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In the pursuit of insanity
Around this sane world
different is normal
Uncommon is familiar
We have lost
Forgotten ourselves
fallen from?
Mistaken or misplaced
In this jaunt
Without any destination
Happening of past
Or arising of future
Liberation from?
Are you normal?

I don’t know what I have written but I hope you will like it, writing something after a long time.

Thank you!!!!

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Was she living?

She faded
She vanished
She disappeared
In her doubts
In her laments
In her excuses
In her silence
In her defences
In her uncertainties
In her apprehensions
In her unanswered questions
In truths painted with Lies
In the rights and wrongs
In do's and don'ts
And she runs away
In the calmness of her soul
In herself
In the unheard voices, stillness for?

Was she living?

Thank you!!!!


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I wish life to be like a movie 
Movie with a perfect ending
Everything we aspired, Everything we desired
The reality of life wishes
Hopes of unhoped, Undied faith within
But alas! It's all in the fiction
Can't be done undone, Can't be controlled
The hidden fallout, The unseen effect
The unknown excursion, The invisible being
Unfulfilled dreams, Discontented trance
Untold stories, unsaid muses
Maybe that is how life movies unfold
With no perfect climax
Climax wished or unwished
Happiness blended with melancholy
Like a coffee, bitter-sweet.

What I like about fiction is that its ending depends on the writer, how he wants to write its climax, happy, sad, or whatever. But our life, our those untold stories, our those endings we don’t know, is always hidden in the womb of the future. Sometimes we wish them, sometimes unexpected ones. Vary experiences, varied emotions, various expectations, but do intentions count? How do you count on them? Are these for our best, maybe or maybe not? How are your adventures? Do you like this bittersweet coffee of yours?


Hey, I hope you all will be doing great. Sorry for being out of here for such a long time as my work and some life happenings do not allow me with the time to come here and read all the wonderful blogs out there or to write, have written this after a long time, don’t know how it turns out to be but from now on, I will try to be regular as much as possible. And a very big thank you for all of you, for always being there and forever understanding.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!


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She was in her cocoon 
A little caterpillar
Waiting to be molded
In beautiful butterfly
Delicate yet robust
And when that day arrives
She files to zeniths
Glides in gardens
Nurturing a new world
From one place to another
Spreading happiness and joy
The fragrance of flowers blooms more
Her colorful wings glisten
Magnificent she seems
Just like a fairytale played
But reality hits
The world is brutal,
not delightful as it seems
Everybody wants to catch her
Admire her yet want to capture
Make her captive
She asks why?
Existence is difficult.
©Era Singh

Thanks for reading!!!!

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A conspiracy within!

Often, while running after big dreams, when that small dreams are left behind, we don’t even realize until it’s too late but is it too late really? Think about the last time you felt happy from the heart? When have you last time overslept without a worry of what next and is not regretful about it? Ok, when was the last time, you stared at your room’s walls blankly without actually thinking what next but still thinking? When was the last time you don’t find yourself guilt-stricken when you enjoyed doing something except your work or wasting your time without actually wasting it? Do you still remember your little childhood fantasies or dreams? Do you still think back to the things that use to give you immerse happiness or have to completely transform yourself for this horse race we all are running?

We always try to find answers, answers for the questions asked, unasked. You know why? Have you got the answer? Have ever felt trapped in them? Tangled in your thoughts or bounded in the thinkings that are inserted in your mind by society, by the surrounding, by the people you are surrounded with and you find yourself more caged in finding reasons and excuses, maybe you want an escape, but to where? A place to hide, away from reality, away from judgments, a place where everything is like a dream you saw but? Why everything always has to be perfect? Is that what you have chosen yourself or you have been made to do so?

Perhaps you are imprisoned in your reflections, those introspections which you are afraid to face. Is that you? What is causing more damage, your low self-esteem, you doubting yourself, again and again, maybe circumstances made you do this but what about that hope, which you are crushing yourself bit by bit. Yup, that feeling of helplessness but can you control everything except keeping your little faith alive. May be difficult but isn’t it about you in the end? Yes, it is difficult to choose an option, an optimism without optimism, or maybe just pretending. You are deceiving yourself in the process.

