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Used for the measurement of B.P.
Brachial artery held its pride
Continuation of the axillary artery
At the lower border of teres minor
Runs till elbow joint
To continue as radial and ulnar
In the proximal arm, lies on the medial side
But changes path moves laterally
To lie between two epicondyles in distal half
I was giving viva in confidence
Then, suddenly the professor asked
With her eyes wide open
Is it teres minor or major
With a smile on her face
And I realized , I did a blunder
mixing up major and minor once again
Very tense and overthinking starts
What will happen next
Sorry, Mam, it will not happen again
It can happen sometimes she said
And had a laugh,What a relief I get
Pectoralis minor, Pectoralis major
Rhomboid minor, rhomboid major
Abductors or adductors
Extensors and flexors
Is it an axillary artery, nerve, or vein?
and the list goes on
Sound so same
But each has a different action
Lots of arteries, nerves, veins, and bones
Beginning and ending
Relations and associations in between
I scratch my head
Will, I ever remember them all
Anatomy giggles again
It's not the stop
Let me make it more difficult
She announced proudly
© Era Singh

I know it sounds a little bit boring and not making any sense 😅😅, different from what I usually write, it is just about what all medical students might be thinking when they try to learn the human anatomy and about that anatomy vivas of which I used to be most afraid of.

Thank you for reading!!!!