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Hey you all, I hope you all are doing fine, here I wanna introduce you to u all, one more fellow blogger, DEESHU, a budding doctor and writer. Deeshu, I am so proud of you girl and all the best for your future endeavours.

I am sharing with you all the link of the poem written by her. she is new to our WordPress family, kindly go through her blog page Paper’n Dreams and shower your love there too.

Add Stars to your life.. Dreams…I saw as a child,is slowly taking its slide. Though I knew my heart and was ready to start,even so … I wasn’t brave enough to impart. But the courage thou gaveOh! stars of the endless sky,made me braveand gave me wings to fly. With the crown of pride ;scalpel […]

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A life update!!!!

Hey, you all, hope you all are doing fine. It’s been a long time since I was not able to write or post anything and even was not able to read all the amazing blogs of my talented fellow bloggers. I am sorry for that but was preoccupied with many things, job, MD counselling etc. So, finally, I got one of my fav branches for my post-graduation which is MD RESPIRATORY MEDICINE. I hope I will be able to do some justice with this specialisation course. It’s been a very long wait and a very tiring one too all thanks to this pandemic.

In this long journey, my constant support pillar was and is till now is my parents, whom I know are there to catch me if I fall or depress, always know how to motivate me again, for which thanks are much much small word, whatever I am today is due to them only, they never stopped me from dreaming and doing what I want.

And obviously can’t thank enough all my mentors who guided me always, my friends who are there to motivate me and support me.

Last but not least all my friends and fellow bloggers here, and believe me your lovely comments many a time do make my depressing day to a joyful one, are so understanding that they know why I have not been here and always wished me luck. Thank you so much.

I don’t know where life will lead me but this is life, hoping everything will be fine. Exploring new things and learning every day to be a better doctor and justify my profession as well as my writing too. Hope to manage both.

Now I will try to be more active and start writing and posting blogs again, and I have so many blogs of my amazing fellow bloggers to catch up.

Thank you so much!!!!

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Gratitude Note!!!!!!

Wanna say thank you
But don't find words
To express my gratitude
One by one
You get connected
My small blog page
Writing my thoughts
and when it reached 1000th mark
I don't even realize
Thanks for always supporting
And words of encouragement
you all said
I can't thank enough

Hey Friends, How are you all? Hope you all are fine and are safe. Today I am very happy as The Hidden Soul has passed the 1000th mark, it really means a lot, when I started this blog page I never thought about it and that too in such a small span of time, it has become possible only because of love and support of you all, I dont find words what to say, and how to thank you all. I am happy to find amazing people who write so well and always motivates and also got so many friends. I hope for it in the future too.

Thanks a lot for always encouraging and supporting.

Do let me know your feedback about my blogs, or any suggestion or your experience, or anything I should improve and work on, and what more you want me to write about. Looking forward to it.

I have been nominated for few awards by my fellow amazing bloggers, I want to thank them too for finding me worthy of an award, I am highly humbled with the sweet and kind gesture. I really want to apologize to them firstly for writing this post after a long time as few of them are month back and for not writing a separate post as it is not possible due to time constraints due to my studies too simultaneously and I hope you all will understand. Please visit their blog pages, all of them are wonderful writers. Thank you once again.

  • Gratitude Awards : Taste of Life’s Literature – Jiayali

I tried to include all the nominations from last month till now, I kept care while writing, I am sorry if I missed anybody, do let me know if, by mistake, I forgot, I am highly obliged by all of you.

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What, I am feeling right now, I don’t have words to express it. Today, my blog page THE HIDDEN SOUL completed 1 MONTH and 200+ FOLLOWERS, I am very happy and feeling blessed for your love and support. Thank you all who come here and read what I write. Your encouragement and kind words always motivates me more.

This is just a small THANK YOU note from my side . I wish you all the happiness and blessing. Stay healthy, Stay safe and keep writing amazing things. I find you amazing people here, I really loved reading all your work.

I hope I will keep getting this support and love in future too and do like and comment down your thoughts and suggestions to me on what I post, I always look forward to it and to learn from each one of you lovely people.

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THANK YOU !!! …..Its 100+ followers


Hello , the amazing people out there , hope you all are safe at your home and doing fine . Today , we completed 100+ members on our THE HIDDEN SOUL family , hope it will grow more. I am overwhelmed . THANK YOU , for showing all the love and support and follow my blog . I am highly grateful that you take out some time of your day to read my thoughts and it do encourages me. Probably , this is one good thing that happened to me this year so far. I am very happy and feeling blessed.

I still remember how my bestiee for a long time literally forced me to start blogging and one day , I finally did , I never thought of the response I will get . I do think more before doing anything ,when I first started and put my first blog , I was literally numb and excited at the same time as before there were only few times I shared my poetry or any article on social platform . I am still very new to it and still learning . I come across you people here and I really love reading your posts and thoughts and they all are very inspiring ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Hope you all will support and keep reading my thoughts in future too. Do tell me your thoughts on my posts and like them , I always look forward to it to improve further . I try to post regularly . This day indeed will be remembered and I am very obliged . Just received this notification while writing this .

THANK YOU all once again 💙💙