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I wish life to be like a movie 
Movie with a perfect ending
Everything we aspired, Everything we desired
The reality of life wishes
Hopes of unhoped, Undied faith within
But alas! It's all in the fiction
Can't be done undone, Can't be controlled
The hidden fallout, The unseen effect
The unknown excursion, The invisible being
Unfulfilled dreams, Discontented trance
Untold stories, unsaid muses
Maybe that is how life movies unfold
With no perfect climax
Climax wished or unwished
Happiness blended with melancholy
Like a coffee, bitter-sweet.

What I like about fiction is that its ending depends on the writer, how he wants to write its climax, happy, sad, or whatever. But our life, our those untold stories, our those endings we don’t know, is always hidden in the womb of the future. Sometimes we wish them, sometimes unexpected ones. Vary experiences, varied emotions, various expectations, but do intentions count? How do you count on them? Are these for our best, maybe or maybe not? How are your adventures? Do you like this bittersweet coffee of yours?


Hey, I hope you all will be doing great. Sorry for being out of here for such a long time as my work and some life happenings do not allow me with the time to come here and read all the wonderful blogs out there or to write, have written this after a long time, don’t know how it turns out to be but from now on, I will try to be regular as much as possible. And a very big thank you for all of you, for always being there and forever understanding.

Thanks for reading!!!!!!