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एक फूल …..

एक फूल जब है खिलता 
कितना शीतल इतना कोमल
सबको अपनी मनमोहक सुगंध से
प्रसन्नचित्त वो करता
हँसता खेलता मनमर्जियाँ करता
पौधा गर्व से सिर उठाता
ये फूल है मेरा, अभिमान वो करता
पूरा बगीचा खिल उठाता
नाचता-गाता, संगीत की महफिल होती
फिर अचानक एक दिन
सब शांत, मातम-सा छा जाता
माली फूल ले गया
सब बस बेबसी में देखते रह गए
पहले तो उस फूल को खूब सजाया गया
महंगें दाम में बेचा गया
पर जब उसकी सुगंध ख़त्म हो गई
उसे फेक दिया
और वो कोमल पुष्प
कुचल कुचल कर मर गया ।
© ईरा सिंह

आपको मेरी ये कविता कैसी लगी मुझे कमेंट में जरूर बताना । और क्या आपको समझ में आया की यहां मैंने फूल किसको कहा है ? इसको पढ़ने के लिए बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद ।

Thank you!!!

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Colors Say…..

This is in response to THURSDAY POETRY COMPETITION by H.R.PHOENIX and the topic for this week is COLORS.

Being always rebellious in my way 
Questioning every single day
Why blue for boys
and pink for girls
Even colors will argue
Why gender-specific?

Whiter your skin tone
Goes around the world
More acceptable you become
Why discriminate
We all are humans
With red blood I guess

Don't wear black
Don't wear white
Unauspicious they proclaim
But who defines
The universe we live in
itself black and white

So many colors exist
Beautify our world
Red, blue, green
Yellow and orange
Singing their own melody
Nature cherish all

Close your eyes
Absence of light
Can you feel the pain
of one who can't see
Not even realizing
what dark looks like

Life or death
Light or dark
Day or night
Presence or absence
Hope or grief
All colors flash

Different colors
Different emotions
Shades of life
It contains
Making it more alive.

©Era Singh

Thank you for reading it and do let me know your thoughts too.

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Infinite Loop…..

We often hear people saying “History always repeats itself “. But this question does haunt me but why, why our past, our history tends to always repeat? And sometimes even in a more disastrous way. Have you also thought about this? Is it earth’s way or human’s own ignorance be the reason, leading to so much devastation which may have been prevented or is it unsatisfaction or very high ambitions of few, but I would again say, Earth will survive, she had survived in past too sometimes in conditions you would ever think of, it will be in future too, but we humans might not or we might evolve, or might be replaced by some other organism, we don’t know anything and future is always uncertain and its survival of fittest, after all, we also have replaced the mighty dinosaurs, etc once ruling the earth, some completely lost existence, some evolved, few which remain, we humans have killed them gradually.

Ok, coming back to what happened in the past, you all have heard of Spanish flu, Bubonic plague outbreak, a cholera outbreak and most in recent in past influenza or swine flu, and if I say, at that time, they caused so much loss of lives, you would even imagine, current COVID 19 is still very far from it, but again we can’t say anything about future. My matter of concern is Have we learned anything from the past. Do you also want to be remembered in history, as we remember them, not successful in controlling it efficiently and not learning from the mistakes? Some might now say, that time medical science was not that developed, superstition was there, people were not that educated that much, lack of awareness, etc, I agree with you totally. But answer me, are most of the people not superstitious today also, and to the much, of it how this all and fake news spread on social media at the speed of light, cause more havoc, don’t you think so, everybody, some with zero knowledge about the subject, gives the valuable advice and opinions.

Every one of you is also aware of the world wars, we all have read about them during history classes. After the 1st World war, people had said, this kind of war would not occur again but what happened in the next 4 years, World war 2, more destructive even than 1, more than one-third population on earth vanished, yes, there were reasons why it happened but, are these first time, no not at all, before that too, few over-ambitious beings existed, conquering the whole earth, few even every cruel. I always fail to understand, ok, you conquered the whole world, become sole leader, what’s next, attacking another planet, as you will never be satisfied after all. To our more dismay, history might gonna repeat itself again, as we are on verge of another war, don’t know, how much destruction it will lead too, hoping it will not occur.

