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Was she living?

She faded
She vanished
She disappeared
In her doubts
In her laments
In her excuses
In her silence
In her defences
In her uncertainties
In her apprehensions
In her unanswered questions
In truths painted with Lies
In the rights and wrongs
In do's and don'ts
And she runs away
In the calmness of her soul
In herself
In the unheard voices, stillness for?

Was she living?

Thank you!!!!


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तुम ऐसी क्यों हो?

इतनी हिम्मत तुम लाती कहाँ से हो
इतना तुम क्यों सहती हो
बार बार गिर कर
फिर कैसे खड़ी हो जाती हो
क्या तुम्हारा मन नहीं सहमता
क्या तुम्हें डर नहीं लगता
फिर से गिर जाने का
फिर से ठोकर खाने का
आखिर तुम ऐसी क्यों हो
कभी एकदम शांत
कभी एकदम तूफान
पल में रो देती हो
पल में हसं देती हो
बड़ी बड़ी चुनौती में भी हार नहीं मानती
और एक छोटी-सी बात पर चीड़ जाती हो
हमेशा कहाँ खोई रहती हो
क्या सोचती हो, क्या कोई खुहाब है
किसी से कुछ बोलती भी नहीं हो
कितना कुछ सबसे छुपा कर रखती हो
ऐसा क्यों है, कहती क्यों नहीं हो
क्या झूठी सहानुभूति से डरती हो
या और सवालो से
सबको माफ कैसे कर देती हो
और फिर उनकी मदद भी
तुम कभी मुझे समझ मे क्यों नहीं आती
हर चीज़ को देखने का अलग नजरिया
हमेशा निराशा में भी कोई आशा की किरण
कैसे खोज लेती हो
जितना तुम्हें जानो
तुम पहेली की तरह और उलझ जाती हो
और हमेशा चहरे पर वो मुश्कान कैसे रहती है
क्या सच में खुश हो
या सिर्फ ये एक छल है
इतना जान कर भी तुम्हें
हम नहीं जानते
और शायद जान भी ना पाए ।
© ईरा सिंह

Thanks for reading!!!

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Little broken!!!!

Because in the end
We all are little broken 
Leaving a bit of us
Everywhere we go 
Empty souls or empty spaces 
The void is always created
Waiting to be replenished
Till a new end
For a new beginning
Can you feel the halo
Can you see the light
Wandering in the darkness
Embracing the night
They don't need to see me cry
They don't need to understand
Never opened this way
Walls I built falling down
Without making any sound
Eluding all doubts
Curtains drew apart
Burning like sun
New power emanates
Slowly climbing the peaks
Discovering the new me
making my own ways
Deep into my rhymes
Tints of life you feel
And my poems come alive.
©Era Singh

I wrote this poem while having some discussion with Rishika and she said the first two lines Because in the end, we all are little broken and this poem got completed, which is incomplete in the draft for so long. Thanks a lot, The Mystic Inkslinger ☺☺

Thank you for reading it and do let me know in comments, how it is?

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Colors Say…..

This is in response to THURSDAY POETRY COMPETITION by H.R.PHOENIX and the topic for this week is COLORS.

Being always rebellious in my way 
Questioning every single day
Why blue for boys
and pink for girls
Even colors will argue
Why gender-specific?

Whiter your skin tone
Goes around the world
More acceptable you become
Why discriminate
We all are humans
With red blood I guess

Don't wear black
Don't wear white
Unauspicious they proclaim
But who defines
The universe we live in
itself black and white

So many colors exist
Beautify our world
Red, blue, green
Yellow and orange
Singing their own melody
Nature cherish all

Close your eyes
Absence of light
Can you feel the pain
of one who can't see
Not even realizing
what dark looks like

Life or death
Light or dark
Day or night
Presence or absence
Hope or grief
All colors flash

Different colors
Different emotions
Shades of life
It contains
Making it more alive.

©Era Singh

Thank you for reading it and do let me know your thoughts too.

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