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Used for the measurement of B.P.
Brachial artery held its pride
Continuation of the axillary artery
At the lower border of teres minor
Runs till elbow joint
To continue as radial and ulnar
In the proximal arm, lies on the medial side
But changes path moves laterally
To lie between two epicondyles in distal half
I was giving viva in confidence
Then, suddenly the professor asked
With her eyes wide open
Is it teres minor or major
With a smile on her face
And I realized , I did a blunder
mixing up major and minor once again
Very tense and overthinking starts
What will happen next
Sorry, Mam, it will not happen again
It can happen sometimes she said
And had a laugh,What a relief I get
Pectoralis minor, Pectoralis major
Rhomboid minor, rhomboid major
Abductors or adductors
Extensors and flexors
Is it an axillary artery, nerve, or vein?
and the list goes on
Sound so same
But each has a different action
Lots of arteries, nerves, veins, and bones
Beginning and ending
Relations and associations in between
I scratch my head
Will, I ever remember them all
Anatomy giggles again
It's not the stop
Let me make it more difficult
She announced proudly
© Era Singh

I know it sounds a little bit boring and not making any sense 😅😅, different from what I usually write, it is just about what all medical students might be thinking when they try to learn the human anatomy and about that anatomy vivas of which I used to be most afraid of.

Thank you for reading!!!!

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Can you guess what kind of people you come across in OPD ( OUTPATIENT DEPARTMENT ) in government hospitals? You must be thinking, why Era is asking such a stupid question, obviously, people who come to OPD are sick, in need of any medical help, maybe suffering from any disease or might have come for their routine check-up. Yes, you all are thinking right, but I can even categorize them.

1.Dr.Google’s assistant

These are patients, who follow Dr. google religiously and why not that person sitting there, who have studied for so many years, he actually does not know anything.

I can share one example, so I was sitting in medicine opd during my internship, there comes a lady, I was busy checking the B.p of one of the patients, she comes there and waited, till I got free, then I asked her, what happened? She said, Dr, I have these symptoms, and I have googled it is this disease, and this is the medicine what is the dose and is it is correct, I was in shock, literally shock, I thought to myself, why you come here, Google the dose too, then I told her after a think, calm, although, I want to scream, Mam, I am just junior doctor, and don’t have much knowledge about it, do please go to the sir’s cabin. she went there. Actually, I intentionally want her to go to the sir because he knows how to handle them and instructed us for it too.

2.Over Anxious

So, these patients or their relatives are over thinkers and for them a normal headache is brain tumor or cough is lung cancer, this list can go on. They ask us to write all possible tests available. It, sometimes, becomes very difficult to make them understand, tests are not always needed.

3. Those come with their whole family

So, with them their whole family come with a single person and then begins the real thing, they will ask you so sweetly “ab Iska Bhi check-up krdo”, ” dr Sahab AAP Inka Bhi bp check krdo”, “mere bete ko KAL Raat Ek chkh as gyi the koi dawai bta do “, etc etc. And whether there is a long queue outside still you can not deny them.

4.Silent observers

So, these are not patients, actually, reporters, as they just observe what you are doing, whether we are denying any patient, or have we taken tea and there is a line outside opd room, dr is not even allowed to drink water according to them.

I can share one incidence, so medicine opd timings are 8 am to 2 pm, and it’s already around 3 pm and we all are still sitting in opd, seeing patients, it’s already 1 hr Above and pts are still there, so resident boss asked to close the door as opd has to be shut now and asked the patients to go to the emergency as he is going there for his duty, he does not even deny them treatment, sitting there since morning, have not eaten anything, still, without resting, he asked them to come there, next day, what we see in the newspaper that ” dr ne Kiya opd ka door band ” at least print the truth


These are people who just come to repeat their medicine nothing else

6.old age cuties

They are my personal favorite. They talk with so much care and their blessings always make my day.


They owing to the crowd, steal money, mobile, etc anything

8.simple ones

When they come and go we don’t even know

9.Question Bank

They carry with them a never-ending list of questions and most of them sometimes are totally irrelevant

10.Gossip aunties

So, other than, medicine and treatment, they have an interest in knowing about everything else From where we belong, when will we marry etc etc

And list can go on, will continue in next

I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and not got bored, I does not want to hurt anybody or judging them, it is just for fun, I have written it and all patients are always equal for a Dr.

Thank you for reading it .

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Doctor ? But why ?

Well ,it has been asked by many people I come across what made me to choose my career as doctor ? And is it worth choosing profession in medical field even after seeing what is happening with doctors presently . Violence against doctors is rising at alarming rates and even the working conditions and pay scale are also not that good as it is seen. People don’t respect the work medical fraternity do for mankind .

Back to the topic , what made me choose medical is something kinda love for medicine and biology I have . I will not say to safe lives and serve people ,obviously I want to do that and you will find it too cliche as everyone say this but what can be better profession than medicine for it, if I would be able to safe even one life , everything else become meaningless and if I would be able to help and aware people about health whether mental or physical well being and treat them , I would be one happy person. I would not be able to explain this in words.

It all started one day, in 6th standard , there was this random discussion going on in class who want to become what in future . I answered doctor. May be nobody at this age might think it to be that serious topic to be discussed . I was too young at that time to think what actually it all means and how much efforts and hard work to be done to become one but this thought kinda struck in my mind that I want to be a doctor one day and coming from family full of engineers this is some new thing .As years past and I read more about biology and life , evolution , science it amazed me to the core how complex a human being is inside out and I want to know more and more , I realised how much interest I have in science particularly biology and when it become my passion , my dream I do not even realised .

It was not at all an easy journey I could say. It had all the up -downs and they still continue and at many times I think of quiting and question myself , do you want it to end like this ? One of my biggest support system are my parents because whenever negativity has cribbed inside me , they know exactly how to motivate me again and I am ready to again stand and try my best. If you have a dream , it would not be easy at all and if you get something so easily , you will not value it. Can you appreciate light if you don’t know what darkness is ? You have to fight for it , fight your demons . You have to come out of your comfort zones. I am no one to advice anything to anyone , still there is long way to go , just one step is compeleted but I can just say , whenever thought of giving up of your dream come up in your mind , just ask yourself why have you started and is this what you actually want ? Prepare yourself for all the sleepless night, spent in over thinking or studying or trying to find the answers to the questions running inside you ,at times you will feel demotivated and frusted but give yourself time, before taking any impulsive decision ,think before it is too late and you will regret it whole your life. You have to be patient , courageous and positive . You have to take risks and decisions. Sometimes you do have to let go few things.

For me , dream I saw when I was too young to even understand what actually it means , I m living it , and in the end, yes it is worth but still there is long way to go and pursue my passion further and learn as everybody says- studies for a doctor can never get completed if you stop learning you will not succed and more you know medicine , more complex and interesting it get .

Go for your dream , your passion , and in the end , it will be all worth and everything will make perfect sense and satisfaction you get, can not be priced

HOPE YOU ALL HAVE LIKED THIS. I have written , something different this time.

I shall share my whole M.B.B.S and medical college experience , how I prepared for it etc some other time .

THANK YOU for reading this😊😊