I don’t know, they are authentic or not but I have watched many videos and documentaries on time travel, I do believe we will do this in future, but there were few people who claimed to have traveled from future, defining so many things and advancement of future but if this is true, why they did not make us aware of this pandemic or future has been altered or they traveled from an alternate reality if existed or its all fake if they would have, things might be different after all.

There is so much negativity and unrest around, that it does become difficult to calm and a lot of questions arises in our minds, we still searching answers for, but it is sure if we don’t learn from our history or past, it will keep on repeating, its an infinite loop which will never end, we don’t even know its beginning, so forget about the ending I guess. We, humans, are just a small part of this mysterious universe, with the most uncertain future. These virus, bacteria, microorganisms etc and our earth will exist than also.

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माफी ……

मानव जीवन का उद्देश्य था 
मानवता का विस्तार
आज वही मानव बन बैठा है
अपने जीवन में खुद अभिशाप
पाप हो या पुण्य
सही हो या गलत
क्या करना है सिर्फ उसे
अपना ही उद्धार
पर किस कीमत पर
थोड़ा तो गौर फर्मा
मिलता है मनुष्य जीवन
कई जन्मों में सिर्फ एक बार
क्या ऐसे ही मिटा दे इसे
कर रोज़ युद्ध विहार
मानव जब मानव का ही विरोधी है
तो वह जन-जीवन से क्या प्रेम करेगा
वह अपने अहम में
सिर्फ सृष्टि का ही अंत करेगा
जिसको सर्वश्रेष्ठ संरचना कहा गया ईश्वर की
अब कर रहा है सबका वो ही संहार
क्या मनुष्यता ख़त्म हो गयी
क्या सिद्ध हो गयी मानव की श्रेष्ठता
कर जन धन मन पर वार
समय है रुक जा
सत्य मार्ग पर फिर पग बढ़ा
आपने विनाश को रोक जरा
थोड़ा थम जा
थोड़ा तो फिर सोच
अपने अभिमान में
जो है उसको तो मत गावा
धरती का ह्रदय विशाल है
तू भी उसकी ही संतान है
शायद माफी मिल जाए ।
© ईरा सिंह

Thank you for reading it!!!!

Note: This poem is written in the Hindi language, you can translate and read it by using the translator option available on my website page😊

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Not a friendship at first sight

This poem is dedicated to my Best Friend, to our friendship over the years……..

Not a friendship at first sight 
But a special bond 
Through thick and thin 
Evolved over the years
Slowly matures strong

Counting my blessings
Got you as a friend
Wanted to thank you
But words don't bend 
Hope you understand 

A bond with no genetics
We are different yet so same
Basically two opposite ends
Being there for each other
Understanding words untold

Shared many memories
Laughers and tears
Life's joys and pains
Accepting faults and fears
Patient and forgiving
Lending wisdom and an ear

A bond with endless zeal
Forged out of admiration
And every kind of emotion
Never failing or any doubts
Trust and respect grows even more

when no one around
When the world taking trolls
Twinkles like stars
Make me smile
When in frown

Care and concern
Not to pretend
Whether sweet or sour
Speaking the truth
We have our own shares 

How lucky I am
Grateful and blessed
To have a best friend likliI know if I am lost
You would find me
Here or there 
Distant or close
Just a call away

Thank you
For being you
For being always there
You are my fav
You are my best friend.
      ©Era Singh

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When everybody sleeps……

When everybody sleeps 
And I am only one, awake
Sitting silently
On the graveyard of broken dreams

When my dreams all fail
And nights turns more quite
I am only one
Walking on the empty roads
Don't know where it goes

Running between the thoughts
Fighting the demons
Noises become louder
And mind overreacts
Illusions and realities intermingled

Believing everything is fine
Right or wrong I am confused
Expectations killing me
My heart still beating
I am alive

I am the only one
In this empty town of mine
I ever knew
Someone might find me
I am waiting here

My stubborn soul
Never give up
Millions of dreams in head
I am seeing with
Open eyes
Still want one last try.
©Era Singh

This is in response to “Thursday poetry Competition” by “H.R.PHOENIX“, a amazing author with a blog named “Penable” and topic for this week is Dreams

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Thank you for reading it!!!!!!!

