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Battles Known-Unknown!!

You try to make the worst seems better 
You try to make look yourself strong
You try to find the deserted core
You try to find the excuses untold
You try to search the keys of unopened doors
You try to search the lost qualms
You try to sail that dried ocean
You try to sail that fallen cloud
You try to climb that collapsed mount
You try to climb that cut-down trees
You try to absorb all the guilts
You try to absorb all the sins
Barren land, all deserted and bruised
Old wounds cut open, stinging more
Millions of reasons to give up
Millions of reasons to let go
But you try to fight, you try to fight
Those battles are known but unknown
Breaking the barriers, cracking the fence
Smashing the palaces of solaces
Boundaries undefined and vague
Comforts don't captivate and excite
Invisible passages enchant
Quest to find that lost soul
Quest to find that abandoned self
You feud, you resist
You withstand, you keep
Those unknown battles which are known.
©Era Singh

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Assimilate it…

Sometimes you just keep on dragging things, digging the grave, buried them so deep, making a mausoleum, but is it really so? No argues, no ego, no screams, no cries, no sobs, a silence of eternity till, till it starts killing you inside. Do you try to listen? The plants having those strong roots of pain with leaves of grief, growing on the tomb. It keeps on heaping, to erupt. It grows, till it makes cracks on that crypts, on the surface to come out.

You argue, with yourself, for yourself. You shout, you disguise, to protect yourself, from your temperaments. You keep on running, to find the place, desired one, secure one, will you ever be able to, with all your personalities, same person, different identities. Are you normal? Do you know even yourself? Whom are you really safeguarding? Yourself or your attitudes?

Ego, superego, id clashes, all the time. Are you aware enough? Conscious enough to distinguish? Do you hear the sounds of these conflicts? You know the way, still, you do not know. Accept or not, this is what it is and will always be. It is hidden yet so evident, not with these eyes, not with these senses you comprehend. Absorb the essence and engulf it, you know what it is?

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Perhaps we all are living in the hex, some kind of magic or dream, Maybe we all are trapped in some bubble, Possibly there is actually no Time, Maybe someone is controlling us, maybe we all are in a simulation, one day that bubble will burst or we will wake up from that dream, facing the reality.

I want to but still don’t want to, maybe we love this trance, a spell of vicinities, perhaps this is best for us but maybe it is not, and what we don’t know certainly what we are not, entangled in the coop. Liberation from? or perhaps it is reality and we are just doing imagination.

Recovery under process, maybe lessons before facing the existing and breathing?

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उठ देख जरा …

माना रात अंधेरी है सुबह होने में थोड़ी देरी है 
पर तू ऐसे सो नहीं सकता, तुझे खुद को जगाना है
पर तू ऐसे रुक नहीं सकता, थक नहीं सकता
क्यों रोता तू क़िस्मत पर
उसके आँचल में क्यों सिसकियाँ भरता
ये तेरी ही दास है,तू क्यों निराश है
जो नहीं मिला,जो बीत गया
जो आने वाला है जो चला गया है
उसका गम क्या करता है
तू क्यों खोता ऐसे आस है, सोच जरा
तेरी इच्छाशक्ति बड़ी या भाग्य
एक ठोकर से ही तू डर नहीं सकता है
ऐसे छुप कर,सहम कर बैठ नहीं सकता
अभी तो पूरी जंग है बाक़ी,डर नही सकता
तुझे खुद को हराना है, खुद को और तपाना है
दीये की लॉ है तू,रोशन करना एक जमाना है
खुद की तलाश कर, खुद को पहचान जरा
उस ज़िद, उस आशा का दामन थाम जरा
सोना नहीं रातो को तुझे,तुझे ख़ुद को जागना है
खेलता तू अंगारों से, आग से क्यों घबराना है
चलता अकेला अंजान राहो पर, क्या भय है
सागर से भी गहरा, तेरा आत्मविश्वास है
माना रात अंधेरी है सुबह होने में देरी है
तू सो नहीं सकता, तुझे खुद को जगाना है
हारा कब तू किसी से, हारा तू खुद से
अब और नहीं, खुद को खोज ले फिर से।
©ईरा सिंह

The poem I wrote above has been inspired by the following poem which I wrote a few years back, I hope you liked it.

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There is the fire within….

