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” when you change the way you think , you change the way you feel , when you change the way you feel , you change the way you act, when you change the way you act, you change your life. It starts by changing the way ……? ”

Everytime I read these lines written by DANIEL CHIDIAC , I always wonder what is the limiting factor to our happiness? What actually success or failure in life is ? Who defines them for you that whether you succeeded or failed ? Who told you to get happy or sad on that particular situation ? Are all these things decided by you yourself or someone else ? Our mind is the most powerful weapon in disguise we all have . It is due to this mind only a person can think whatever he / she want , our mind works continuously since we are born till we will die , it can think those things also which can happen or can not happen that’s its power. May be for some of you it is imagination power but what our mind can do is still to be decoded completely.

I always strongly believe in the fact that if we think negative , we will always attract negativity around ourselves and will not ever be able to see any positive side to it. As coin has two sides just like that our thinking has two sides too , positive and negative and it all depends on us which side we would like to choose and act. As said by LORD BUDDHA –




So , it is our thinking only on which our happiness or success depends . It is not possible by a human being to control all situations , you don’t have power to predict future and sometimes you do feel helpless as you can not do anything to change it but how you deal with it defines everything. Let us take the example of present competitive world , of which we all are part of , running in this horse race , without even knowing why? If sometime due to any reason , you fail but if you keep on thinking that I have failed, it will affect your state of mind , your inner peace and you will feel depressed and will have negative feeling for everything and you will be afraid of doing or starting things again or to try something new but does failing once means that you will never succeed in future and will fail again without even trying ? Does that means your life is over ? How can you say what will happen in future when future itself depends on your present ?

No , these failures does not define you or your life . It is just your way of thinking that actually define everything whether you have learned from your previous mistakes or not and what further actions you take to improve and succeed .Once the former President of SOUTH AFRICA and a great social rights activist, NELSON MANDELA had said –


If in any competition , someone wins and is still not happy so don’t you think it is contradictory as he is winner, he should be happy and satisfied but he is sad and unsatisfied . On the other hand, if some one fails and still happy and satisfied that yes , he /she is failed but have gained some experience , is’nt it more better because your positive thinking will give you more power and courage to attempt it once more without even knowing whether you succeed or fail in that attempt too.

Outcome of anything is not in your hand . Sometimes human do think if I got this , I would be happy but that thing also does not make you happy or satisfied as it is all in your mind . What you think and how you deal with problems in your life , is important in the end as life is not bed of roses with only soft petals , it has with it its thorns too.



I am Doctor by profession who loves to write poetry and articles , a mental health enthusiastic , nature lover and very much interested in history and mythology .

16 thoughts on “ARE YOU ACTUALLY HAPPY ?

  1. Hi era,
    All your blogs are truly inspiring for all the people out there.the way u right is really creative and reaches to the heart of reader.waiting for your other blogs…kudos!

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  2. Its true. Actually, the biggest problem in our generation is most of us create an image of ourselves in our mind that how things should be rather than how things are. We see posts of people on social media who has achieved but we fail to see that from 100 friends on Insta or FB there are hardly 5 who achieved. Most of us forget from where we have came and where we have reached and how much tough things can be. In our generation problem is we expect too much, too soon and we live in the painting that has been created by us in our mind rather than creating the painting which we are capable of. So Life is a test match, stop treating like T20.

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