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Today is Father’s Day!!!!!

Today is Father’s Day and I have seen everybody posting pictures and messages for their dads on various social media platforms, but I have not posted anything till now, not even at any platform ( I might have but currently I do not have any 😂😂as on break from them except WordPress, as it is different from rest ) ok, ok, I am going off the topic so ya, I am talking about Father’s Day. I am not gonna write any poem or anything for my Dad, here, Today I am here to talk about something else but in regard to father’s day only but before this let me wish my dad and all other father’s out there Happy Father’s Day.

So every year whenever when father’s day or mother’s day comes we shower all our love on our parents, posting pictures, writing long messages, etc on all the social media platforms, whatever it is Fb, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc is full with it. But my matter of concern is not this at all, there are many people out there, who does not mean a bit of it they posted and just everybody is posting, they also do so to gain view, to show how they care, etc. They may have not spoken a word to their parents, wishing them in person, I know, it’s the 21st century but still, many parents still do’not use social media or are not that active so what’s the point on showing love and respect when they cannot see or feel it.

If you are thinking, Era is gone mad why I am talking like this, why am I judging people but I am not judging anybody, I am saying what I have seen and felt? I am not against posting pictures and messages we should all do that, but answer me one question Is one day enough to thank our parents for whatever they have done for us, do we should not respect them each day, yes, they are important and I am saying you, when you actually needed, you will only find your parents by your side because anyone can leave us but parents never. They held your back always. And you also know this.

Ok, answer me, one more question, do our parents wait for any day, oh, today I will do this for my son or daughter as today is daughter’s day or son’s day. They never do that, so why we do this, why don’t we care for them every day, they are doing this for you before you are even born, have they ask you anything in return for this, and even if they ask, how many of you can return that favor, but, you can do a little by showing them little love, care, and most importantly respect.

Yes, there is a generation gap between us, I have seen three generations and analyzed I mean my parents and my grandparents, and our present time and there is a huge difference the viewpoint of among all on few things but that does not mean that they are wrong or we are right or vice versa, they are saying this, from what they have seen and learned, before reacting, stop a bit, analyses and think and talk with them, they will surely understand and also maybe they are right and we are thinking wrong on something, they are obviously more experienced than us. My parents always ask mine and my brother views on many things, sometimes they agree on that, sometimes not, but this is beneficial for both as both can learn new things, don’t you think so.

There are many children who don’t have parents, have lost them, some even don’t have seen them even once, so, if we are privileged to have our parents with us, why are you taking them for granted, why many send their parents to old age homes or why they left them alone, or why do you not respect them, then, again, you will post a picture on social media and say we love and care our parents, do you see, I am not at all, saying not to post but show them this in real life too not only on your virtual life and please stop judging those who don’t post anything, it is not important, not at all important.

I don’t know, what I have written and just these thoughts are going on in my mind, I just pen it down, and I am again saying, I know not saying everybody is like that and not judging anybody but there are still many who does not mean a word but still post, my matter of concern is that. Again, I know, there are many factors associated but still.

In short, what I mean is, not one day is enough for parents, everyday is, what we are today is only because of them, and who think, what they have done is done by everybody, it’s their duty so , please my duty lovers fellow, it is your duty too to take care of them. Think before you speak and do what you expect from others first.

I am sorry if I have hurt anybody. Thank you for reading it.

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Can you define what actually happiness means? Is feeling sad or sorrowful or disheartened about anything that makes you look weak? Is feeling depressed ok? Being happy or unhappy about anything is all in your mind. The bitter truth of life is every one of us always wants happiness without a single moment of suffering. But can you ever know what actually success is if you never ever tasted the failure? Can light has its importance if there will not be any darkness? Similarly, if you do not what it feels like being sad, how will you know what actually true happiness or satisfaction feels like? You will never value the things that come easy and will always take them for granted.

