeating, its an infinite loop which will never end, we don’t even know its beginning, so forget about the ending I guess. We, humans, are just a small part of this mysterious universe, with the most uncertain future. These virus, bacteria, microorganisms etc and our earth will exist than also.

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माफी ……

मानव जीवन का उद्देश्य था 
मानवता का विस्तार
आज वही मानव बन बैठा है
अपने जीवन में खुद अभिशाप
पाप हो या पुण्य
सही हो या गलत
क्या करना है सिर्फ उसे
अपना ही उद्धार
पर किस कीमत पर
थोड़ा तो गौर फर्मा
मिलता है मनुष्य जीवन
कई जन्मों में सिर्फ एक बार
क्या ऐसे ही मिटा दे इसे
कर रोज़ युद्ध विहार
मानव जब मानव का ही विरोधी है
तो वह जन-जीवन से क्या प्रेम करेगा
वह अपने अहम में
सिर्फ सृष्टि का ही अंत करेगा
जिसको सर्वश्रेष्ठ संरचना कहा गया ईश्वर की
अब कर रहा है सबका वो ही संहार
क्या मनुष्यता ख़त्म हो गयी
क्या सिद्ध हो गयी मानव की श्रेष्ठता
कर जन धन मन पर वार
समय है रुक जा
सत्य मार्ग पर फिर पग बढ़ा
आपने विनाश को रोक जरा
थोड़ा थम जा
थोड़ा तो फिर सोच
अपने अभिमान में
जो है उसको तो मत गावा
धरती का ह्रदय विशाल है
तू भी उसकी ही संतान है
शायद माफी मिल जाए ।
© ईरा सिंह

Thank you for reading it!!!!

Note: This poem is written in the Hindi language, you can translate and read it by using the translator option available on my website page😊

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Can you define what actually happiness means? Is feeling sad or sorrowful or disheartened about anything that makes you look weak? Is feeling depressed ok? Being happy or unhappy about anything is all in your mind. The bitter truth of life is every one of us always wants happiness without a single moment of suffering. But can you ever know what actually success is if you never ever tasted the failure? Can light has its importance if there will not be any darkness? Similarly, if you do not what it feels like being sad, how will you know what actually true happiness or satisfaction feels like? You will never value the things that come easy and will always take them for granted.

I have read the following lines somewhere and find them so appropriate –


The reality is there is no such thing as constant happiness. You are a human being and you do have emotions and you do feel. It is absolutely ok not to feel happy all time or to feel depressed. Every emotion in life has its equal importance whether you feel elated or disappointed and this balance has to be maintained. Isn’t it amazing how complex a human nature can be and how our mind, our thinking, our emotions, our feelings, our actions interplay among themselves? It is just if we understand that the way we feel about a situation will change over time as our perceptions and perspectives will change as we grow and understand more and come across more things, gain experiences and our thinking and viewpoint will vary. So, how momentarily that happiness or sadness will become that you may be happy about things you are sad about today and vice versa is also true.


Experience, you gained will be the only thing that will be with you always that will guide you in your future. Maybe things which are not making any sense now will make perfect sense in the future when you will be more wise and courageous to understand things better. Few questions in present should be left unanswered and you should keep ,patience as at the end of any pain, a greater reward awaits just like that after every dark night, the sun always rises. It is our state of mind, how we deal and react in various situations, our external and internal conflicts that define our happiness. You cannot control each and everything that happens in your life but how to act and your attitude it is in your hand.

According to ALBERT EINSTEIN, the great scientist –

Most of the people tend to find happiness in other people or things and become dependent on them to be happy or sad, that if I get that I will be happy etc., that is attach conditions. But remember, happiness is a choice, nothing can make you happy. It is your decision, it does not go or come from anywhere or from anything, and it is your feeling that come from within you. It means to accept all your perfections as well as imperfections. Acceptance of every situation that come in your way whether you feel disconsolate or ecstatic about it , as it will give you more gain in long term . Finding happiness in small small deeds will one day lead to bigger prospective. Happy and focused people tend to feel more positive and rather than crying what life throws on them, they focus on betterment.

And, we all know, what goes around, comes around. Always try to spread happiness and positivity. That is power of our mind that what we think manifest our feelings and how we act defines the rest and nothing can be more destructive for us and world than our thoughts.

LORD BUDDHA, has said

In the end, just remember your happiness does not depend on anything, your relations, your money, your job, your house, any place or thing, etc. It is from you, for you. Happiness or sadness just interplay in our mind, associations it forms between our unconscious desires, wishes, regrets, guilt, etc, and our conscious thinking that decides how we think, feel, and act.

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You are not victim!!!!!

