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The Quest- 3

Part-3 ( Final part)

If you have not yet read the Part-1 and Part-2 of The Quest, read them first to understand the storyline better and to connect all the dots. Links for both the previous parts given below-

The Quest…..

The Quest- 2

Continued from part-2

“Jo, Jo, open your eyes, I am with you dear,” said Nicole. I failed, I failed once again, how much I tried to convince you and tried that you forget the past and move on, to come out of the guilt, you had done everything you could, but sometimes, opposite happens from what we think. He had admitted her to the hospital when he found her faint in the study. He was out of town due to some urgent work when he got a call from their neighbor about Jo behaving strangely and talking by herself. He instantly rushed back home.

Nicole never thought, his and his wife’s life would change so drastically. I should not have left you alone. He was reminiscing about the past happenings when the nurse asked him to come as the doctor wanted to discuss something important.

Jo was screaming, Joey, Joey where are you, my child, I would not let anything happen to you, how would I live without you. Joey was lying on the floor, not responding, and had several injuries mark, and suffocating, Jo rushed to her and immediately tried to take her outside, and call help but it was too late now as she had stopped breathing due to lack of oxygen and severe wound. Again a blast occurred as the fire was now had spread in the whole home, the house was burning and She was sitting in front of the house with her daughter in her lap. Her grandma standing amidst the fire, crying and saying I warned you many times to return back but you never did, now its too late. Don’t worry, they are in a better place now. You tried your best my child, leave your guilt, and free yourself, it was never your fault.

Dr, Is there any chances, that Jo will be fine again asked Nicole, I tried my best to tell her truth, that her mother had died and she was a very good daughter who always took care of her, but she never believed this fact, and thought, she was not good daughter, had not taken care of her and left her at the care home. In reality, she never left her mom in any care home, she started believing so after her death.

Nicole, your wife’s condition is not good, and it got worst after that car accident, which occurred on the highway and unfortunately, your daughter, also died in that. But for Jo, her mother and daughter both are still alive, she has developed multiple personalities within herself as she is unable to believe the truth. She was already suffering from depression and loneliness since her childhood and now her condition is getting worse. Firstly, the separation from her father and then grandma had an impact on her personality and when her mother becomes ill and when she was not able to give proper time to her daughter due to work, even though she was giving, she thought, it was not enough and she started blaming herself for this. We are giving the best treatment and counseling, hoping she will be good soon.

Both of them were talking, when the nurse comes running, Dr, Dr, Jo, Jo, please come fast. Both of them rush to Jo’s room where they saw her crying endlessly. On seeing, Nicole, she said, my mom and my daughter, I lost them, I lost them. I tried my best but I was not able to save them. I am sorry, Nicole. It was not your mistake Jo, it was not your mistake said, Nicole, maybe this is destiny.

On the side table, her mom’s diary and the key were there with an opened chest having the photos of her mother’s funeral and death certificate. Nicole thought I did not know how this happened, but I am happy, Jo finally accepted the truth. Jo told Dr and Nicole everything and slowly went to sleep as he had given her sedative.

Nicole said, Dr. I don’t think, Jo is better even now, her grandmother’s home had been burnt when she was a child, and her grandmother died in that fire. Her mother would somehow able to save her only, and her sister too succumbed to her injuries. She always heard her mother, feeling guilty for it and not be able to save them and due to this too, Jo had been always overprotective, with every time something happens she used not to feel responsible for it. We just recently renovated this house to fulfill her mother’s wish after so many years.

Dr said, No Nicole, now she is fine and I assure you, would be better, her mind always wanted her to accept the truth when she refused, created multiple personalities but still, there were always hints to her, what is the truth but are ignored and when she finally opened that room in her mind where she kept all her bad memories, to escape for them, she finally realized the truth and accepted it. She will recover soon.

After a year, the prayer meeting was held for Joey and Jo’s mother at her grandma’s home. Jo, Nicole, and Helly, their adopted daughter were seen together. Jo said I hope they are a better place now, I am sorry maa, grandma and Joey. I am sorry. She hugged Helly.

The End

I hope I have not let down your expectations about the ending and you liked it. Do let me know your feedback, I always look forward to it, how my first attempt at writing something like this was? I am really thankful to all of you.

And also I would love to know your interpretation of the story and metaphors I used.

If you have any question or doubt regarding the story, the comment section is all yours, I will surely answer them.

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The Quest- 2

Part – 2

If you have not read Part -1, you can read it from the link, given below to understand the story line better.

