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A family of four little rats lived in the attics of the big mansion, consisting of father, mother and their two children, Harry and Sally. Both are very mischievous and naughty due to which their parents have to suffer now and then, as there is the fear of being caught by the owners of the mansion and if they found out that they live in the attics, they would probably be thrown out or killed or may have to be separated, so they always warn their children to be careful. But, Harry and sally due to their habit and curious nature keep on roaming in the house.

One such day, as they were roaming around, and searching for something to eat, suddenly, Marie, who was the owner of the house, come to the kitchen, and in hurry, they hide in the basket. They saw Marie and her family have brought a lot of food items, more than usual, and still bringing more and more. It had wheat, Rice, coffee, vegetables, fruits, pulses, other food grains, etc and the list goes on, every possible commodity they would think of and there was a lot of cheese, too, their favorite. Harry and Sally both are surprised and happy to see, so much, food, especially, cheese and thinking, when they all would go out of the kitchen and but also wondering, why they have brought so many things.

You all go out of the kitchen, let me sanitize each thing and store them properly, don’t know when this lockdown will be over, but we have enough for 2-3 months I guess, Marie said to her children and also, don’t forget to take a proper bath, ok, now hurry. She started, radio while doing work to listen to the news, There is a complete lockdown for 1 month from 12 am today but all the necessary commodities will be available, announced the RJ. We urge people not to panic and don’t hoard the essential items much, more then, necessary, everything will be available, the government has said, as due to hoarding, many people in need are not getting essentials. Please cooperate. Both harry and sally who was still inside that basket were also listening but to their horror, Marie had seen, Harry when he was peeking out of it and about to hit them, when both of them, run fast and go inside the small hole.

Running and hiding, they reached attics and told everything they saw and heard and also what happened with them to their parents, who were both angry and sad, by what had happened. Harry and sally, said, we are sorry for this, maybe they will spare us. Their father said we were safe here, till, they don’t know, we live here, they will now set up many traps to catch us. These humans are not good, we told you many times, but you two don’t listen, they don’t spare their fellow human beings will they spare us.

Can’t we change our place of hiding, they still don’t know we are in attics, said Sally. Also, they brought so much, food today, including cheese, Harry added. Their mother said, shut up, you two, you both don’t know anything, I heard them discussing, there is some disease outbreak, that’s why they brought so much, commodities. And when now they know, we are here, they won’t let us live.

Why humans are so selfish? This is our planet too. Why they think, everything is for them only and we have to live in fear because of them, Sally said sadly. Her father said humans are greedy, and they have started thinking themselves as God but not all humans are bad, some are good too but now their number is very very less. And those commodities, they don’t care about them too, they don’t care about water, they are greedy for precious metals, gold, silver, etc, etc, their desires are never-ending. Once, when I and your mom, lived in one house, they brought a human salve by paying for them, so they consider humans commodity too. Harry and Sally both are shocked and sad, as due to their mistake now all of them are in danger. And also thank full, they are not humans.

Then suddenly they heard footsteps of someone, coming towards, attics, their, father screamed, now, stop discussing and come fast, we have to leave this house, as soon as possible, let go to your uncle’s place. They leave fast and heard the sound of the door opening.

For Sadje’s What do you see # 39 – 20 July 2020

And For The Roaring Flame Writing Club Activity!! Penattack#1-July 2020 for which commodity, is given as a word.

We, humans, get everything from our earth, food grains, precious metals, coal, oil, cotton, etc, a list goes on, but we don’t value anything and take many things for granted. Even we think, everything is for humans, forgetting about other beings around. In humans too, some have in surplus, some don’t have any. There is a big misbalance.

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