One of the most complex things to understand is human nature. And a lot more still to be done to understand it fully but I don’t think we will ever be able to be decode it. But, today, my topic of concern is that aspect of human nature which made us think, we are victims.Do you actually think, humans the so called most intelligent being in planet earth is a victim?

It is a very common tendency we see among people, who are always crying, why it is happening with me ?, why only I have to face all these? What was my fault? It is due to circumstance, or time or due to some other person, nobody understands me what I am going through, it was written in my destiny, it is my bad luck, etc, Basically excuses and the tendency of projecting themselves as victims as if everything is happening in there life and everybody’s life is perfect without any problem except them as it is rightly said GRASS IS ALWAYS MORE GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE.

And, they crib over it again and again and somehow they also find people who rather than advising them to do something productive or make them understand the truth, they also start treating them as victims, a human defense mechanism to run away from reality and his inability to accept the truth. As it will create an illusion and make us feel, it like truth far away from reality, even exempt our mind to think on different perspectives, Every coin has 2 sides after all, why to focus on one side it becomes a vicious cycle, that it is gonna happen as my destiny is like that, everything, everyone is against me, etc, First of all, stop treating as if the whole world revolves around you, you are the tiny part of this vast infinite universe and not the whole thing is related to you, Everybody is fighting their own battle, some you can see but many are invisible.

For example, I have seen people crying over like why always my cycle gets a puncture, I was like seriously, you are a victim of this, many don’t even have it. I have seen people crying over that their whole body is aching, they got a fever, etc and victimized themselves as nobody is more ill than them, please pay a visit to the emergency department of the hospital where people are fighting for their lives. Yours is still treatable, I know it must be not good or someone can judge me on saying this but still. Please visit ICU or waiting rooms, you will people who are in even deadlier situations, some with no cure sometimes. Have you ever visited any cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy how painful that procedure is, how you ever talked to that person who got AIDS due to ignorance of some other being? Can you imagine the mental trauma, he or his family might be facing? And I can list many things like that, but yes, you are the real victims of the victim, so no offense after all.

I am not saying, people don’t suffer, or they don’t have problems, I am just trying to point out those who see more sufferings then blessings they have which other people might not have but still happy or doing something to gain it. They will see what they don’t get but will not value what they have, always unsatisfied or basically have a habit of only sobbing, and trying to gain sympathy and attention sometimes over the slightest things and don’t like to hear anything which is against them. Stop behaving victims always, get up, do work change it to victory, try to find the solutions of your problems, and value what you have before it will also go and you again feel more victimized.

I can write more on it but I will stop myself here,as it will become a very long post, in the end just want to say to human victims, who think humans are victims of nature, owing to coronavirus, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, many other deadly diseases, etc just think once, what have you done with nature, with animals, etc, just see the most recent case of the mother elephant, do you still think humans are victims? And yes, how can I forget, humans when don’t value other humans life why they will think of animals, or anything else no doubt, humans are the most dangerous animal and I think nature will do something later, humans themselves will kill each other, destroy his whole existence themselves but still will not be happy.

When something happens with you, oh, why it is happening with me and you forget what you yourself have done, See, heaven and hell are all on earth itself, your Karma always plays a role. when nature is taking troll on us now, stop treating yourself as victims you yourself is responsible for it somehow and due to this, innocents are also suffering .Still a time, think, please think about it.

Thank you for reading and do share with me your thoughts in the comment sections.

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“मैं बंद पिंजरे में बैठा
हमेशा यही सोचता
क्या जीवन है मेरा
इतनी जंजीरो से बंधा
कैसी होगी वो बाहर की दुनिया
दिनभर बस यही सोचता
मेरे सपने कब होंगे पूरे
कब मैं बाहर आ पाऊंगा
कुछ डर जाता,सहम जाता
जब कोई रास्ता नजर ना आता
पर फिर भी उड़ाने की चाह मैं रखता । “
© ईरा सिंह

मैंने यह कविता बहुत पहले मन में आने वाले अनेकों सवालो के संधर्ब में लिखी थी । कैसे हम आपने सपनो को पूरा करने के लिए हमेशा मेहनत करते है कभी कभी कुछ सपने पूरे होते है कुछ नही पर हमे कभी भी उम्मीद नही छोड़नी चाहिए

मैनें इस कविता को मेरे लेख क्या कोरोना भगवान का प्रकोप है या मानव उत्तपन आपदा ? में भी प्रयोग किया था परंतु वहां उसका संधर्ब बिल्कुल अलग था ।

मुझे लगा कि ये कविता एक नई पोस्ट में शेयर करनी चाहिए। आशा करती हूं आपको पसंद आई होगी ।

Thank you for reading it !!!!!!!

