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A Journey…..

It's not about beginnings 
It's not about endings
It's about a journey
That whispers heroic

It's not about success
It's not about failures
It's about a journey
That elicits reality

It's not about you
It's not about them
It's about a journey
That feigns skepticisms

It's not about inceptions
It's not about conclusions
It's about a journey
That challenge all judgments

Past every anticipation
Over every self-doubt
Above every expectation
Ahead of every disappointment
Through every achievement
There is the journey
To cherish, to look back
Unique experiences, unusual learning
Varied odds, distinct flavors
Different visions, numerous fictions
Your decisions, Your perceptions
Illustrates your journey
Just phases of life.

Someone once asked me, what fascinates me more, endings or beginnings, I said, the journey through it intrigues me more always. I believe in the journey to the ending, journey to the new beginning as there is nothing like ending something or the beginning of something, Both hold different yet same feelings and interpretations for everyone, don’t you think so? Endings and beginnings are just like different phases throughout our life. Once you reach that dream in life, kinda ending for it, but beginning to achieve your next goal, keeping in mind the experiences and learning of the previous journey to which you look back.
Sometimes we don’t get the beginnings we want, but the endings are just perfect and sometimes we don’t get the endings we want with our perfect beginnings, but what that perfect is, what meaning it holds for you, I am leaving you with this question, another journey to find the answers.

Hey, it’s me Era, remember me? how are you all? I hope you all are doing good and safe. Sorry for being so inconsistent and out of here for the past few months but my studies and exam preparation sometimes does not allow me much time left and the exam too due to the current surge in covid cases got postponed again, firstly from Jan to April and now from April to even I dont know, the date is yet to be declared, hopefully, it will happen next month or two. Sorry for my rants about exams 😅😅 I will be back soon as I truly miss being here.

I am thankful to you all, for being always there, can’t find enough words to express my gratitude. And how obliged I feel.

And yes, I do want to share one more thing with you all, that we completed one year here together, on 13 April, yup, I know I am late, but this can’t stop me to say thanks to all of you people who always support and inspire. So yes, my small niche, The Hidden soul, has completed its one year journey, I hope it will continue in future too. I never thought about it when I first started it, we truly have come a long way together, thanks to a lot again.

Thank you so much!!!

Take care and stay safe!!!

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The Quest…..

Part – 1

She was traveling back to her grandmother’s mansion after many years, since her grandmother’s death. It was situated in the countryside, away from the city hustle and bustle. Jo as very tense from the past few weeks, her mother was ill and due to her business, she was not able to take care of her, for which she always felt guilty. And for a few past months, the condition of her mother was getting more severe. One of her friends suggested her to admit her mother in the care facility so that she could get better treatment and care. She admitted her but still confused and feeling regretful.

Her own daughter, Joey, was also lacking her attention, and always remain sad. To have a change and to calm her mind, She decided to spend some time at her grandma’s home in the countryside, by nature. She along with her daughter, and friend, were going there. She was thinking, all this, while driving the car when finally, she saw her grandma’s home.

She opened the door and many memories flashed in front of her. As the house was closed for years, she started organizing it and cleaning it and asked her friend to go and buy some groceries from near town. While cleaning, she got the diary of her mother and along with it, found one key, but she did not know, what this key was for? She kept it aside and prepared dinner.

After dinner when everybody went to sleep, she was still thinking about her mother, her life, everything going on, and also reminiscing her past days here when suddenly, she remembered, she found her mother’s diary and got up to read it. Make herself a coffee and sat in the study. Like her, her mother also used to maintain the dairy, and she had written everything, she was reading it when she heard some voice from the attic and went to see how was there but did not find anyone, thinking it might be because of wind, she went to sleep.

The next day, when she was preparing breakfast, her daughter noticed a small wound in her hand, but she did not remember when she got it. After seeing this, she was sure, she had seen, similar wound, on her mother’s hand too. But why she got that wound similar one like her mother? She was thinking about it when someone knocked on the door, her neighbor, her mother’s friend and after seeing that wound, she run away. Jo was shocked to see this, and wondering what happened?

She again heard similar voices from the attic and while going there, discovered, the walls are hollow and there was a secret passage, from there to somewhere, but to where?


Thanks for reading!!!!!