Life is colorful but we are shades of grey, not completely white, not completely black yet we carry a lot of colors inside us. Sometimes or other, we all must have been a hypocrite, don’t you agree, we do change accordingly so why can’t we change for something positive, when change is constant, can’t we change our outlook? Don’t you think we all are living a purposeless yet purposeful life, not the ultimate purpose, maybe we are missing out on something or maybe just blinded ourselves for it? But still, for a big leap, small steps are important, to fly you need wings and an open limitless sky and when you are tired, you need a nest to rest which you have to find yourself. Think but not think, find your nest of small happiness to come back to when you are chasing a big one for that big leap that is contouring inside you, to bounce back again to heights without forgetting about the ground.

Unwind that conspiracy!!!!

Thank you for reading!

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तुम ऐसी क्यों हो?

इतनी हिम्मत तुम लाती कहाँ से हो
इतना तुम क्यों सहती हो
बार बार गिर कर
फिर कैसे खड़ी हो जाती हो
क्या तुम्हारा मन नहीं सहमता
क्या तुम्हें डर नहीं लगता
फिर से गिर जाने का
फिर से ठोकर खाने का
आखिर तुम ऐसी क्यों हो
कभी एकदम शांत
कभी एकदम तूफान
पल में रो देती हो
पल में हसं देती हो
बड़ी बड़ी चुनौती में भी हार नहीं मानती
और एक छोटी-सी बात पर चीड़ जाती हो
हमेशा कहाँ खोई रहती हो
क्या सोचती हो, क्या कोई खुहाब है
किसी से कुछ बोलती भी नहीं हो
कितना कुछ सबसे छुपा कर रखती हो
ऐसा क्यों है, कहती क्यों नहीं हो
क्या झूठी सहानुभूति से डरती हो
या और सवालो से
सबको माफ कैसे कर देती हो
और फिर उनकी मदद भी
तुम कभी मुझे समझ मे क्यों नहीं आती
हर चीज़ को देखने का अलग नजरिया
हमेशा निराशा में भी कोई आशा की किरण
कैसे खोज लेती हो
जितना तुम्हें जानो
तुम पहेली की तरह और उलझ जाती हो
और हमेशा चहरे पर वो मुश्कान कैसे रहती है
क्या सच में खुश हो
या सिर्फ ये एक छल है
इतना जान कर भी तुम्हें
हम नहीं जानते
और शायद जान भी ना पाए ।
© ईरा सिंह

Thanks for reading!!!

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A Journey…..

It's not about beginnings 
It's not about endings
It's about a journey
That whispers heroic

It's not about success
It's not about failures
It's about a journey
That elicits reality

It's not about you
It's not about them
It's about a journey
That feigns skepticisms

It's not about inceptions
It's not about conclusions
It's about a journey
That challenge all judgments

Past every anticipation
Over every self-doubt
Above every expectation
Ahead of every disappointment
Through every achievement
There is the journey
To cherish, to look back
Unique experiences, unusual learning
Varied odds, distinct flavors
Different visions, numerous fictions
Your decisions, Your perceptions
Illustrates your journey
Just phases of life.

Someone once asked me, what fascinates me more, endings or beginnings, I said, the journey through it intrigues me more always. I believe in the journey to the ending, journey to the new beginning as there is nothing like ending something or the beginning of something, Both hold different yet same feelings and interpretations for everyone, don’t you think so? Endings and beginnings are just like different phases throughout our life. Once you reach that dream in life, kinda ending for it, but beginning to achieve your next goal, keeping in mind the experiences and learning of the previous journey to which you look back.
Sometimes we don’t get the beginnings we want, but the endings are just perfect and sometimes we don’t get the endings we want with our perfect beginnings, but what that perfect is, what meaning it holds for you, I am leaving you with this question, another journey to find the answers.

Hey, it’s me Era, remember me? how are you all? I hope you all are doing good and safe. Sorry for being so inconsistent and out of here for the past few months but my studies and exam preparation sometimes does not allow me much time left and the exam too due to the current surge in covid cases got postponed again, firstly from Jan to April and now from April to even I dont know, the date is yet to be declared, hopefully, it will happen next month or two. Sorry for my rants about exams 😅😅 I will be back soon as I truly miss being here.

I am thankful to you all, for being always there, can’t find enough words to express my gratitude. And how obliged I feel.

And yes, I do want to share one more thing with you all, that we completed one year here together, on 13 April, yup, I know I am late, but this can’t stop me to say thanks to all of you people who always support and inspire. So yes, my small niche, The Hidden soul, has completed its one year journey, I hope it will continue in future too. I never thought about it when I first started it, we truly have come a long way together, thanks to a lot again.

Thank you so much!!!

Take care and stay safe!!!