Part – 1 She was traveling back to her grandmother’s mansion after many years, since her grandmother’s death. It was situated in the countryside, away from the city hustle and bustle. Jo as very tense from the past few weeks, her mother was ill and due to her business, she was not able to take […]

The Quest…..

Continued from part-1

Joey started the radio, the news stated, there was a big accident that happened tomorrow again, on the highway, this occurred a second time in the same week. On hearing, this, jo felt something, as if she knew about it already but ignored when her daughter asked her for tea and they starred their chit chat, she told her about her childhood memories here at her grandmother’s home.

Jo was getting obsessed with her mom’s dairy day by day and whenever she visits the attic, on hearing the voices, she got one new wound with the first one getting worst. She read in her mom’s diary how her mom too always felt guilty for leaving her ill mother at the countryside home alone and moved to the city earn money after her divorce and her mother dont want to come to the city even after trying to convince her. Jo thought I did the similar, leaving my mom at care home.

While reading, she got to know the shocking secret, her mother never told about it. And after reading that, she becomes more grief-ridden and guilty. Her mother had to divorce her father because of her, to save her because he did not want a daughter and wanted to kill their newborn child. Her mother somehow saved her but when he started to abuse her even more, She decided to part ways forever. Jo was very small so did not know about it and blamed her mother and asked numerous questions about her father which her mother never told her about. Jo started crying and fainted.

When she woke up, she found herself in the small cabin, the secret cabin at her grandmother’s home connected to that passage from the attics, she found the other day. She was wondering, she was reading in the study, how and when she came here. She was very terrified and sweating, hearing the voices, this time they were clear ” why you came here now, where were you when I needed you, go, go back, otherwise, everybody will die “.

There were so many mishappenings that occurred in the house, but she was ignoring them, thinking they were just coincidence, like hearing the voice, radio starting by itself, chairs rearranged just like her mother like, etc, her friend and daughter, Joey, even saw, someone, but jo did not, believe them and said it might be a cat or just their imagination, the house is not haunted, sitp reading such novels, Joey.

But now, she also started believing, someone was there. Suddenly, her eyes, felt on the chest, locked, the key she got is of this chest, she reminisced her mom dairy, she read in that. She wanted to know what was inside it. She opened the chest, and she was shocked by seeing what was inside that chest, she did not believe it was truth.

No this can’t happen, no it is not true, she runs, out of the passage, and did not realize, when she put down the candle in her hand, near the turnace and as a gas stove was on, gas has filled the house already and there was a blast, and she was screaming, joey, joey I will not let anything happen to you, and saw her grandmother standing and crying,I warned you many times to return back .

To Be Continued…..

I hope you are enjoying this story, stay tuned for the next and final part.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

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The Quest…..

Part – 1

She was traveling back to her grandmother’s mansion after many years, since her grandmother’s death. It was situated in the countryside, away from the city hustle and bustle. Jo as very tense from the past few weeks, her mother was ill and due to her business, she was not able to take care of her, for which she always felt guilty. And for a few past months, the condition of her mother was getting more severe. One of her friends suggested her to admit her mother in the care facility so that she could get better treatment and care. She admitted her but still confused and feeling regretful.

Her own daughter, Joey, was also lacking her attention, and always remain sad. To have a change and to calm her mind, She decided to spend some time at her grandma’s home in the countryside, by nature. She along with her daughter, and friend, were going there. She was thinking, all this, while driving the car when finally, she saw her grandma’s home.

She opened the door and many memories flashed in front of her. As the house was closed for years, she started organizing it and cleaning it and asked her friend to go and buy some groceries from near town. While cleaning, she got the diary of her mother and along with it, found one key, but she did not know, what this key was for? She kept it aside and prepared dinner.

After dinner when everybody went to sleep, she was still thinking about her mother, her life, everything going on, and also reminiscing her past days here when suddenly, she remembered, she found her mother’s diary and got up to read it. Make herself a coffee and sat in the study. Like her, her mother also used to maintain the dairy, and she had written everything, she was reading it when she heard some voice from the attic and went to see how was there but did not find anyone, thinking it might be because of wind, she went to sleep.

The next day, when she was preparing breakfast, her daughter noticed a small wound in her hand, but she did not remember when she got it. After seeing this, she was sure, she had seen, similar wound, on her mother’s hand too. But why she got that wound similar one like her mother? She was thinking about it when someone knocked on the door, her neighbor, her mother’s friend and after seeing that wound, she run away. Jo was shocked to see this, and wondering what happened?

She again heard similar voices from the attic and while going there, discovered, the walls are hollow and there was a secret passage, from there to somewhere, but to where?


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