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She is my strength

She is my best friend

She is my guide

She is my pride

She burns like a candle to give us light

Her sacrifices , we cannot ever count

Her patience has no bound

She can bear all pains

Just to see that smile on our face

She know me more than me

At times , it totally amaze me

When she is with me , there is a relief

No trouble can than touch me

I have no fears in her lap

I know she held my back

What I am today , is only because of her

I am lucky that she my mother

Thank you for choosing me as your daughter

I love her more than any thing else in this whole world

© Era singh


A Very happy mothers day to all the mothers out there . I think single day is not enough for mom , all days start from her , we are are in this world because of her , she is the one who will we there with you always even when no body is there , she will always guide you , she is your biggest criticise because she always want best for you . She will always tell you the truth which every body else afraid to even utter a word . Respect her always .

And one thing , which always bother me , why people left there parents at old age homes , are they not your parents than , how can you do this , you are here because of them , you are dependent on them, they were there even before you are born , so think before you do any thing.

Well , this is all , I want to post today. I hope you like it .

Thank you for reading 😊😊