I have read the following lines somewhere and find them so appropriate –


The reality is there is no such thing as constant happiness. You are a human being and you do have emotions and you do feel. It is absolutely ok not to feel happy all time or to feel depressed. Every emotion in life has its equal importance whether you feel elated or disappointed and this balance has to be maintained. Isn’t it amazing how complex a human nature can be and how our mind, our thinking, our emotions, our feelings, our actions interplay among themselves? It is just if we understand that the way we feel about a situation will change over time as our perceptions and perspectives will change as we grow and understand more and come across more things, gain experiences and our thinking and viewpoint will vary. So, how momentarily that happiness or sadness will become that you may be happy about things you are sad about today and vice versa is also true.


Experience, you gained will be the only thing that will be with you always that will guide you in your future. Maybe things which are not making any sense now will make perfect sense in the future when you will be more wise and courageous to understand things better. Few questions in present should be left unanswered and you should keep ,patience as at the end of any pain, a greater reward awaits just like that after every dark night, the sun always rises. It is our state of mind, how we deal and react in various situations, our external and internal conflicts that define our happiness. You cannot control each and everything that happens in your life but how to act and your attitude it is in your hand.

According to ALBERT EINSTEIN, the great scientist –

Most of the people tend to find happiness in other people or things and become dependent on them to be happy or sad, that if I get that I will be happy etc., that is attach conditions. But remember, happiness is a choice, nothing can make you happy. It is your decision, it does not go or come from anywhere or from anything, and it is your feeling that come from within you. It means to accept all your perfections as well as imperfections. Acceptance of every situation that come in your way whether you feel disconsolate or ecstatic about it , as it will give you more gain in long term . Finding happiness in small small deeds will one day lead to bigger prospective. Happy and focused people tend to feel more positive and rather than crying what life throws on them, they focus on betterment.

And, we all know, what goes around, comes around. Always try to spread happiness and positivity. That is power of our mind that what we think manifest our feelings and how we act defines the rest and nothing can be more destructive for us and world than our thoughts.

LORD BUDDHA, has said

In the end, just remember your happiness does not depend on anything, your relations, your money, your job, your house, any place or thing, etc. It is from you, for you. Happiness or sadness just interplay in our mind, associations it forms between our unconscious desires, wishes, regrets, guilt, etc, and our conscious thinking that decides how we think, feel, and act.

Thank you so much for reading it!!!!!!!

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Unasked Questions!!!!

Where were you when I needed you

Where were you when I faked a smile

Where were you when I am dying inside

Where were you when I hide my anxiety

Where were you when I am running blind

Where were you when I concealed pain

Where were you when I pretended to be fine

Where were you when depression knocks my door

When I have escaped now

What’s the point of this rain

You were not there when I can feel that love

Have you not noticed any signs

Have you not noticed my over happiness

Have you not noticed my detachment

Have you not noticed my mood swings

Have you not noticed my eyes

Have you not noticed my silent cry

Have you not noticed how lonely I am inside

You never asked

I never said

I never wanted your attention

I just wanted someone to listen

I just wanted that soul

Who never judge and,

Understand my unsaid words.

You laughed at my depression

Never felt my pain

Now showing sympathy

Will not give any gain

Maybe I reached wrong people

Who pretended to my friends

Never get an ear who can listen

Still a time

Show some empathy It’s always easy to say

Difficult to be done

I hope you never

Have to go through

What I went inside my head

What I went inside my head!!!!!!

© Era Singh

How fake is this world, what is seen is just an illusion, the reality is far hidden

Be kind to everybody, try to listen to them you don’t know what battle they are fighting inside.

Thank you for reading!!!!!!

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Impossible says I am possible!!!!!

“I am sorry mom and dad, I can’t bear it anymore, I am tired now, of all the fighting, I am sorry to not being able to fulfill your expectations from me yet again, I know I am not the good son as you always wanted, I can’t see you like this anymore so I am leaving forever. I love you both very much, I want to see the proud in your eyes for me, not the embarrassment. Take care always”- His father read this note in the morning that was lying on his study table, while he was away in coaching and his father visited his room in absence. He might have forgotten to hide it.