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We assure and reassure ourselves, it is ok, it is absolutely fine, it is just a little late, everything will fall into place one day, till then keep some patience and wait. But does it worth the wait? Does it worth your time? Always trying to be positive, but how can one be positive all the time, negativity does stick sometimes around, everything seems too meaningless, doesn’t it? It feels like over positive behavior too can cause pain unknown to us, creating more misery? Even why, when, what, and how becomes senseless questions with no answers, laughing at us. Giggling finally they succeed in crushing the wall of confidence, minor but damage is executed. Seems bizarre? How easily we broke on silliest things around, don’t we or maybe not, and sometimes strongest of storms can’t make us leave our path, seems strange, isn’t it?

If we can’t accept what is present, how can you be so sure you will accept the future and will be satisfied? But does accepting the present make things easy, maybe not until we realize what went wrong but does the realization is also enough? Or does thinking and accepting all the possibilities before only will help? You can’t control your mind that much, do you? Well, there is no surety of anything but we assume it to be. Oh! Just never-ending ambitions and thoughts you know. But what about that flaw in the present, have you worked on it, learned from it? Does keeping positive behaviour is enough? Have you sincerely worked for it? Have you? You can lie to everybody around you, lie to the world but can you tell a lie to yourself? Truth is inside you, doesn’t it? Truth or untruth may be difficult but even that injury can be healed.

It is on you, only on you, your decision, your choice, which side you want? How you wanna look up to the things, how much it matters to you? Does it will bring any change in your life or the lives of the people connected to you. Materialistic or unmaterialistic ones but does it will bring that difference? Think, think, do it will make you what you always wanted to be, does it? Life happens to be big but it is so small, isn’t it? Insignificant becomes significant. Important to unimportant, may be changed in our priories and more understanding. Press the pause button for a second, give it a thought, and play, maybe you will discover the quest and a new notion.

Thank you for reading!!!!

A tiny note from the writer –

Hey, how are you all, hope you all are doing good. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, a time for a new beginning with a fresh start and new hopes, I hope it will fulfill all your wishes. Last year was difficult but we do learn from it too, and we do realize at one time or other, what thing matters actually, do we? Now with all the learning and happenings, we are entering this new year, hope it will turn out to be the year you want, the way you want it. The vaccine is around the corner, Ya, I know how much we all are waiting for it, so a big congratulations on it too. STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY, KEEP SMILING.

I know, I have been inactive, for a long time, was kinda occupied with work and studies, my sincere apologies for that, have missed reading your wonderful blogs, will try to catch all of them soon. I really wanna thank you.

Thank you!!!!

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We plan, we always plan, wanting it to happen the way we want, accomplished like we wish it to be, always perfect, as we plan. Sometimes we even do planning to make a planning in advance. Hoping to, aspiring to, desiring it, aiming it, expecting it, yes, expectations, and here planning if expectations fail, planning if that longing got fulfilled. And our expectations do turn us more anxious and sometimes make us believe as if we don’t deserve it at all or might give us so much confidence, that handling it makes us zombies.

Running a blind race, we are running in a crowd yet alone, it is never-ending, and quitting is never an option. We have plan B if plan A fails, and alphabets till Z but sometimes we all do wonder, what is after that Z, what if everything turns out to be not we want. But we plan again, yes, planning not to cry, planning how to react, planning how to act. Planning the escape.

And in the end, we do forget, everything is not in our hands, life always opens its cards, when the actual time came, till everything is concealed, even our planning which we do with eyes open and close, each moment, each second. The universe is already conspiring may be for us or against us, time will tell. Till then, do your planning and keep patience and hope.

Thanks for reading.

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Just hold on….

Just don't stop believing 
Just hold on
Just one more time
Just one more try
Another battle, another fight
Nothing comes that easy
Some will win, some will lose
But tales do not end here
Just another story
Just another assumption
The whole book is awaiting
Just hold on
Just don't stop believing
Working hard to get your pursuit
Working hard to get your dreams
Feeling the euphoria
That thrill of emotions
It's not over
It's not the climax
Of the story, you are living
Stories are hidden in stories
Till it is done
Till you decide it to be
It's not over
Till your last breath
Just hold on
Just don't stop believing
Standing on the verge
Just a few more steps
You can't give up now
Things only you know
Things no one can see
Feelings you conquer
Just don't stop believing
Just hold on
Just one more time
Just one more try
Write it the way you want
Your story, your tale

Thanks for reading!!

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