It's hidden, It's apparent 
It's small, It's big
There is the fire within
Burning brighter than the fire around
Nothing was too painful to survive
Reminiscences of past, Fantasies of future
Perceptions of the present
Memories haunts, Expectations kill
Disappointments and let downs
Misgiving answers
We pursuit and plan
Making it more tormenting
Agonizing the whole soul
There is the fire within
Scorching brighter than the dawn
Sparkling and radiating
Spreading out among the stars
Illuminating the cosmos around
Atomic collisions of the thoughts
Reflections and impressions
The most powerful weapon
There is the sun within
There is the fire within
Maybe a missile or lantern
Maybe the destroyer or keeper
Maybe little, maybe unknown
See the smoke, feel the heat
vaporized the deceptions
faded the notions
There is the fire within

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She doesn't see her charm 
She doesn't see her real
She doesn't see her truth
She doesn't see her allure
She doesn't see her worth
She doesn't trust her
She doesn't know her
She is beautiful, she is perfect
She doesn't want to understand her
She doesn't want to believe her
The only thing, she beholds is scars
Her imperfections, her flaws
Her pains, her agonies, her miseries
Words echo in her head
Millions of reasons to accept them
To let go, to run away, to quit
Keep on hurting her, keeping her down
Beauty goes deeper than the covering
And you don't have to change
The world itself has wounds to hide
Even the moon has blemishes
embracing them with grace
We find it beautiful, envy the praise
Making a wish upon a fallen star
We believe the false dawn
Untrue hopes and mistaken beliefs
Let me be your mirror, Let me be your light
Let me be your voice, Let me be your self
Beyond this heaven of lies
Deeper than your eyes would see
In the wide sea, with high waves
There is a paradise, There is a euphoria
A place of bliss, Where your heart abides
You are more than you feel
You are better than you think
You are imperfect but perfect
©Era Singh

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Just Another Girl

She is not the Queen, She is not the Princess
She is not an angel, She is not a sunshine
She is one amongst you, Just another girl
Who lived in a black and white world
Innocent and naive, who trusted all lies as truth
Questioning all the existence, all the utterances conceded
A rebel, A fighter, A procrastinator, A loafer
A paradox, A dreamer, A Observer, A believer
Who believed, one day she will touch the clouds
Who believed to visit all places unexplored
Who believed the world is still beautiful and colorful
Who believed, the whole universe is waiting for her
Who believed, she does not belong here
Who believed, some bigger meaning waiting for her
Who believed to unfold the lores, the enigmas
Who believed in those said definitions
In search of the explanations and moralities
Who believed in freedom not bounded by strings
A fallen leaf, A dried River, A cracked earth
A shattered hill, A lost cloud, A rainbow without rain
Unopened book with blank pages which are penned
A mirage in the desert, which has disappeared
Silent yet her voice reaches everybody
Absorbing in her soul, all the tales and adventures
The essence of nature, the smell of tangibility
She is one amongst you yet different
She is just another girl.

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That Dream I am dreaming

That dream I am dreaming 
It's like I've been awakened
I watch it with eyes wide open
Never want the spotlights
Never want the stars of the sky
It is the only thing I want
Am I over-ambitious
If I refused what I get
There is a catastrophe
I'm torn down and depleted
Lost hope, My faith is trembling
The voice inside my head
Saying you'll never reach
Why have you anywise tried
Feeling frightened and scared
Feels like I am vanishing
Forfeited with no light and way
It's like a never-ending night
Shadows also start testing
Even the silence speaks
Don't know if I will reach there
Don't know what is waiting
Don't know about tomorrow
Don't know right or wrong
The road is too long
It looks near but distant
I am still moving
I am still trying
Pushing to the fences
To shut them down
Can grip the world
Can hold the universe
What if I fail again
Doubts clouds my mind
Vision is fogged
No, I am not breaking
No, I am not stopping
Struggles I am facing
Odds I am taking
Can hit me, can punch me
But they can't knock me down
Till I myself believe
It is now impossible.

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Look within…..

Ray of moonlight
In darkest nights
Giving the hope
To survive and fight

Still vigilant
Everywhere gazing
Searching around
Confusing journey

Take risks
Break rules
Smash doubts
Triumph awaits

Start again
Dream again
Have believe
Never give up.
© Era Singh

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The Quest- 3

Part-3 ( Final part)

If you have not yet read the Part-1 and Part-2 of The Quest, read them first to understand the storyline better and to connect all the dots. Links for both the previous parts given below-

The Quest…..