Stay safe , Stay healthy!!!!!

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Just A Thought!!!!!

So, I was lately studying viruses and one thing that come to my mind is how much less we know about them, I mean as compared to bacteria, fungi, etc, we don’t have much information about them. Coronavirus might be just the beginning of the chaos. It is not the only virus around, there are still a lot hidden and unidentified and ones that are discovered or identified, we don’t have much information about them.

I still remember, in our 2nd year of M.B.B.S, when MICROBIOLOGY was one of the main subjects, how much less we have about viruses in our textbook except the few most common ones, rabies, and dengue, etc. Even some viruses just have a para or two, and coronavirus genera are one of them, to which current SARS-COV2(new strain) belongs. It was written in the textbook it causes the common cold, 2nd most common cause after rhinoviruses and from University point of view, it was never an important topic to be asked in exams and “we were like, common cold h to KR wata hai, puch Bhi Liya to, like de khud h, itna Jada syllabus hai, Wo khatam ho Jaye ” and when I remember these lines today, I just can’t believe, how this not so important virus has to lead the world on the back foot, that everybody is helpless. And one thing we all should learn never to underestimate anyone.

So, what it can be due to? Is it our ignorance that we don’t do much research on them? Why the government don’t spend money on research work in the medical field? Maybe if more money and time spent on the research of so many hidden microorganisms and even known once, we would have handled the current situation is a much better way. I am afraid, that maybe, it is just the beginning. There are a lot of deadly viruses, that we still don’t know about, that can cause, death within hours, in that sense, coronavirus, does not seem to be that deadly, if we don’t focus on it now, world might end due to the one that can not even survive on their own ( virus need a host for their survival, they just have genetic material and proteins, if we talk in simple language)

Still, there are people, who will think, there are a lot more problems to deal with, but simply answer me, if you are not healthy or if you die, will your that dreams make any sense. yes, there are a lot of other problems, we should focus on them, but why ignore it. And what troubles more, where the youth going, they are more concerned about which is better, TikTok or YouTube?or any other political thing or just the things, I don’t want to talk about here. Seriously, are those things important to you. You have talent, you have a brain, why not to use it in some good way. I am not saying, just go and start research or anything, but you can help in many other ways too.

Just give it a thought, and do share me, what you think, in the comment.

Thank you so much for reading it 😊

Arun was playing outside and enjoying his day when suddenly his mom called him, “someone is coming home today, so be a good boy, ok beta.” He said ok and again went out to play with his friends. After some time, his mom called him again and ask him to say “namaste ” to her, he said, but he doesn’t know who she is and he had not met her before and he sounds confused and afraid. Seeing this, his mom, said, ” beta, she is your dadi(grandmom). He is just 3 years old and as he had not met her before, he asked, maa! Dadi koun hoti hai (who is dadi) his mom answered him, she is the mother of your papa like I am yours.

He innocently asked her, so she too loves papa as much as you love me. She said the mother is the same for every child, she always loves them immensely. He asked her again if that so, Why don’t she live with us? Her mother went speeches. She does not have an answer to his question now.

Well, time passes, and now, Arun is now 12-13 years old but after that day, he has not met his grandmom again. So, one day, he again asked his mom, why don’t we go and meet grandmom and why don’t she come to meet us, are we bad people? His mother, as usual ignored his question but one day, he by chance get to know, his grandmom lives in old age home. He was in shock and now, he knows, the answers to his questions.

He asks his parents, why? What is the reason? His mom, scolded him, for asking such things but he did not stop, at last, his father said, due to some difficulties, we have to take this decision, even, your grandmom agrees on this. He was not convinced at all. The faded face of his grandmom is, again and again, coming in front of his eyes. He said, ok! When you two will grow old, I will do the same, his parents were shocked. It is better, even, I shall do the same, and, you two would agree with me in this.

Now, his parents realized, what mistake they have committed. After saying this, taking the address of old age home, he went there, to bring his grandmom, back again to the home, as he misses her pure love. His parents also ask for forgiveness and yes!! For the love of his grandson, who understood, her pain even at such a small age, which her own children did not, she forgives. Tears of happiness rolled down from everybody’s eyes and they lived happily ever after.

Thank you so much for reading it, have a good day ahead!!!!

P.S. this is my small attempt to write on this topic in the form of a story, I hope you like it, I have tried to keep it as simple and short as possible.

Old-Age Homes!!!!!

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You can not do this? Have you ever look yourself in the mirror, you look fat, ugly, you are not beautiful at all, said, someone. Why don’t you exercise, lose some weight, behave that way, you are a girl, do not do this or do that? You are good for nothing.

