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The Supermart…..

Photo by Taylor Simpson on Unsplash

Penscape activity of The Roaring Flames Writing Club, hosted by Rishika Jain and H.R.Phoneix, the two most amazing persons here on WordPress.

To get more details about it click on the link given below.

The big day is here! Our first ever activity!! Penscape #1-July 2020

Here, is my response to the picture given above for the activity………

It is like a normal day for Rohit as he is traveling back from the hospital to his home after a long shift. He is very tired but he has to buy some groceries so, he stopped his car near the supermarket, which is open for a short timing due to lockdown guidelines. At the gate, he is happy to see all the precautions taken and there are very few people too.

He goes towards the lift to go on the 2nd floor but as soon as he comes out of the lift, he goes hell into the shock, by seeing the crowd inside the shop there, not a single person has been wearing a mask, no social distancing, there are a lot of people as if some sales going on. He is confused, what is happening there, getting irritated too, what the hell these people are doing? It seems like, they are not at all bothered about the virus or infection.

He calms himself, and go the counter to ask salesperson there to meet the manager to ask him what is going on, but when he inquired the salesperson, why there are no precautions being followed, he replied, sir, what are you talking about, which viruses, which precautions?

Rohit gets more and more furious, We are working day night to find a cure to stop it and here are these people, least afraid, he thinks. He calms and again says, coronaviruses, COVID 19, what are you saying, are you from some other world, the whole world is suffering from it. The salesman, says, there is nothing in the news like that, are you mad? Why you want to make the world suffer like this, he starts arguing too .

They are still arguing, people there are also saying the same as the salesman, that there is no virus, someone even called police, till then, that some guy is creating an unnecessary screen and talking about some virus. Rohit tried to run from there and immediately took the lift but as he is already very tired and due to shock maybe, fainted.

Sir, Sir, what happened to you, Are you fine? He hears someone, surrounded by 2- 3 people. He looks around frightened and asked where are all the people go who are there and saying there is no coronavirus, not wearing any mask, etc. Everyone around, look at him with surprised expressions on their faces.

One of them said, Sir, we found you here, faint, there is no one you might be dreaming. Rohit is confused, he again looks around, asked where is that salesman, he says, I am only one here, as only one person is allowed. Are you feeling better now?

Rohit says, yes and goes home, but still, thinking, is he actually dreaming or have actually gone to some other world or just his imagination.

Thank you for reading it, so what do you think, might have happened with Rohit, dream or he has gone to some other world, where, coronavirus does not exist? Do let me know in the comment section, you liked it or not and your thoughts too.