The Quest- 2

Continued from part-2

“Jo, Jo, open your eyes, I am with you dear,” said Nicole. I failed, I failed once again, how much I tried to convince you and tried that you forget the past and move on, to come out of the guilt, you had done everything you could, but sometimes, opposite happens from what we think. He had admitted her to the hospital when he found her faint in the study. He was out of town due to some urgent work when he got a call from their neighbor about Jo behaving strangely and talking by herself. He instantly rushed back home.

Nicole never thought, his and his wife’s life would change so drastically. I should not have left you alone. He was reminiscing about the past happenings when the nurse asked him to come as the doctor wanted to discuss something important.

Jo was screaming, Joey, Joey where are you, my child, I would not let anything happen to you, how would I live without you. Joey was lying on the floor, not responding, and had several injuries mark, and suffocating, Jo rushed to her and immediately tried to take her outside, and call help but it was too late now as she had stopped breathing due to lack of oxygen and severe wound. Again a blast occurred as the fire was now had spread in the whole home, the house was burning and She was sitting in front of the house with her daughter in her lap. Her grandma standing amidst the fire, crying and saying I warned you many times to return back but you never did, now its too late. Don’t worry, they are in a better place now. You tried your best my child, leave your guilt, and free yourself, it was never your fault.

Dr, Is there any chances, that Jo will be fine again asked Nicole, I tried my best to tell her truth, that her mother had died and she was a very good daughter who always took care of her, but she never believed this fact, and thought, she was not good daughter, had not taken care of her and left her at the care home. In reality, she never left her mom in any care home, she started believing so after her death.

Nicole, your wife’s condition is not good, and it got worst after that car accident, which occurred on the highway and unfortunately, your daughter, also died in that. But for Jo, her mother and daughter both are still alive, she has developed multiple personalities within herself as she is unable to believe the truth. She was already suffering from depression and loneliness since her childhood and now her condition is getting worse. Firstly, the separation from her father and then grandma had an impact on her personality and when her mother becomes ill and when she was not able to give proper time to her daughter due to work, even though she was giving, she thought, it was not enough and she started blaming herself for this. We are giving the best treatment and counseling, hoping she will be good soon.

Both of them were talking, when the nurse comes running, Dr, Dr, Jo, Jo, please come fast. Both of them rush to Jo’s room where they saw her crying endlessly. On seeing, Nicole, she said, my mom and my daughter, I lost them, I lost them. I tried my best but I was not able to save them. I am sorry, Nicole. It was not your mistake Jo, it was not your mistake said, Nicole, maybe this is destiny.

On the side table, her mom’s diary and the key were there with an opened chest having the photos of her mother’s funeral and death certificate. Nicole thought I did not know how this happened, but I am happy, Jo finally accepted the truth. Jo told Dr and Nicole everything and slowly went to sleep as he had given her sedative.

Nicole said, Dr. I don’t think, Jo is better even now, her grandmother’s home had been burnt when she was a child, and her grandmother died in that fire. Her mother would somehow able to save her only, and her sister too succumbed to her injuries. She always heard her mother, feeling guilty for it and not be able to save them and due to this too, Jo had been always overprotective, with every time something happens she used not to feel responsible for it. We just recently renovated this house to fulfill her mother’s wish after so many years.

Dr said, No Nicole, now she is fine and I assure you, would be better, her mind always wanted her to accept the truth when she refused, created multiple personalities but still, there were always hints to her, what is the truth but are ignored and when she finally opened that room in her mind where she kept all her bad memories, to escape for them, she finally realized the truth and accepted it. She will recover soon.

After a year, the prayer meeting was held for Joey and Jo’s mother at her grandma’s home. Jo, Nicole, and Helly, their adopted daughter were seen together. Jo said I hope they are a better place now, I am sorry maa, grandma and Joey. I am sorry. She hugged Helly.

The End

I hope I have not let down your expectations about the ending and you liked it. Do let me know your feedback, I always look forward to it, how my first attempt at writing something like this was? I am really thankful to all of you.

And also I would love to know your interpretation of the story and metaphors I used.

If you have any question or doubt regarding the story, the comment section is all yours, I will surely answer them.

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