Suddenly, she looks around who is saying this to her but no one is seen.

She thought does outer beauty is what that always matter? Why people tend to judge everybody but it is also true, I do not look beautiful at all, far from the society norms, she started feeling depressed again and start eating as eating relieves her stress. She is eating even when she knows she doesn’t have to and this, in turn, causing more depression to her.

Then, came the voice again, don’t listen to her, she doesn’t want you to succeed, you are capable of accomplishing anything you want. Why are you eating this much, you are beautiful, people have to say something, don’t listen to them, everybody, you come across, loves you, don’t you see that, looks don’t matter and why are you torturing yourself please don’t do this to yourself.

Now, she starts becoming more restless, what is happening, is she gone mad, she is actually hearing voices.

These voices are not of people but they are coming from her inner mind. Those are reflections of thoughts that are going in her mind, those two perspectives of society she heard all her life. Nobody asked her, what she wants, everybody want her to become as they like her to see and in this process, she becomes like that, lonely and depressed, who does not love herself or afraid of doing anything, and does not like to talk much and doubt every single person she met and more importantly she lost her true self and she has lost her confidence.

She needs help, but whom to ask, she doesn’t know as sympathy and empathy is different and she does not think anyone can ever understand her or even will try to understand her even once .

Today, mental health has become, one serious issue, and we as a society are very much responsible for it. Why it is difficult to accept someone as they are, why we have to judge someone on their looks, ignoring their rest capabilities, and make them feel undesirable. They, start, self-doubting themselves and we lost one another life to depression, and unknowing what we take as a casual remark can actually cause an adverse effect on someone ‘s mind.

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ज़िन्दगी इतनी भी बुरी नहीं है

कभी सोचा है तुमने

ज़िंदगी इतनी भी बुरी नहीं है

देखोगे बैठ कर थोड़ा

खुशियाँ अनेकों अभी -भी मिल जाऐगी

हमेशा विषाद जरूरी नही

क्या परिवार का साथ

वो बैठ कर घंटों बात

एक दूसरे को जानने का एक नया अंदाज़

फिर से वो तुम्हरा छत्तो पर आ जाना

वो फिर पतंग उड़ाना

कभी खुद से तो कभी वो प्रकृति के साथ गुफ्तगू

फिर से पुराने शौक का नया आगाज़

और आजकल सब बन गए है हलवाई

क्यों इन छोटी – छोटी खुशियों से

तुम्हारा मन नही हर्षाता

हर बात पर रोना जरूरी नही

खाने को दो वक्त की रोटी है

सिर पर छत्त है

वेतन कम सही

पर मिल तो रहा है

उनसे पूछो जिनके पास इतना भी नहीं है

क्या कुछ ना होने से कुछ होना अच्छा नहीं है

रोने के हजारों बहाने मिल जायेंगे

खुश होने का एक ही काफी है

परिशनियाँ है माना

पर क्या दुखी होने से

वो हल हो जाएगी

तो क्यों ना थोड़ा मुस्कुराया जाए
अब तुम हँसते हुए जियो या रोते हुए

ये तुम्हारे ऊपर है

पर एक बार बैठ कर सोचना जरूर

ज़िन्दगी इतनी भी बुरी नही है ।

©ईरा सिंह

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सूरज की किरणें ड़ूब गई

अंधेरा फिर छाया

साथ में काली अंधेरी रात भी लाया

मन सहम गया , कुछ घबराया

हिम्मत टूटने लगी

आत्मविश्वास भी डगमगाया

जब कुछ नज़र ना आया

यह वो रात थी जब चंद भी ना जाने कहाँ छुप गया

रोशनी का कोई साधन नज़र ना आया o

रास्ते खोने लगे , मार्ग भी हर्षाया

मंज़िलें ओर दूर होने लगी

तब समय भी मुस्कुराया

अपनी बेबसी में

मेरे मन में भी आया

हार हो चुकी अब

परिश्रम व्यर्थ बहाया

जब गिरना ही लिखा है किस्मत में

फिर क्यों तू ऊपर आया

हमेशा वो नहीं मिलता जो तुम चाहते हो

पर क्या कौशिश भी नहीं करोगे

बिना परीक्षा दिए

तुम पहले ही परिणाम कैसे जान जायोगे

क्या बिना जाले दीपक रोशनी दे सकता है

क्या बिना साहस के युद्ध जीता जा सकता है

हार मान लेना ही सबसे बड़ी हार है

और फिर पछताना जीवन भर का

क्यों काश का ही रह जाऐगा बस फिर ये फसाना ।

© ईरा सिंह