Reading this, his father went into shock, then, he called his wife, Seema, Seema come here, see what I found on Rohan’s desk, Seema come running to the room, and there, what have you found now, you never let me do work, what it is? He silently gave her that note to read, without uttering a word. She was confused, what it was, and she read it, after reading it, She started crying, is my son gonna suicide, stop him Pradeep, I would not live without him, why he wants to take such extreme step, we never forced him for anything, call him home now, don’t know he is safe or not, I am talking to you, are you listening or not, call me, Pradeep was still standing silently and Seema is sobbing badly, totally inconsolable.

Then, after a thought, Pradeep said, Seema, don’t worry, I am calling Rohan home right now, in fact, I myself will go and bring him, he is depressed, we need to talk to him, if needed we will also take him to doctor for help, we should have to keep calm first.

Seema said, I don’t know anything else, I just want my son to safe and happy. I would have never thought, he would think of suicide, he always put up a smile on the front of us, oh, God, I misunderstood my son, how can a mother do this and she started crying again. Thank God, we found out this before anything has happened, bring him fast.

Pradeep has called, Rohan till then and said to him, he is coming to take him home back as there is some important work, wait for him there. He said, ok Dad.

On his, way to the coaching center of Rohan, he went back in his memory lane, Rohan, his son, is the brightest student of the school, favorite of everybody. He always wanted to be a doctor but even after so much hard work, he does not get selected this year, as he never fails even once in his life, it was difficult for him to come in terms with this but his parents supported him and encouraged him to prepare once again as they believed in him and his dreams, but never pressurized him for anything. All these thoughts are running in his mind, why he wanted to take such an extreme step, my son is not that week, when he reached there and find Rohan standing outside.

They went home and not a single word is exchanged between them, Rohan is also wondering what happened why dad is taking me home all of sudden, I hope Mom is is fine but he did ask any ques. When they reached home, his mom standing in despair at door only, and as soon, she saw him, she runs towards him, hugs hi,m and asks, are you find my son?

Both of them, took him, inside and showed him that note they found on his study table, and asked, what happened my son, you can share anything with us, we are here to listen to you always, you are not at all alone, we will help you in every possible way but don’t take such steps. We know, this is a very difficult phase for you and for us also, but this too shall pass, nothing is impossible, we will fight it together.

On listening to this, Rohan started crying without uttering a word, his parents become tenser, and asked him, we are here with your son, share with us what is bothering you so much.

Rohan said, I am so blessed to have you as my parents who always support me but some people are not that lucky enough. I am sorry, mom dad for you to go through this because of my carelessness, but this note is not mine but one of my friend, who is really very depressed and was about to commit suicide but somehow I got to know this and I stopped him from doing so but this note somehow come with me and I left that on my study table and you found out. I am so so sorry.

On listening to this, there was shock and satisfaction both in the eyes of his parents, they said, we are proud of you, Son, by stopping him. Rohan said, I would never think of doing this, I do not deny at one point, these thoughts are running in my mind when the result was out but when both of you talked with me, after that, I never think of it and can not see you bith in pain, I said the same thing to my friend too, what you said to me dad that day “impossible says I am possible We should never give up, it’s hard because it will be worth in the end, always try and leave rest on god.

His parents feel proud of him and blessed him. Als went to talk to his friend’s parents as Rohan requested them and to support their son. It ends well as they both get respective branches next year but more than that one useful lesson for whole life, later also created a group also to help the people in depression and to spread awareness.

This story of mine ended on a good note but not everybody’s story ends like this, we need to come forward to create more awareness, to help them, all we need to made them feel, they are not alone, look around yourself, if you find someone depressed, talk to him or her, listen to them, and stop behaving that this can not occur to you they need empathy, not fake sympathy, there are so much pressure and expectations that have taken more lives than what we can even count. Come forward, it’s high time.

We were in school when one of my teachers committed suicide, it was the biggest shock, as she was the most supportive, ever-smiling being, we would have never thought that how much in pain she was, depressed, on seeing her, nobody would say, that she was that depressed, I still wonder, if even one person around her, should have realized this, she would be alive with us today.and there are many more people who are suffering silently.

I have written this few days back, and have scheduled to post it today but never thought, that depression, would take one more life today.

Thank you for reading it and do share with me your views in the comment section below.